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Trafford’s Trading Club (Web Novel) - Volume 9 – Chapter 1: Yes/No

Volume 9 – Chapter 1: Yes/No

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The Golden Week had just passed. People had once again plunged into their busy life. The society… was still the familiar society.

The club boss seemed to be the same, but did it matter?

The important thing was that before The Golden Week, he had been pardoned and released from the dim ceiling corner; Tai Yinzi thought so.

He saw that the fried chicken newcomer at the entrance during a short holiday dared not touch the things in those cabinets… But, sweeping was at least okay, right?

Tai Yinzi was now sweeping the floor while quietly observing the Boss, who was reading by the window. When Tai Yinzi saw that the maid who was serving was finally going to make a new pot of black tea, he hurriedly swept the floor and followed.

The maid who was cutting lemon slices in the kitchen smiled slightly at this time, “Tai Yinzi, are you planning to help me even with the work here?”

“No, no, I can’t do this kind of thing.” Tai Yinzi shook his head, then looked at You Ye with a serious face, “Miss You Ye, I want to ask you about something today.”

You Ye showed a curious look and turned around, “Oh? Let me hear it. I will try my best to answer you. After all, responding to the demands of the Black Soul Messenger is one of my jobs.”

“Hear me out…” Tai Yinzi stepped forward and said secretly, “Miss You Ye, do you know how to make a ‘broiler’?”

“Broiler?” You Ye shook her head for a moment, opened her palm, and a cookbook appeared in front of Tai Yinzi, “Here, there are various ways to make chicken.”

“I didn’t mean this…” Tai Yinzi shook his head quickly and said, “The ‘broiler’ that I mean is the kind of code that can invade other people’s computers!”

“You mean virus programming?” The maid opened her lips slightly in surprise at this time.

Tai Yinzi nodded at this time, “This is the case. After I thought about it again during this period, I finally thought of an earth-shattering idea!”

“Then you should tell the Master directly,” You Ye shook her head.

Tai Yinzi hurriedly said, “Isn’t this why I’m asking Miss You Ye to give some advice… You know the Master’s mind best. If you can say good things, then naturally I won’t be embarrassed in front of the Master, right? Of course, I will be grateful!”

“What are you planning to do?”

At this time, Tai Yinzi sneakily took out a mobile phone, and quickly operated on the interface, “Recently, I have been studying modern digital products. I read into whatever C language, JAVA, and the likes… You see, this is what I was doing during the holidays. However, I’m not capable enough to perform it excellently…”

You Ye glanced, then chuckled lightly, “It seems interesting, Tai Yinzi.”

“Miss You Ye, did you agree to help?!” Tai Yinzi was overjoyed.

“You need to extend your service for fifty years.” Unexpectedly, the maid whispered devilishly with an angelic smile at this time, “After all, you have no credits to compensate for it.”

Tai Yinzi gritted his teeth, “Deal! Fifty years, so be it! Everything depends on you! Miss You Ye!”

Whether Old Dao could do to make a come back depended on this!

Gambling fifty years… In other words, how many years have passed since the first five hundred years?

Tai Yinzi has subconsciously forgotten this sad story.

There was a wise saying of a certain twisted man with glasses in this world: How can you become stronger without recharging!?

“Crazy… Even so, I can’t afford to wear an SSR suit. It’s too flashy.”

Xiao Bao murmured, then quickly typed a string of 666 on the game chat channel.

The teammate in this team chat channel immediately issued a reminder: Hey, Xiao Bao, stop looking at other people’s equipment, we’re about to enter the story mode! Stay focus.

Xiao Bao’s ID was also Xiao Bao.

Xiao Bao: Don’t worry! I absolutely won’t swindle you!

ID Lord Paper Tiger: Swindler Bao, you are notoriously famous for that. If there were enough people this time, I will not team up with you!

Xiao Bao: I’m a professional! I absolutely will not swindle!

ID Tender Mimi: Get ready for the teleportation.

The last story of Novice Village. After the attack, they could enter into a new map… For the average player Xiao Bao, the rewards after completing this dungeon were great, and he was immensely looking forward to it.

Xiao Bao rubbed his hands at this time… Section Chief Qin hasn’t returned yet, there is nothing to do today. I am ready!

But at this moment, the window next to him suddenly opened with a snap! Xiao Bao suddenly quivered, and saw a young face sticking out from the outside corridor, “Xiao Bao! You are dead! You are slacking at work!”

Xiao Bao was suddenly relieved, “It turned out to be you. Officer Lin… I was scared to death. I thought who it was.”

Lin Feng just looked at Xiao Bao with a smirk, then smiled and said, “Lunch, crayfish~”

“Okay…” Xiao Bao shook his head resignedly and subconsciously glanced at the computer interface. All his teammates started to log in.

Only his character still stayed in the portal foolishly. Of course, he was kicked out of the team. Naturally, there was a series of swear words left in the team chat channel.

Xiao Bao felt that he wanted to implement the nickname “King of Swindle” in this large-scale fantasy RPG online game “Emerald Fantasy” that was recently popular.

“Officer Lin, why are you looking for me…?” Xiao Bao asked as he weakly logged out.

“En, there is a house outside, and the corpse of an old man living alone was found. I want you to go see what’s going on,” Officer Lin shrugged.

“An old man living alone… It’s most probably the result of no one taking care of him… Ai.” Xiao Bao shook his head and stood up, “Let’s go; I will prepare the equipment.”

Lord Paper Tiger: Shield! Give me a shield!

Tenderness Mimi: No! The little monster is bothering me! Take the reward! Qian Xiu, come back, you are too in front!

In the dungeon, the male knight character named “Qian Xiu” ignored her, and rushed into the monster group alone, killing everything around him. Under the terrifying maneuver, one-third of the monsters were wiped out in an instant.

The other two characters in the team, besides Lord Paper Tiger and Tenderness Mimi, were also caught in a tough fight on the other side. They had no time to pay attention to Qian Xiu.

But Qian Xiu was too strong. Even after kicking away Priest Swindle God Xiao Bao, Qian Xiu rushed to the room where the BOSS was located without any backup. Qian Xiu successfully killed the BOSS in about ten minutes.

Qian Xiu walked out with the victory reward, but at the same time, he received a letter from the team, including the paper tigers, to dissolve the friendship.

ID Qian Xiu: What do you mean?

Lord Paper Tiger: I’m sorry. “God,” we couldn’t get along!

Qian Xiu: Hasn’t the dungeon been successfully conquered?

Lord Paper Tiger: Yes, yes, you are great! You are awesome! You can wipe this dungeon at level twenty! But if you look back, how many times have we died? We used two bottles of resurrection potion that was given out in this kind of novice village! If you slowed down, we could have kept the potion!

Qian Xiu: We can still get that kind of thing in the future, why do you care so much about it? Your speed is too slow, only after a few more such battles, your skills can improve.

ID Nameless Wind: I’m sorry, I’m just a leisure player. I didn’t plan to study the game so deeply. I only plan to play casually and make friends… I feel that our personalities are not compatible, so let’s not waste everyone’s time. Anyway, this is only a temporary team, and the friends added here are to gain a little more experience. Having one more or one short doesn’t matter. I don’t need the reward. You can play by yourself.

Qian Xiu: …

Lord Paper Tiger: Let’s separate on a good note. Take care of yourself! Who can stand someone who operates as a lone wolf like you!?

“It’s just that your skills are too bad.”

Initially, he wanted to type such a sentence, but it was just an empty team chat channel. In front of the computer, he finally pressed the backspace button and erased each word, because the team had been dissolved directly in this story mode.

Lan Xiu shook his head and put his head on the pillow of the chair. The room was small and very dark, surrounded by various food boxes, garbage, cigarette butts, and beverage bottles.

Who knows how long since this place was cleaned up.

“Damn… boring people. Whether in society or on the Internet, they are always afraid of outstanding people… Do they humbly unite together?”

Lan Xiu shook his head and glanced at the photo frame in front of the computer screen.

Lan Xiu frowned, and then forcefully flipped the frame on the table, “If I can live directly in it, I can do anything.”

He fascinatedly looked at the picture on the screen, this knight character named Qian Xiu. This was not the first time he has played the role of this knight.

For those novices, it seemed impossible to wipe out the entire story alone… but for him, it was too easy.

But at this moment, Lan Xiu’s computer screen suddenly became dim, and a strange skull appeared.

It was a skeletal skull, but with dense exploded hair. It was naturally bizarre.

And in this skull’s mouth, there was an envelope.

Lan Xiu frowned. This situation…

“Who bugged my computer?” Lan Xiu sneered, and unconsciously clicked on the envelope bitten by the skull.


Do you want to realize your wish? Are you willing to pay for your treasures?



Lan Xiu frowned subconsciously.

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