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Trafford’s Trading Club (Web Novel) - Volume 8 – Chapter 55: Everlasting Seal (B) (Part 1)

Volume 8 – Chapter 55: Everlasting Seal (B) (Part 1)

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To be precise, Mu Enli didn’t think he had the qualifications to be a good captain. Even if he was once a navy and was also an engineer, but after all, he was too young.

He didn’t even know how to manage the many employees on this ship despite the fact that he had returned to the motherland; he had never stayed in or worked with people of the same skin color.

However, Mu Enli had to admit one thing – the cultural surprises between the two different societies were too great.

Seagulls flew over the horn at a low altitude. One summer evening, Mu Enli stayed alone somewhere on the cruise ship. He took off his hat and leaned against the railing, feeling very tired. He was drinking wine alone.

Soon after, a figure climbed up very quickly, dressed in an ordinary crew member outfit. With his head down, he walked towards Mu Enli.

“Mu Enli, why is the route repeated this time? We should take as many different routes as possible so that we can explore more areas.”

Here it comes again… Here it comes again.

Mu Enli silently looked at this… watcher who was walking towards him. He couldn’t understand why this woman still didn’t understand.

In other words, she pretended to be asleep… and he could never wake up someone pretending to be asleep.

Mu Enli didn’t know exactly what country the watcher originated from. What he was sure was that she was a caucasian, and her name… code name was Yuna.

The code name… I also have a temporary code name called King, right? Mu Enli suddenly laughed at himself.

Yuna’s hat wrapped her hair nicely, and she looked like a thinner and smaller crew member from a distance. But Mu Enli knew that no one on this boat could call her name except him.

Because she always occupied her bedroom. Of course, for convenience, they lived together.

Yuna was waiting for the task to be completed. The mysterious people who instigated him asked for at least two years of data… Currently, almost a year had passed.

It would stand to reason that Mu Enli might be relieved in a year if there were no accidents… Yes, if there were no accidents.

However, in the past three months, Yuna had not been in contact with the mysterious group, and she had gradually become abnormal.

“The routes are already arranged. Even I can’t simply change it.” Mu Enli looked at Yuna’s eyes, frowned, and said, “Didn’t I tell you not to come out? What if you are found?”

“Are you afraid that I will come up with a legend of ghosts again?” Yuna’s face was calm, “Rest assured, I have recovered and will never do such stupid things again. This is because yesterday, I contacted the headquarters again. Mu Enli, We can continue with the mission.”

Yesterday… Yesterday you just talked to yourself all night.

Normal? I’m afraid it’s getting worse, right?

Is the brainwashing by those people really that terrifying?

Mu Enli even looked at this woman who lived in her imagination with some pity. He didn’t understand the meaning of this woman’s existence.

“Yuna, what is the most important thing to you?” asked Mu Enli suddenly as he looked at the reddish sea.

Yuna said assuredly, “To complete the mission.”

Mu Enli suddenly became agitated, perhaps because of the influence of alcohol, or because he had been living in a straightforward and standardized society for the first half of his life. He suddenly grabbed Yuna’s arms and kissed her lips hard.

Yuna bit Mu Enli’s lips angrily and pushed him away with a cold face, “I’m here to assist you, not to seduce you. Mu Enli, if you dare to harass me again, don’t blame me for being rude!”

Mu Enli wiped his lips and laughed, “Aren’t you also just a woman! Hahaha!”

Yuna snorted and turned away.

Mu Enli shook his head, laid directly on the deck, covered his face with a hat, and hummed a little tune.

It seems… Even if she comes back, she won’t be as unrestrained as before.

Coming back… What’s the point?

Mu Enli thought of another way, a way for Yuna to wake up from her illusions.

“Look at it! This is an internal document sent by the shipyard company. It has already stated that there is no ‘treasure’ on the ship! Besides, those people have no instructions!”

“You’re crazy! You did this kind of thing? What if it’s exposed?” Yuna looked at Mu Enli like an irritated female cat and shredded the document.

“You really won’t give up. If you have the ability, you can contact your so-called headquarters now,” Mu Enli shook his head.

Without saying a word, Yuna took out a suitcase from under the bed. After opening it, there was a set of communication equipment inside. Yuna took out the separate communicator and put it on her face, “Call, number SHG10. Yuna… Yes, this is Yuna. Regarding this incident, I want to report… Yes, this matter…”

Mu Enli took the suitcase and pulled the equipment out, and said angrily, “It’s already out of power, who are you talking to?!”

Yuna just glanced at Mu Enli bitterly and gathered all the scattered things around her in a panic, and then said to the communicator again, “Headquarters, I heard it. My signal is not good. Please wait… Is it all right… Yes, I will continue to report…”

“Crazy, really crazy…”

“It’s… Mu Enli betrayed… I know, I will eliminate it right away…”

“You… What do you want to do?”

Yuna stood up and suddenly lunged at Mu Enli.

It took him a lot of work, and even after a deep wound appeared on his arm, he reluctantly subdued the watcher… This was due to his years of military experience.

In the separate bathroom of the bedroom, her mouth was sealed… and there were a lot of sponges attached to her to prevent Yuna from going crazy.

But even so, Yuna’s body was still scarred… If it weren’t for Mu Enli playing loud music in the room every night, she might be caught by someone outside.

“This is the latest tranquilizer… take it.”

Mu Enli squeezed Yuna’s chin and stuffed the pill into her mouth. It had been two weeks already. He used a lot of medicines that could be bought, but apart from making her groggy most of the time, it seemed to have little effect.

“Mu Enli, let me go! Let’s continue to complete the mission, and they won’t blame you… Mu Enli…”

Yuna stared blankly and laid on the cold floor.

Mu Enli closed the door irritably, and sat on the bed by himself, covering his face with his hands. He couldn’t bear Yuna’s madness anymore.

He started to grab a bottle of spirits, drank it, then turned on the speaker in the room to amplify the loudest sound…Only in this way could he fall asleep.

Day by day, no matter how noisy the environment was, he seemed to be able to hear Yuna talking to him. Finally… alcohol couldn’t stop this lingering sound in his head.

One night, Mu Enli fell off his bed and got up with a headache. Many days of insomnia and tiredness made his mental tension reach the extreme.

He picked up the knife used for peeling fruits from the room, carried the wine bottle in one hand, and took another sip. Then, he dragged his body, step by step… and opened the bathroom door.

Looking at the half-asleep woman in it, his face numb, he lowered his head and showed the knife in his hand, and muttered, “I have given you a chance… I have given you so many chances. I even thought of a lot of ways, but why can’t you wake up? Why… why?!”

He roared suddenly, grabbed Yuna’s hair with one hand, pulled her up, and plunged her upper body into the water in the bathtub. Yuna’s head was entirely under the water, and she instinctively struggled in pain.

“You wake up! Wake up!”

He lifted Yuna’s head again, and her wet hair was attached entirely together in one piece. Yuna coughed and panted in pain, but looked indifferently.

“Look at you! Do you still look like a person? You don’t look like a person! You’re just a puppet!”

“For you… what is the most important thing?” blurted Yuna.

“I have a new life. I have a new future! I have my life! I have everything! What do you have?!”

“I have the meaning of my existence… You don’t…”

Mu Enli screamed and stabbed Yuna fiercely with the knife in his hand!

The sharp knife cut the skin on Yuna’s arm instantly, and blood immediately stained the water in the bathtub. Mu Enli’s eyes widened, and his face was savage. “It’s fine to lie to me! Just tell me you’re back to normal! Yuna! Don’t think about the mission anymore! You are free! Live your life again! Don’t force me to kill you!”


Finally, his nerves were stimulated to the extreme.

In this bathroom, the ugliest, most evil, and most despicable thing happened… The young Captain of the Baiyu smashed Yuna, who was just as young.

He covered her mouth and pierced her body time and time again, both their eyes were not even more than ten centimeters apart from start to finish.

With the repeating attack, he was like a hungry wolf rushing to eat the rotting corpse, and she was like a body with a soul lost.

This place was like a quiet and silent underworld.

This wicked-like underworld was continuous… He had utterly degenerated into a devil. He was drunk every night, then opened this place full of sins, venting the ugliness lurking in this body time and time again.

This was like a nightmare, a never-ending, ugliest nightmare… buried deep in his heart.

They had been peeled off layer by layer, then dug out again and again… the things in these memories were dissolved.

Finally, an old palm crushed them completely.

Like a breakthrough from one latitude to another, this old palm forcefully tore through the world in this memory.

Churning, continuing to tear, continuing to agitate, seemingly kneading them entirely into one.

But in the end, they unfolded again, forming a ring that kept rotating. This wicked underworld.

Here… What the hell is this?

“The deepest place in your memory.”

“My life has come to an end, why bother to face this matter again… Aren’t I shameful enough?”

“What did you see?”

“The ugliest me.”

“Anything else?”

“Yuna, that hates me.”

The fragments of memory turned again, and the wicked underworld opened in front of him again. He couldn’t bear this kind of pain, so he had to cover his ears.

Until a newborn cry sounded.

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