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Trafford’s Trading Club (Web Novel) - Volume 9 – Chapter 2: Project “God King”

Volume 9 – Chapter 2: Project “God King”

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The sound of knocking.

“Come in,” responded Luo Qiu from the study.

You Ye was seen walking in with a smile. Behind her, Tai Yinzi followed a little nervously, holding a laptop in both hands.

“Master, Tai Yinzi wants to show you some results.” The maid walked directly to the Boss’ chair and said with her head lowered.

“Oh?” Luo Qiu nodded with interest, then looked towards Tai Yinzi, waved his hand, and said, “Get a seat.”

“No, no, I’ll just stand!” Tai Yinzi straightened his waist and quickly, quietly glanced at the maid, then promptly said, “In fact, this time, there was also a lot of help from Miss You Ye. Without her abundance of knowledge, I am afraid that my idea cannot be realized. So, Miss You Ye has the biggest credit!”

Luo Qiu glanced at You Ye curiously.

The maid reservedly said, “I just provided some technical possibilities, it’s nothing much. Also, Tai Yinzi’s idea seemed interesting this time.”

“Even you said that…” Luo Qiu smiled, “Tai Yinzi, let me see your results.”

Tai Yinzi quickly turned on the laptop in front of the Boss, turned the screen towards Luo Qiu, cleared his throat, and said, “Master, I recently looked into the lifestyle, entertainment, and the likes of modern people my break. I was inspired by the ideas of a modern crowd of professionals called coders! I call this the “God King” Project!”

Isn’t this an endless world transmigration… I also read novels when I was a kid… The boss quietly glanced at Tai Yinzi.

But forget it… After all, he is a Taoist priest from five hundred years ago. It’s considered not bad for him to be able to accept this kind of thing.


Tai Yinzi said thoughtfully, “Master! I feel that we need high-end packaging! If we want our products to sell well, they need packaging and promotion! Only by expanding our popularity can we attract more customers!”

Seeing that Luo Qiu didn’t respond, wasn’t impatient, and didn’t intend to stop listening, Tai Yinzi became bolder.

“Master! I feel that our club’s long-standing sales method is too backward! The Black Soul Messenger is simply a salesman. Although this can accurately ensure the precision of the business deal, isn’t this efficiency too slow? So, we need to expand to new channels!”

“So, this ‘God King’ is what you call packaging and publicity?” Luo Qiu narrowed his eyes.

Tai Yinzi nodded slowly, “Master, we cannot underestimate the receptivity of modern people. In this era of the explosion of imagination and development, we can establish a relationship between our customers and us in a more straightforward and direct manner!”

Luo Qiu glanced at You Ye suddenly, with an increasing interest in his eyes, changed his sitting position, stretched out his hand, and started playing around with Tai Yinzi’s laptop.

Tai Yinzi was almost stuck on the desk at this time, bending over and saying, “Master, in today’s era, human beings are almost inseparable from the Internet. People from three years old to eighty years old can access the huge Internet… This is our best channel!”

“This screen is modified from ten white cards, and the processor inside is equipped with a CPU modified from eight black cards… Of course, these technologies are all thanks to Miss You Ye. I probably won’t be able to do this in a few hundred years! After the modification, this laptop can face eight customers simultaneously, and it can currently support eight online operations. If it is mass-produced and given to the Black Soul Messenger, with the power of the Black Soul of our Black Soul Messenger to launch it, and the connection to the Internet, the Black Soul Messenger can find a large number of customers without leaving their home!”

When Luo Qiu heard this, he asked curiously, “With this model, the power of the Black Soul will be weakened to a certain degree, right?”

Tai Yinzi proudly said at this time, “Master, this issue has been seriously considered! Although the power of the Black Soul has become scattered due to continuous extension, it might even weaken to a dispensable state. But it is precise because of this, won’t those customers who can be found prove that they have the most urgent needs? The stronger the demand, the more we can be attracted! If they can also attract the Black Soul in a dispensable state… that is to say, this customer is a very high-quality customer!”

Of course, it was also in view of the Boss’ character that Tai Yinzi would make such a consideration… Obviously, the Boss didn’t care much about ordinary clients, so under the premise of not knowing the Boss’ opinions, such a multi-threaded operation would enable choices to choose from, but Tai Yinzi dare not say this.

“En… it sounds interesting.” Luo Qiu nodded, then asked suddenly, “Have you tried it?”

Tai Yinzi hurriedly said, “Master, I have distributed a hundred invitation letters randomly through this system! And I have received a response from one of them!”

“Oh… so fast.” Boss Luo nodded.

You Ye smiled slightly at this time, “Master, after receiving the first response, Tai Yinzi couldn’t wait to ask you for your instructions. It should have been better to discuss first.”

“It’s okay.” Luo Qiu smiled, “But if the customer waits for a long time… it’s not good. En, a business deal through online chat… Isn’t that an online contract? Interesting, let me do this first order.”

The Boss put his hands on the keyboard.

After clicking the “YES” on the screen, nothing happened.

Lan Xiu frowned again… It was not good to leave the computer in such a idle state. He waited for a while… There was just a weird feeling in his heart that he wanted to wait like this.

He didn’t know what to expect.

Lan Xiu laughed at himself, shook his head, and was about to unplug the network cable and power… Finally, there was a change on the screen.

Text: I’m sorry, customer. I have kept you waiting.

“Are you online?”

Lan Xiu subconsciously stunned, and after thinking for a while, he typed on the keyboard: Who are you? Why did you hack into my computer? Unlimited transmigration? What mentally retarded thing! Nonsense!

Text: En… So, how about this?

After this text appeared, Lan Xiu’s face changed from surprise to horror… Because he saw the computer’s network cable automatically pulled out, even the power cord was automatically pulled out… The two cables seemed to have a life at this time. They stopped in midair, but the computer was still on!

Lan Xiu’s heart beat violently.

He calmed down, and after tapping on the keyboard several times with a little exertion with his fingers, he successfully finished what he wanted to say- Are you the God King?

Text: It is the name of this system.

Lan Xiu: Transmigration System?

Text: To some extent.

Lan Xiu swallowed his saliva: What’s next? The unfolding of the world of the God King? Releasing mission?

Text: No, this is just a trading platform.

Lan Xiu frowned: Isn’t that the typical transmigration system which allows transaction? What can I buy?

Text: What matters is what the customer wants.

Lan Xiu thought for a while: If I make a demand, you will quote the price? As long as I can afford it, I can buy anything?

Text: I have been reminded at the beginning, customer. Also, money does not count.

Lan Xiu: Everything that is precious to me… But this kind of weird power seems to be understandable. I probably understand what this trading model is.

Text: So, what do you want to buy?

Lan Xiu was silent for a while, and silently typed what he wanted on the screen- I don’t want to stay in this world, let me enter the game and become a character inside!

Text: Which game?

Lan Xiu: Emerald Fantasy.

Text: I see, you want to develop in the game in another world. But it is a pity that you might not be able to pay such a price. However, if you just want to enter the world of this game, it is no problem.

Lan Xiu: Please explain!

Text: Abandon your current body; your soul will enter the game and become the character inside. Of course, you will have everything that the character has now, and there is no difference between texture and reality. However, all the restrictions on the player in the game are also valid to you. In addition, when you die more than three times, your soul will leave, and it belongs to us.

Lan Xiu: Three times… Deal!

Text: So, I wish you an enjoyable game.

After simply pressing the Enter key, Luo Qiu’s hands were separated from the keyboard. At this time, Tai Yinzi hung up and looked at his master, waiting for the result of his master’s experience.

But the Boss did not speak for a long time.

Tai Yinzi hesitated, “Master… this system?”

“En…” Luo Qiu thought for a while, “It’s okay, to some extent, it has the same effect as the Border Gate. There is even suspicion of duplication.”

Even though he said so, Boss Luo had not opened a door… The door was still quietly closed there. Of course, this was only his personal consideration.

But this did not prevent him from discussing the plan with Tai Yinzi.

“Then…” Tai Yinzi suddenly showed a disappointed look.

“But…” Luo Qiu suddenly smiled at this moment, “If it is used as targeted marketing of a certain product, the effect should be good.”

“Master, you mean…” asked Tai Yinzi puzzledly.

Luo Qiu said, “Like Lan Xiu, there should be many people who yearn for the game world more than the real world, right? I can’t always keep this kind of minimum transaction volume like this… Just treat it as an investment. It seems good to find a long-term and stable source of income.”

If there was a long-term and stable income source while his daily interests could be continued without hindrance, for Boss Luo, he had everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Businessman… Who doesn’t have several different investment projects?

“Master, you are wise!” said Tai Yinzi quickly.

Boss Luo didn’t know what he was thinking at the moment, and suddenly said, “You Ye, in the future, I want you to assist Tai Yinzi to improve this ‘God King’.”

The maid smiled slightly, “Master, in order not to affect the daily service, can I call Adam to take charge of the follow-up development? Of course, I will continue to follow up.”

“You can make arrangements for this kind of trivial matter.” Luo Qiu nodded, and suddenly looked at Tai Yinzi, “By the way, Tai Yinzi, your opening remarks are not in touch with the common people, please change it.”

Tai Yinzi hurriedly said, “Understood!”

Boss Luo said, “Do you want to… really live?”

Tai Yinzi… The rookie was taken aback for a moment, and suddenly had a feeling of successfully finding a confidant!

It turns out that the Boss also has days with an evil intention…

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