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Trafford’s Trading Club (Web Novel) - Volume 9 – Chapter 7: More Than One And… Real Death (Part 2)

Volume 9 – Chapter 7: More Than One And… Real Death (Part 2)

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Those feelings of anxiety that occasionally appeared were quickly diluted by novelty.

After eating breakfast, Qian Xiu left the hotel. He would probably be the only one that spent the whole night in the hotel, right?

After leaving the hotel, Qian Xiu planned to go to the teleportation array in Zhongguan City. Since yesterday, he considered forging himself a more powerful weapon, and one of the materials could only be obtained somewhere in the Novice Village.

Why do people chisel away at repeating tedious actions in games?

Probably because humans were born with an indescribable pursuit of numerical improvement. Their mood would always get better after seeing things show an increasing trend little by little.

Strengthening their skills and chances of victory… seemed to be an instinct.

“I’m short of two teeth…”

Qian Xiu touched the sweat on his forehead and stopped killing beasts in a dense forest near Novice Village. He planned to take a break… Compared to being in the field fighting, it was far more taxing than maneuvering through the computer. Even after a week had passed, Qian Xiu couldn’t fully adapt to such high-intensity exercise.

“Help… Help…”

Vaguely, a cry for help came. Qian Xiu frowned. How could there be a call for help in such a place? It stands to reason that with the current game progress, the monsters in this place shouldn’t let the player call for help.

Besides, players will not call for help… Is it a malicious PK?

Strictly speaking, this dense forest no longer belonged to the safe area of ​​Novice Village… But malicious PK between novices seemed unlikely to happen at present, right?

Could it be…

“Are there any side missions that I missed out?” Qian Xiu quickly thought of what special events he might have triggered. If this was the case, the rewards were generally not too bad, and it was worth taking a look.

He followed the sound of asking for help, and the voice became clearer and more apparent. It was a woman’s painful wail!

He pushed aside the branches of the dense forest. Just under a big tree, where the tree roots were entwined, a woman in a linen skirt was tied to the trunk.

The woman’s clothes had been torn apart. A man who had taken off his pants was throbbing frantically behind her.

The woman’s painful cry and the man’s happy and sinister laughter were entangled together… There were some weapons and armor on the ground. There was also a basket, likely belonging to this woman.

This woman… is a villager in Novice Village. Is this man a player?

Does this game… allows this kind of thing to happen?

However, Qian Xiu had no time to think about this problem at this time. Seeing this evil scene, he immediately raised the sword in his hand, activated a skill, looked at the old tree’s roots, and made a loud sound!

The male player who was doing evil things was shocked, quickly gave up the woman whom he was invading, jumped out, and waved at the weapon on the ground. The weapon in his inventory appeared directly on his body.

“Who are you? You dare to interrupt me!” The man was a warrior… seemingly only at the fourteenth level, but his eyes were abnormally scary. When he saw Qian Xiu clearly in front of him, his face changed slightly… Qian Xiu had a higher level. A promoted sub-class – knight.

“Beast!” Qian Xiu gripped the long sword and walked toward the warrior with a murderous look.

“Wait… wait a minute! Let’s have a talk first!” The man knew that he might be defeated and retreated in horror, “Brother! Wait a minute! This… this is just an NPC! I’m just having fun… Don’t be impulsive!”

But at this moment, the woman uttered a sad moan, and she slammed her head on the tree trunk, which smashed her skull… She committed suicide!


Qian Xiu was angry. His long sword emitted glaring rays. He swung the sword towards the male warrior without saying a word. It directly tore the opponent’s armor and inflicted a huge wound on the opponent’s body!

This blow almost took one-third of the warrior’s life!

The male warrior fell to the ground in pain and drank the potion frantically. Knowing that he was not invincible, he ran away frantically without saying a word, clutching his wounds. He chose this place naturally because it was very close to the protected area. He could be safe as soon as possible, no matter what situation.

However, he obviously still didn’t know his gap with a sub-class and Qian Xiu, who had already completed the Novice Village’s ultimate dungeon!

A massive impact appeared directly behind him. Under such an impact, the male warrior only felt that his bones were about to shatter!

He fell to the ground in pain, but Qian Xiu’s sword had directly penetrated his back, nailing him to the ground!

This stabbed… directly into his heart!


The male warrior cried in pain at this time. His face twisted, and he let go of the dirt he grabbed from the ground. He wailed, “I don’t want to die! I don’t want to die! I’ve already died once! I don’t want to die yet.”

He finally lost his voice, his eyes widened, and lost his movement.

– I don’t want to die! I don’t want to die! I have already died once! I don’t want to die yet…

Qian Xiu drew out his sword in horror, and the last words of the male warrior reverberated in his mind. He noticed that the male warrior didn’t disappear and return to the starting point after he died like a player; his body gradually began to melt instead.

In the end, he became a gray and fuzzy ball of light. It disappeared in front of Qian Xiu…

Suddenly, an unprecedented panic made him subconsciously cold.

“This… this guy… could it be…”

The sword in Qian Xiu’s hand was unstable and fell directly to the ground. He even took two steps back subconsciously, trembling as he said, “He is dead… soul… that is to say…… I really… killed…”

He collapsed to the ground at once.

He really killed someone.

In the hospital of a city.

“Doctor, doctor! The heartbeat of the unconscious patient on Bed 16 that was admitted the day before yesterday stopped!”

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