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Trafford’s Trading Club (Web Novel) - Volume 9 – Chapter 4: Young Knight

Volume 9 – Chapter 4: Young Knight

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The name of the first town after leaving the Novice Village was called Zhongguan City.

It happened to be the sacrificial event in Zhongguan City that was held once every six months. The City Lord would enter the temple in Zhongguan City for a three-day sacrificial offering. During the sacrifice, the defensive barrier outside Zhongguan City would be weakened to a certain extent, which would attract a wave of demons to attack the city…

In fact, this information could be easily obtained by players. The next step was to recruit brave villagers to assist local guards in defense.

To put it bluntly, it was the main storyline mission. After completing the mission, every participating player would get a chance to draw a lottery. Fate would decide what could be drawn.

Of course, there were a lot of experience points.

These were not only what other players needed, but also what Qian Xiu needed most. He lived in this game world, losing the ability to return to the original society. Due to that, he had completely lost the ability to make an in-game purchase as well.

Although he was only a gamer who made a living by playing games, he had always been an avid fan of in-game purchases. It was impossible for him to invest more money here.

“Now, why am I still occupied with the “cash” concept?”

Among the crowd, Qian Xiu laughed at himself and secretly thought that he hadn’t completely escaped from the thought patterns in the past… However, it seemed that this was not something that he could get himself accustomed to all at once.

Fortunately, when the server was on, he reloaded some cash into the game. Now, there were still diamonds on the character’s account that could be used to purchase items.

“I can only earn these meager mission diamonds from the game…”

Qian Xiu watched the parade team slowly pass in front of him, “According to the rules of the test, they calculate the individual and team merits during the defense. Those who have high rankings would obtain an abundance of diamonds… Another source of diamonds would be the weekly Jade Abyss Player Killing Ranking. The remaining sources would be from main missions, side quests, and the Boss treasure chest in special dungeons…”

On the individual ranking, Qian Xiu was confident that he could occupy a rank, but for the team…

“I need to look for someone.”

Qian Xiu frowned subconsciously while looking at the empty list of friends.

Because of the current environment where ordinary players used voice chats within their team, and the guild recruitment rules, the chance of finding influential individual players by luck was too low.

Fortunately, Qian Xiu was successfully recruited to a team that was temporarily lacking a member… Because they were all aiming for merits and accomplishments, and most of the players were trying to seize the time, some teams that were not prepared often find themselves in a situation where they had to look for new teammates at the last minute.

Archer, chaplain, mage, warrior, thief… In a small team of six people, plus Qian Xiu, it formed a structured team.

There were probably only these kinds of occupations, and the players could only choose the subdivision of occupations after the twenty-second level.

Time was very limited.

The captain of this team, the Chaplain, ID: ‘War Song Gudazi’ (female character), directly said, “There are still two hours of preparation time before the defense mission commences. Everyone should practice and see if they can catch up with the subdivision of the defense occupation.”

The Archer, ID: “African ~ Did Not Eat Dog Food Yesterday” (male character), agreed, “Not a problem.”

The mage, ID: “Green Sukumizu” (male character), suggested, “The efficiency of killing monsters is too low. Let’s focus on the normal mission.”

The warrior was a female character, ID: “Muscle Kanna”, and the thief was a male character, ID: “Tease **** Quickly”. Both of them also agreed.

Qian Xiu just nodded, but after a while, “War Song Gudazi” suddenly said, “Qian Xiu, do you have any opinions? Everyone agreed.”

Only then did Qian Xiu react… It seemed that players who manipulated the character couldn’t see his nodding at all, so Qian Xiu said okay.

His voice turned into words and appeared in the chat channel. Then Qian Xiu remembered something and immediately said, “Since the professions are different, let us each level up and then meet up when time is up.”

Everyone also agreed… The five other people besides Qian Xiu probably had known each other long ago, so they seemed to have a tacit understanding.

At this time, the system suddenly issued an announcement.

“The player ‘Thousand Delicate Feathers’ used the server’s public speaker: Blue Sky! Are you here?! Add me as a friend!”

Swipe the screen; A public server speaker that had been swiped ninety-nine times in a row!

‘War Song Gudazi’: “This trench is here again!”

“Green Sukumizu”: “This was also the name from the last game, right? “Thousand Delicate Feathers”… aren’t you too ruthless? It cost one hundred yuan for a public server speaker! It’s sickening…”

‘Africans ~ Didn’t Eat Dog Food Yesterday’: “Don’t care about it. Anyway, I heard that this is a rich crazy woman. A man in a game dumped her, so she kept changing games madly, always looking for this” Blue Sky’.”

‘Tease ***** Quickly’: Hey, I am quite envious of this ‘Blue Sky.’ This “Thousand Delicate Feathers” is absolutely a rich woman!”

“Muscle Kanna”: “What if she’s ugly and fat?”

‘Tease ***** Quickly’: It’s better if she’s an old woman! Coming out to play after years!”

‘Muscle Kanna’: “Go away! I don’t know you!”

‘War Song Gudazi’: “Stop with the nonsense, go and do the mission. That Qian Xiu has left, I’m guessing he’s probably a veteran. When defending the city, I will find out. If he’s suitable, let’s recruit him here!”

“Let’s go to work!”

Announcements were still showing up. After all, ninety-nine speakers could last a long time.

Zhongguan City, Knights Training Hall. Of course, this was not a place for choosing subdivided careers; it was just a place for knights to train.

The defeated players would not be able to get experience here, nor will their level drop. It was just a place for novices to familiarize themselves with the use and combination of skills… Basically, few people showed interest in this place, but the game did have this feature.

In fact, the novice village also had it, and its function was similar to the novice’s tutorial.

When Qian Xiu came here, naturally, there was no one. There was still an hour and a half before the assembly. Based on the testing period’s suggestions, Qian Xiu had reached level twenty-two and completed the career advancement one step ahead. Initially, it was most important for him to level up at this time, but Qian Xiu had other considerations.

That is, he was different from the player in front of the computer controlling the character; this was his own body.

Although the combat skill was just a skill, when the monster attacked him before coming out from the previous dungeon, Qian Xiu discovered that… he did not operate as well as he had imagined, he even appeared clumsy.

This made him have no choice but to spare precious time to master his current body fully… The training hall was the most suitable place.

Also, this was free to use, so there was nothing to talk bad about.


“Qian Xiu.”

“Passed! Young knight, work hard! Unleash your power for those you want to protect!”

For… those who I want to protect?

Am I still a child?

Qian Xiu stepped into the training ground blankly… I’ll start with a simple wooden doll.

There is nothing worth protecting.


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