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Trafford’s Trading Club (Web Novel) - Volume 8 – Chapter 51: I’m Willing

Volume 8 – Chapter 51: I’m Willing

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“You… can you stop eating?”

Fei Ying looked at Li Zi. He admired this petite girl and admired the girl’s bag even more. It seemed like a bottomless pit, and it could fit so many snacks.

“Because it’s boring to be held hostage by you,” said Li Zi honestly.

“You. Aren’t you scared at all?” Fei Ying was stunned for a while before subconsciously saying.

Li Zi blinked and said, “You aren’t going to hurt me, right? You use the back of the knife for this blade, which is not sharp at all. So why should I be afraid?”

Fei Ying smiled happily, but let go of Li Zi while looking at the surrounding environment.

They unknowingly turned out to be in the engine room at the bottom of the cabin.

Fei Ying shook his head, looked at Li Zi, and said, “Ai, girl, it’s a pity that you are too young. You’re not my kind of taste. Otherwise, I would pursue you.”

“But I don’t like the uncle type.”

“I… I’m only twenty-seven!!”

Li Zi blinked her eyes and said, “But the United Nations has already announced it before. Isn’t it middle-aged at this age?”

“I’m not as knowledgeable as you!” Fei Ying glared at Li Zi viciously, and then suddenly pushed Li Zi, “You go! Anyway, I’m safe! You’re lucky that I’m also kind to females!”

With that said, Fei Ying turned over and jumped down from the metal passageway, and quickly landed on the other metal passageway below.

“Aren’t you going to keep me held up?” Li Zi leaned down and looked down.

“You’d better drink more milk!” Fei Ying waved his hand coquettishly and then opened his hand. There was an extra strawberry-flavored lollipop in his hand, and he said with a smug look on his face, “Eat less of this kind of thing, it’s not good for development. After you’ve grown up, maybe I’ll nab you again!”

“When…” Li Zi was taken aback, unconsciously opened the bag hanging on her body, looked through it quickly, “Give it back to me!”

Fei Ying laughed, unwrapping the lollipop’s wrapping paper, then put it in his mouth. Finally, he made a face and ran away.

He looked so carefree here.

Li Zi lowered her head at this time, her hair spread out slightly, and a cold air slowly wrapped around her body, “This is what I left until the end to eat… I have never been willing to eat it… Damn it! Go to hell!”

Above Fei Ying’s head, an ice cube in the size of 1 cubic meter appeared out of thin air!

Fei Ying, who had just sucked the candy, was thinking about how to get out. He felt as if something was wrong. He shuddered suddenly, looked around in confusion, and finally raised his head.

“Fuck! This doesn’t make sense!”

The huge cube of ice fell towards Fei Ying! At this time, the solid foundation that this gentleman trained for many years was finally revealed!

Fei Ying didn’t say anything. He jumped directly from this metal passageway once again based on his intuition!


The huge block of ice directly smashed on the metal passageway and continued to crash down!

Fei Ying could not calmly land this time and fell heavily on the floor. His left leg was even severely injured, it affected an injured part from earlier, and he subconsciously made a wail like a pig!

He saw the huge ice cube falling towards him at this time! Fei Ying didn’t even have the time to feel the despair. He closed his eyes subconsciously… It doesn’t make sense!

But he didn’t feel the pain, just the cold feeling that made him almost feel like he was about to freeze to death – He was soaked!

The ice cubes disappeared, replaced by the icy water on the ground. Fei Ying was showered with ice water once. His whole body drenched terribly as he trembled all over. His entire body curled up; he was so cold that he couldn’t even speak!

“Li Zi! Li Zi!”

On the metal passageway above, everyone shouted, “What happened? The loud noise just now… Li Zi!”

“Sister Ren, I’m here!” Li Zi waved and greeted.

Officer Ma, Ren Ziling, and other people rushed into the narrow passage and quickly came to Li Zi’s side. Everyone subconsciously looked down… and saw Fei Ying lying on the ground and shaking.

“This… What happened?” Ren Ziling asked in amazement.

Li Zi said pitifully, “I don’t know, this guy just pushed me a bit, and then he jumped down from here. Then the passageway over there collapsed, and he fell.”

“But… but why is there so much water?” Officer Ma asked curiously.

Suddenly, two drops of tears fell from Li Zi’s eyes, and threw herself on Ren Ziling’s body, sobbing, “Sister Ren! I’m so scared! I’m afraid I won’t see you anymore! UwU…”

“Okay, it’s okay, it’s okay.” Ren Ziling patted Li Zi on the back and comforted… By the way, aren’t you brave just now?

“Yes, it’s fine! Li Zi, don’t be afraid!” Ma Houde also nodded, and then ordered, “Go down, put all your handcuffs and everything you can find on this guy! Then let me hang him on the deck’s railing! I already said that I’ll make him into dried salted fish!”

When several police officers climbed down, they were still very cautious. After seeing Fei Ying’s almost frozen look, they were confident that he could not muster resistance. The thief was quickly captured.

“He… heat. Give me something… Can you… first, give me a cup… of hot, hot water…?”

“Let him be, take him away!”

There was no danger. Not only the hostages had been rescued, but Fei Ying was also captured again. Officer Ma was so happy in his heart!

However, no one noticed that the large amount of cold water left from the gap and gradually sank into the floor… Then it fell again, and finally wetted the wiring interface hidden under the floor.

Baiyu Ship had sailed for thirty years. Retirement was approaching to this ship. Most of the components were already aging, not to mention these old-fashioned cable interfaces…

“Old Ma!”

Ah Li was seen from a distance; Mu Enli and Mu Qinghai were beside Ah Li. The father and son were silent. Both seemed to be worried.

Police Officer Ma gave a thumbs up towards Ah Li from a distance… The old captain is found so quickly. She still keeps her edge!

“We’re done too.” Officer Ma also proudly showed his results, then pulled Ah Li to the side, “What’s wrong with Mu Enli? Can I continue to ask him some questions now?”

Ah Li shook her head and said, “Old Ma, this matter has come to an end. After you go back, you arrest him. I will pick him up.”

“This… What happened?”

Ah Li just shook her head and whispered softly, “Just treat it as a special process.”

Officer Ma frowned, but in the end, he sighed… He felt helpless for being too involved. Besides, he was facing Ah Li, so he was even more helpless. If it was someone else, he might still be able to talk back.

“Alright, I believe you must have a reason.” Ma Houde finally sighed.

However, at this time, a slight shock suddenly appeared on the ship… followed by a faint sound!

“What’s going on again?!”

“It seems… to be coming from the engine room!” Mu Qinghai frowned at this moment and looked at his father, Mu Enli subconsciously.

“It is indeed the engine room!” Mu Enli looked solemn.

In the engine room, people were already moving. A large number of maintenance workers and crew members working here were quickly carrying buckets, and some have begun to bring over high-pressure water taps.

Mu Enli pushed away from the crowd and asked loudly, “What happened?”

“I don’t know! The cooling system exploded, and it caught fire. We didn’t know the damage! Captain… the temperature of the boiler is rising wildly! What do we do?!”

“Is the furnace turned off?” asked Mu Enli calmly.

“Not, not yet! We’ll go right away! Whoever, turn it off!”

“It’s too late to turn it off now.”

Mu Enli looked at the scene quickly, then ran down the stairs, “All the maintenance workers follow me! The rest of you stay here to put out the fire, and untie the cables as much as possible! Find shipping. Don’t stand there! Evacuate all the passengers to the deck at the back of the ship. Ready up the lifeboats and life jackets!”

Near the place of the fire, the temperature suddenly became too high. Mu Enli took off his coat, “Give me all your strength!”

“Captain, how can we help?” shouted Officer Ma.

“You don’t understand the stuff here!” Mu Enli said solemnly, “Go and help maintain stability! Police Officer Ma, you fat guy, it’s time to get rid of the fat on your body! Get running! Hurry!”

“Yes!” Ma Houde straightened up subconsciously, and almost instinctively saluted the old Captain… Damn, the Captain’s mannerism at this time reminded Officer Ma even of the officers in the school!

A police officer hurried into the ship.

Ah Li stayed here, monitoring Mu Enli and his son. But she found that Mu Enli didn’t mean to leave at all at this time. Instead, he rushed to the front line, directing everyone’s work.

But she saw deep fear and worry in this old man… This old man who seemed calm even when committing suicide, at this moment, exuded a kind of convincing power in fear and struggle.

“Get a crowbar! It’s red from the fire… Captain, it’s too hot, don’t go!”

“It will explode once you get the crowbar!”

Seeing Mu Enli directly tore open his clothes, wrapped them in his hands, and grasped the valve with both hands… Even through the clothes, a burst of black smoke came out!

It was the high temperature that ordinary people didn’t dare encounter, but Mu Enli gritted his teeth. The green nerve on his forehead bulged, and he made a huge painful roar.

“Dad…” Mu Qinghai watched, gritted his teeth, and resolutely grabbed forward with both hands, “I’ll help you!”

“Me too!”

“Captain, I’ll help too!”

“Me too!”

“Me too!”

Seeing the crew rushing to Mu Enli’s side and grabbing the burning valve at the same time, Ah Li finally temporarily dispelled the idea of ​​continuing to monitor him and joined to fight the fire.

The old Captain could let these people willingly endure the kind of pain that ordinary people couldn’t bear. She was not surprised that he had this aura that could handle Old Ma’s imposing manner.

This is… thirty years of prestige.

“Open, open… it’s open!”

“Don’t be too happy! Start bringing it into the sea to cool down! We can’t relax for a moment!”

Mu Enli stared wide, like an angry lion, “Whoever lies down before me will be deducted three months’ salary!”

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