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Trafford’s Trading Club (Web Novel) - Volume 8 – Chapter 54: Everlasting Seal (A)

Volume 8 – Chapter 54: Everlasting Seal (A)

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In light of the fact that too many things happened on the Baiyu’s last voyage, the cruise company had to refund all passengers’ travel expenses.

It was the last day of The Golden Week.

Officer Ma was still in a state of absent-mindedness, completely unable to become energized, playing minesweeper in the office… It seemed that he hadn’t been so free for a while.

He couldn’t intervene with the old Captain’s matters. After returning from the voyage that day and arresting Mu Enli, Ah Li took the Captain away in the afternoon of the same day. Of course, two other ‘scary’ men accompanied him, probably of the same nature as Ah Li.

Almost everyone was given orders to keep the matter private.

As for the old Captain, he was probably taken to the capital by now, right?

“Officer Ma.” Lin Feng knocked and came in as usual, then began to report something unimportant.

The lazy vibe was like sunlight shining on the windowsill. After listening, Ma Houde yawned and suddenly remembered something, “By the way, how is Fei Ying now?”

“He’s still locked in the detention room.” Lin Feng said with resignation, “This guy is adamant. He doesn’t say anything. He boarded the ship with a fake ID, and we are still interrogating him every day.”

“It’s impossible to use force to deal with this kind of person.” Officer Ma yawned again. “Didn’t you catch two gangsters before the holiday? Lock them together and adjust the air conditioner to as cold as possible. Then, serve them cold food and drinks… Oh, by the way, don’t give them toilet paper.”

“G… Got it,” Lin Feng swallowed.

Isn’t this using force…?

Beijing, a house in an old alley somewhere.

Sunshine shone in the old yard. What a rare good weather!

Mu Enli was sitting in the courtyard with a thin blanket on him.

Ah Li brought a cup of hot tea and put it on the small round table next to him, “You look good today, are you used to living here?”

Only then did Mu Enli slowly open his eyes, took a sip of the hot tea, and said calmly, “Compared to back then, this is considered as heaven.”

Ah Li said sternly, “Mr. Mu, thank you for your cooperation this time. The information you gave the day to help us is handy. After comparing the information, the mysterious people who sent you a message that year was already matched up. Luckily, one of them is still alive… Now, we have colleagues following up.”

Mu Enli frowned suddenly, “Do you suspect that there is more than one box?”

Ah Li said calmly, “People who invest will also diversify. There are several domestic cruise ships from that company, so we have to be careful. After all, not every box will be with someone like you who is willing to cooperate.”

Mu Enli hummed softly, then closed his eyes again, and suddenly said softly, “I’m running out of time… I hope you can be better too.”

Ah Li frowned and was a little puzzled by Mu Enli’s remarks, “Mr. Mu, we have asked a doctor to check up on you. Your body is very healthy. Why do you say that? Are you worried that foreigners will do anything to you? Don’t worry. You are safe here.”

“Miss Ah Li, I’m a little sleepy,” said Mu Enli slowly.

After a while, there was a slight sound of breathing. Ah Li looked at the old man lying on the rocking chair for a while, then helped him and tucked him in with a blanket before returning to the house.

She still had a lengthy report to complete. Of course, Mu Enli was not the only one in the yard. Another man was guarding him, just sitting in a less conspicuous place.

Ah Li sat in front of the window of the room and turned on the computer. Mu Enli could also be seen here, but only his back could be seen.

As the autumn breeze came, Ah Li subconsciously rubbed her fingers, feeling a little cold.

She didn’t know the old man in the yard opened his eyes slightly at this time, and the hands… the fingers under the blanket stroked an old pocket watch over and over again.

Mu Enli’s eyes gradually closed, and he felt that his heartbeat was becoming slower. It took him a while to feel the weak pulse.

Instead, he felt no pain.

It was just that his eyes became hazy; everything around him seemed to have dissolved and turned into a vast expanse of white. Only one figure stood in front of him.

“You finally came to pick me up.”

Mu Enli said softly, then lowered his head and closed his eyes.

Time passed. The autumn breeze came again, blowing the fallen leaves in the yard, and the autumn vibe was also strong.

Ah Li subconsciously raised her head, glanced out of the window, looked at the unmoving old man, took a sip of the hot tea, and immersed herself in work again.

The yard was so quiet that almost no sound could be heard.

Until much later, the yard ushered in Boss Luo of the fight club.

For Luo Qiu, the time was up. This was when Mu Enli should hand over his payment. This owner had not been a club owner for long, but he had made many transactions. He was already extremely skilled in this operation.

After extracting Mu Enli’s soul from his body, Boss Luo didn’t rush to leave, but raised the blanket and took the pocket watch from Mu Enli’s hands.

Luo Qiu opened it and took a look. Although it was old, it was very delicate.

Luo Qiu thought for a while and looked at Mu Enli’s now empty body. He suddenly stretched out his hand, cut off a strand of the old Captain’s hair, and wrapped it in a handkerchief.

The boss glanced at the woman who was working by the window one last time, smiled slightly, and disappeared from the yard.

The sea, Haibei Island.

Without needing to pay much of the lifespan, Boss Luo had already returned to this place… The new owner of the club had been in a surplus state, paying no heed to this little consumption.

The coordinate was at the small slope where several old trees were located. When Luo Qiu arrived, You Ye was already waiting here.

The maid had even cleared the entrance to the small cave. Also, the maid, who always had a hobby of her own, even lined up many candles on the way through the cave. They were all scented candles.

Luo Qiu stretched out his palm, and a white ball of light emerged from his palm. Luo Qiu smiled at You Ye and walked into the cave.

As he walked, Boss Luo looked at the ball of light in his hand and said softly, “A long, long time ago, there was a retired navy. After he retired, his life was not very smooth…”

The ball of light quivered slightly.

Boss Luo’s voice also continued to ring in the cave, flat, but clear.

“Later, he got the opportunity to change all of this. For this navy, this opportunity was too rare, so why not agree? Then he changed and became a captain.”

“But the Captain was still too naive. How could those who instigate him to be relieved if he was left alone? So, the person in charge of surveillance came here.”

The ball of light vibrated violently.

“The person in charge of watching the Captain had always lived by the Captain’s side and was very dedicated to her duties. Compared to the half-baked Captain, the watcher was truly professional… Why? Of course, it was because the watcher was trained since childhood, even brainwashed.”

The ball of light seemed to want to break out of this palm, but it was still powerless.

“The Captain lived in fear every day. But his luck seemed to have arrived. Those people were purged because of politics. For the Captain, this was the best news. But the problem was – what should he do with this watcher?”

“Did he kill her? This is a bit difficult. But let it go? The captain is still unable to feel at ease. And the Captain found that the behavior of the watcher is beginning to become abnormal. Why?”

“The watcher is also a poor person. Since childhood, allegiance has become the only existential meaning of the watcher. Now the object of allegiance has suddenly disappeared. Then… what is the meaning of existence? The watcher remains as always. Doing her work, day and night, and getting worse.”

The whitish ball of light suddenly became pale at this time. It even began to turn gray and gradually did not move.

“The Captain can’t even control the watcher’s actions… She started walking around on the ship, and she even cried sometimes. Gradually, bogey rumors began to arise on the ship. As a last resort, the captain had to hold on to the opportunity and completely imprison the watcher. However, the Captain still tried to convince the watcher and told her that the matter was over.”

“So the Captain later thought of a way… that was to release the legend that there were treasures on the ship. He wanted to let the watcher know whether after such a rumor, the watcher’s allegiance’s target has acted. The result was what the Captain hoped for… The other party did not take any action, and everything seemed to be covered and disappeared.”

“The watcher went crazy and started talking nonsense. The Captain didn’t even dare to let her go because he didn’t know what she would say when she was crazy, or even what she would do. But it seemed that keeping her confined was not a way…”

It was completely gloomy.

Boss Luo said calmly, “Therefore, the Captain intended to kill her…”

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