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Trafford’s Trading Club (Web Novel) - Volume 8 – Chapter 52: Continuation

Volume 8 – Chapter 52: Continuation

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What happened afterward?

Of course, the crisis was overcome safely with everyone’s efforts.

Sitting at the window of a restaurant with a nice view on Baiyu Cruise, Subeditor Ren was typing on her laptop. She had been thinking and typing for about most of the day.

Li Zi brought a plate of sumptuous food and sat opposite Ren Ziling, “Sister Ren, are you writing your little book of strange things that will be used to tell stories to your grandchildren in the future?”

Ren Ziling shook her head and just watched the sea view outside move. Baiyu resumed its voyage, but after setting sail again, the visibility of tourists had decreased again.

Ren Ziling suddenly took out a document and placed it in front of Li Zi, “Sign it.”

“What is this?”

“It’s a non-disclosure agreement given by the sly fox.” Ren Ziling said calmly, “Once it is signed, if you spill anything, you can’t stay in this country anymore. You probably can’t run away either.”

“Just one agreement?” Li Zi blinked.

“What else?” Ren Ziling rolled her eyes and said, “Do you want to arrest me, Old Ma, and others? Even though she is a sly fox, at least she takes care of those involved… She isn’t cruel.”

Li Zi curiously asked, “Sister Ren, could it be that you and Miss Ah Li are close friends?”

“You wish!” Ren Ziling spat in disgust.

Li Zi chuckled, then looked out the window… It was almost night time. After tonight, the Baiyu would arrive at about six or seven tomorrow.

Li Zi suddenly held her chin, and her eyes moved randomly, “En… This holiday is not bad. Agent, treasure, black box, murder, treasure hunter, ah… so fun. But I don’t know how the old Captain will be treated. I hope that he’ll be well.”

“The sly fox has been keeping Mu Enli locked up at the moment, probably for investigation.” Ren Ziling shook her head, “I haven’t seen him come out until now. Old Ma ordered us not to ask anything about the murder… Just forget it. I probably won’t poke my nose around. Anyway, there are so many unclear things in this world… Let’s keep the mystery there!”

“It’s not like you, Sister Ren,” said Li Zi in surprise.

Ren Ziling looked at the crew’s busy shadow on the deck again and said quietly, “They probably don’t want to know either, right?”

“What are they doing?”

Ren Ziling said, “Isn’t the Baiyu going to retire soon? They’re probably preparing for the final celebration or something. But if this ship can survive, it’s probably some kind of a divine blessing in the secret, right?”

“Luo Qiu and You Ye are here!” Li Zi looked at the entrance of the restaurant at this time.

Ren Ziling was taken aback at this moment, and she quickly packed her things. She suddenly stood up, squeezed her fists, and after giving herself a pep talk, she moved toward the beverage area like a soldier in the army.

“Hey, you’re here again, you really don’t give up…” Li Zi shook her head.

After a while, Boss Luo and You Ye arrived. Li Zi glanced at these two and sighed at why these two were so leisurely all the time… These two are most probably the most relaxed during this entire incident, right?

Maybe as Ren Ziling said, it’s better not to know about it?

Li Zi smiled slightly.

“Miss Li Zi.” You Ye greeted softly.

“Suit yourself.” Li Zi waved her hand and said, “But I will eat first!”

Luo Qiu simply smiled, and after pulling a chair for You Ye, he sat down.

“You guys are here too!”

Aunty Ren took a tray at this time and brought three glasses of drinks, “You’re here right on time! Drink something to refresh yourself! You Ye, this is yours! Boy, this is yours!”

Looking at the yellow-orange liquid in front of him, Luo Qiu asked calmly, “What is this?”

“It’s mango juice! Can’t you see it?” Ren Ziling rolled her eyes and said, “Why do you look so disdained? Are you afraid that I would put poison in it? Look at You Ye, and she’s fine! She knows how to thank me!”

Boss Luo nodded and simply reached out to pick it up…


“Wow! Mango juice! This is good! I like it!”

It was a familiar voice.

Then, a fat hand stretched out of thin air, picked up the cup, and took a sip without saying anything. In the end, he burped… Officer Ma!

“En! It tastes delicious, Ziling, is it over there? I’ll have another glass!” Ma Houde sighed, “I’ve been busy all day, and I’m so thirsty… Ziling? Ziling? What’s wrong with you? You don’t look okay?”

“Ma! Hou! De!” Ren Ziling placed her hands on Officer Ma’s shoulders and raised her head like a ghost, “You… are dead!”

“This… what’s wrong now?”

Officer Ma shuddered subconsciously… This doesn’t feel right.

This was a dinner that Officer Ma has been feeling chills all over during the entire time.

Closing the record booklet and the recorder on the table, Ah Li stood up and opened the curtain in the old Captain’s room.

“We will continue to follow up on these matters.” Ah Li said calmly, “But you have to stay put.”

In addition to the old Captain, Mu Qinghai was also there.

Ah Li turned around, leaned against the window, looked at the duo, and said, “You don’t need to look like this. Mu Enli, strictly speaking, you never committed a serious crime before. Moreover, you managed to stop the black box back then, so it’s considered a correct approach. Now you also voluntarily hand it over. After I go back, I will apply for a consideration based on the situation for you.”

“Whatever.” Mu Enli shook his head slightly.

“As for you, Mu Qinghai, I can’t give you a definite answer right now about your handling.” Ah Li said seriously, “There should be others who will follow up with you in the future. However, as long as you don’t make any mistakes, at least we will not continue to make it difficult for you.”

Mu Qinghai nodded silently, and suddenly said, “I… Can I see my father in the future?”

The old Captain trembled slightly.

Ah Li thought for a while before saying, “Don’t think of us as cold-blooded. If the application is approved, you can still meet.”

Mu Qinghai sighed.

Ah Li looked at the time at this time, and suddenly said, “There are still twelve hours before docking tomorrow. You can move around freely for the time being…Of course, it is within my line of sight. Especially the Captain, you can’t be more than five meters away from me.”

The two looked at Ah Li in amazement at the same time.

Ah Li suddenly smiled, like a confidant, and whispered, “Go, those crew members are waiting for you to drink with them.”

Although the tourists were very dissatisfied with many things and mostly didn’t treat the crew members on board well… the crew was not bothered at all.

Tomorrow’s docking also announced the official retirement of the Baiyu Cruise.

For this reason, all the crew, except those who had to guard their posts, came to the deck. They brought a lot of tables and served a lot of food.

Of course, a bottle of fine wine was indispensable.

What else could compare to having a joyous party at the last moment for those on the sea?

The crew from all over the world showed off their proud skills.

The old Captain sat in the middle of the crowd, laughing with them. His collection had already been brought out, and had been drank by everyone early on.

Mu Qinghai silently accompanied the old Captain; he knew that this might be the last time he could accompany the Captain… It would most likely be difficult to find such an opportunity in the future.

Mu Enli laughed, and there was no serious look on his face. He gave Mu Qinghai a bottle of old wine, but Mu Qinghai still shook his head.

The old Captain didn’t mind that much.

Mu Qinghai suddenly said at this moment, “Dad, why did you… why did you adopt me?”

Mu Enli just patted Mu Qinghai’s hand and looked up at the Big Dipper in the sky, “I think it’s probably because you are a gift from God.”

“Dad… As expected, I still can’t just act as if nothing has happened.” Mu Qinghai grabbed his fist.

“Just think of me as selfish.”

Seeing Mu Qinghai’s heavy expression, Mu Enli stood up suddenly, lifted the hat on Mu Qinghai’s head, then took off his hat and wore Qinghai’s hat.


“Remember.” Mu Enli said with a sullen face, “You are my continuation! Even if you are immature, even if you are not qualified, you are still my child! In the future, you have to become the best captain. Even if it’s not at the Baiyu Cruise, you still have to be the best one!”

“I know. I won’t let you down.”

It was a firm gaze.

“Brother! Don’t stand there, come over here! Let these guys see who is the best at drinking!”

“Who dares to challenge me?!” Mu Enli laughed at this moment and walked boldly towards the crowd.

Singing and dancing, this was considered as Mu Enli’s day.

The ending that belonged to his era.

Ah Li leaned against the sea breeze, watching this scene quietly while carrying a glass of fruit wine. Her gaze hinted that she was tipsy.

Among the crowd, the old Captain grabbed the big bottle and boldly drank it. He held the doctor’s arm and spun, kicking their legs, and singing. This was what he learned at sea before. Then he brought it to this ship.

He said that this was what a sailor was like. Although a sailor was lost in time, he was still a sailor.

Unexpectedly, the old Captain saw the boss who gave him this time among the upper deck’s railings and chuckled.

Boss Luo raised his glass to the old Captain and disappeared into the night.

The old Captain knew that his time was running out.

As for the things he promised Ah Li, just treat it as his last cunning move… He was a navy, killed pirates, and spent thirty years on the Baiyu. When he came to the end of his life, he was still very clear about things.

This woman who came with the task was a great woman.

“Who dares to challenge me!”

The old Captain laughed boldly again.

Ah Li had been observing Mu Enli’s actions. She looked curiously at the place he was looking at but saw nothing. She frowned slightly but didn’t care.

She stroked her hair, then reached out and picked up the cherries in the cup. Her hand stretched out of the railing, and the little cherries swirled gently.

Fei Ying, who was hung like a salted fish by Officer Ma, raised his head hungrily, opened his mouth, and stretched his tongue out like a begging dog.

Fei Ying couldn’t remember how long he hadn’t eaten or even drank water.

After turning the cherry a few times, Ah Li suddenly opened her sexy lips, swallowed it, and licked her fingers a little.

It was like teasing a pet.

Fei Ying shuddered.


This woman is the devil!

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