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Trafford’s Trading Club (Web Novel) - Volume 8 – Chapter 50: Burial (Part1)

Volume 8 – Chapter 50: Burial (Part1)

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“Make way, make way, please make way! Police get out too! Don’t get in the way!”

The doctor on the ship shouted at the crowd around the medical room at this time… Officer Ma looked at the doctor who was uncooperative not too long ago and was unwilling to examine the deceased. He found this questionable.

His attitude was a lot different compared to now.

It was just that when the old captain was being sent along the way, the crew members stopped whatever they were doing and looked at them with a worried expression. Officer Ma had more or less understood the doctor’s inconsistent response.

What kind of prestige did he have that every crew member worried about him like a sick family member?

“I feel this place is like home…”

Ren Ziling leaned against the medical room’s door with her hands in her arms and suddenly said something faintly. She looked at Ah Li, seemingly with a lot to say, but Ah Li just shook her head.

Ah Li seemed to be weighed by some matters.

At this time, Mu Qinghai silently took out a drawing from his clothes and put it into Ma Houde’s hand. He said with a hoarse voice, “This is the drawing, and the protractor is on the man.”

Ma Houde took it, and subconsciously said, “Tell me how you found it?”

Mu Qinghai looked at the medical room’s door and whispered, “My dad is in poor health. Every time I get off from work, I will quietly go to his room to take a look. I went to see him as usual last night. But, I heard a strange noise when I was on the way. I was curious and went over to have a look. However, I didn’t see anyone. I just noticed a few drops of blood on the ground, and the flower pots in the hallway had been moved. I watched if something would show up. I found these two things when I moved the flowerpot.”

“Can you solve it?” Fei Ying asked curiously.

Mu Qinghai glanced at Fei Ying coldly, as if with hate. Fei Ying was seen shrinking his shoulders subconsciously, “Anyway, I am the deputy captain of this ship, and I don’t need you to doubt my professional knowledge.”

“Let’s wait for the results of the treatment first.” Ma Houde shook his head, took the drawing, went over to Ah Li’s side, and handed it over.

He asked quietly, “Ah Li, is there anything wrong with Mu Qinghai?”

Ah Li thought for a while and said, “The important thing is this box. As long as it doesn’t fall into foreign countries’ hands, anything is open for discussion. Mu Qinghai is only Mu Enli’s adopted son, but there will probably be many political investigations later. If he is innocent, it’s probably fine. We are not like before. One bad apple doesn’t mean the whole bunch is bad… But, for Mu Enli’s case, probably can’t be helped.”

As she said, Ah Li patted Ma Houde on the shoulder, “I don’t have the time to deal with the homicide case. But, after you arrested Mu Enli for murder, I will take him back stealthily.”

“I got it.” Ma Houde suddenly lowered his voice, “But, Ah Li…Do you think there is nothing wrong with Mu Enli’s testimony? I don’t know about the box, but I felt that there are many loopholes… regarding the murder.”

Ah Li was silent for a while, and suddenly said, “Old Ma, I am not the police. I will take Mu Enli away immediately after returning home… If you want to figure out the truth, you can only do so before going ashore. During this time, you can still interrogate Mu Enli.”

Ma Houde was taken aback, and subconsciously said, “You mean… you have reported it?”

“It’s important. I can’t hide it.” Ah Li nodded.

“Thank you.” Ma Houde nodded… He knew that Ah Li was already secretly accommodating because of her past friendship with him – If everything went according to the rules, no one would be allowed to contact Mu Enli.

“I hope he can wake up as soon as possible.” Officer Ma sighed and silently looked at the operation light that lit outside the medical room.

“Adrenaline shot!” The doctor on board quickly organized the nurses, while frowning and looking at the instrument next to him.

The doctor’s mouth suddenly dropped in surprise. At the same time, he felt that his arm was firmly grasped. He subconsciously looked at the old captain lying down and saw that the old captain suddenly opened his eyes.

The doctor was taken aback. He suddenly turned his head and said, “Go and get me the medicine…! Hurry up!”

The nurse had no choice but to leave in a hurry. The doctor frowned and whispered, “Captain, I didn’t find out just now. How are you… how are you all right?”

Mu Enli was slowly sitting up, unplugged the patch from his body, and whispered, “Old friend, can you help me with something…? I beg you.”

“Brother Mu, when I failed the operation and caused the patient to die, I was driven away by the hospital, but you allowed me to work on the ship.” The doctor shook his head. “I would never forget your kindness towards me…Is there anyone on this ship who has not been the recipient of your kindness? As long as it is not outrageous, let alone small favors, I will help you no matter how big the favor is!”

“You are not going to ask me what happened?” blurted Mu Enli.

The doctor smiled, “I only know that you are the Baiyu cruise ship captain, and I know that you never do things that will harm the Baiyu cruise ship. After all, this is our home.”

“Then, give me some time.” Mu Enli sighed.

The doctor said, “Brother Mu, you can go out through that small door over there.”

Mu Enli stood up and walked towards the door the doctor pointed at. Before pushing the door, the doctor suddenly called, “Brother Mu!”

Mu Enli looked back.

The doctor said sternly, “Don’t forget, you said that you will invite everyone for a drink after returning from this voyage! And from your private collection!”

“Drunkard.” Mu Enli shook his head. “…If there is an opportunity.”

The old captain pushed the door and went out.

In a daze, the doctor stared at the door being closed. He then took a deep breath, suddenly took out a few bottles from the cabinet, and then poured the contents into the gauze at the same time.

When the nurse came in with the medicine, the doctor hid behind the door and suddenly covered the nurse’s mouth with the gauze. The nurse fainted instantly.

“I’m sorry, Xiao Li… I’ll introduce you to an eligible bachelor next time.”

The doctor said apologetically, then silently looked at the time, waiting for the time.

“So, sir, at least this proved that I didn’t kill anyone now? I demand better treatment!” Fei Ying, who was squatting on the ground, raised his head and looked at the people waiting in front of him.

“Keep squatting! Even if you didn’t commit homicide, you stole many things and disrupted public order!” Ma Houde snorted coldly and then scratched his own five fingers. “Also, you were suspected of molesting women!”

Fei Ying shuddered subconsciously, and he continued to squat…but his hands, which were handcuffed on his back, secretly touched the soles of his slippers.

As a competent thief, how could he not have some small equipment…? The sole of the shoe was pulled, and a small metal wire was pulled out.

Click… The handcuffs were immediately unlocked.

However, people here seem to be capable of fighting. Fei Ying looked at everyone back and forth. He finally locked his gaze on a petite girl who seemed harmless to humans and animals and only knew how to eat.

I think she is called Li Zi?

Fei Ying once again drew out a small knife from the sole of another slipper. He took advantage of everyone not paying attention and directly let out a strike. He directly detoured behind Li Zi, with the knife on the front of her neck.

Li Zi just blinked, as if she did not react in time.

But, Fei Ying shouted violently, “Don’t move! Sometimes, I can’t control my hands!”

“Fei Ying!! Stop it!” Officer Ma also shouted, and everyone surrounded Fei Ying, “If you let her go now, you can still redeem yourself!”

“I said, don’t move! Make way!” Fei Ying felt brave. “I’m just planning to make some small fortune. What kind of damn box? I don’t want it anymore! Get out of the way! Otherwise, do not blame me if this little girl’s face was scratched!”

“Fei Ying, I’m telling you one last time. Let her go!” Ma Houde growled again!

Ah Li’s gaze became slightly frigid and suddenly touched her waist with her hand.

“Elder sister, I saw what you are doing!” Fei Ying chuckled at this moment, which made Ah Li stop her movements.

“Sister Ren, am I being held hostage?” Li Zi looked at Ren Ziling subconsciously at this time.

“…You. Can you stop eating?” Ren Ziling looked at her assistant with a blank expression on her face… How can she be so thick-skinned that she did not react to this at all?

Fei Ying was holding Li Zi at this time, and retreated from the crowd step by step, “Stop! Nobody chased after me! I’ll immediately let her go when I’m safe!”

With that said, Fei Ying held Li Zi in her arms and temporarily turned into the corner of the corridor from everyone’s sight.

“Chase after him!”

At the same time, the door of the medical room was suddenly opened. The doctor was seen staggering out and said with a look of horror, “Captain, the captain is gone!”

“What!?” Ma Houde was taken aback, glanced at Ah Li quickly, and pulled his hair.

“Old Ma, you save the hostage. I will chase after Mu Enli,” said Ah Li calmly.

“I am counting on you!” Ma Houde nodded and rushed with a bunch of people towards the direction where Fei Ying escaped.

However, there was still a police officer there to look after Mu Qinghai. Ah Li glanced twice, then led the doctor into the medical room and asked him about the old captain’s condition.

“Is this the little door you told me?” Ah Li asked.

The doctor hesitated, “That I’m not sure. At that time, I fainted and didn’t know where the captain left. But, if you didn’t see him at the main entrance, it should be this small door.”

Ah Li glanced at the doctor calmly. The doctor’s eyes slightly shifted. Ah Li nodded immediately, “Okay, I understand.”

As she said, she probed the situation outside from the door and waved at the police officer who was watching Mu Qinghai, “Come here. I need your help with some things.”

Although it was unknown as to where this woman came from, Officer Ma seemed confident in her ability. The police officer hurriedly walked over.

“Excuse me, is there anything I can help?”

“I need you to stand.” Ah Li said calmly, closing the door.

The police officer was taken aback. He was embarrassed for about ten seconds before Ah Li slightly opened the door. She nodded and walked out again.

Mu Qinghai… is gone.

“This…Now what!” The police officer suddenly became annoyed.

“It’s okay. I let him go on purpose.” Ah Li shook her head, and then ordered, “Go and catch up with your boss and help rescue the hostages.”

Having said that, Ah Li left this place.

The old captain walked quickly but calmly came to the rest area designated for ​​the Baiyu employees.

“Captain, how are you…” In the corridor, an aunty holding a cleaning tool happened to run into Mu Enli at the corner.

“I’m fine.” Mu Enli shook his head. “Don’t panic, Sister Cui.”

The cleaner nodded quickly, and then worried, “But… but I heard that the police…”

“It’s okay. It will be okay soon,” Mu Enli comforted softly.

Sister Cui patted her chest, and she was relieved, “Captain, if you say it’s okay, then it must be okay. I believe you!”

His presence had the charisma to make everyone on the ship feel reassured, just like a sturdy and heavy anchor. No matter how violent the ocean, as long as the ship anchor was there, the Baiyu cruise ship would be stable.

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