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Trafford’s Trading Club (Web Novel) - Volume 9 – Chapter 8: After The First Income

Volume 9 – Chapter 8: After The First Income

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Holding a golden fishing rod in both hands, Boss Luo was doing one of his missions in this game at the secluded lake’s edge.

“This magical world is perfect.”

This was not the first time Boss Luo sighed. Along with You Ye’s continuous optimization of the game time algorithm, it had now surpassed the concept of lifelike play.

On the calm lake, in addition to the ripples caused by the occasional shaking of the fish maw, a clearer ripple emerged all of a sudden.

A small pale white ball of light slowly shot out of the lake at this time, then came to Luo Qiu. Feeling the despair conveyed from this pale ball of light, Luo Qiu smiled slightly, “Thank you for coming.”

The boss placed the ball of light into his palm, which meant that a business deal was officially completed… It also represented the plan proposed by Tai Yinzi officially received the first income.

Soon after, another ripple suddenly showed up in the calm lake, and it was more intense. This time, Tai Yinzi showed up.

After Tai Yinzi appeared, he swam swiftly towards the lake’s edge in horror, “Master! Help!”

As he was talking, a giant water column rushed out of the lake, and a vast and tall shadow shot out of the water… It was a unique creature that only exists in the game, the Golden Carp King.

“Tai Yinzi, I just asked you to send the bait to it. I didn’t ask you to attract it!”

“I don’t know! It chased after me as soon as it saw me! Help, help…”

Seeing Tai Yinzi swimming over in horror, the waves hit by the Golden Carp King began to hit the lake, causing tidal surges and splashes. Boss Luo promptly left his fishing position and retreated.

Tai Yinzi was surprised, “Master, Master?!”

Luo Qiu shook his head slightly, “I can’t defeat it now…”

After playing “Jade Fantasy” for a week, the club’s boss was now at… level three.

He was probably the only one that was still at this level after playing for a week.

As a result, the super newcomer of the club was shocked, felt only darkness in front of him, and then the feeling that his body was being crushed spread throughout his body. A white light flashed. Tai Yinzi appeared at the resurrection point in Novice Village.

“Brave adventurer, did you die again? Do you want to buy a potion and fight again?”

An old woman selling potions at the resurrection point squatted down and brought a red potion bottle to Tai Yinzi.

Why did she say “again”?

Because this was the third time.

Tai Yinzi stretched out his hand, humiliatingly, “Give… give me a bottle.”

The boss by the lake watched the water gradually return to calmness. He rubbed his chin and muttered to himself, “It seems that the method is still wrong. I should think of another way.”

As the boss said that, he left the game and returned to his shop.

No matter what, punishment would be inflicted on the murderer. After all, from the game’s perspective, Qian Xiu initiated the attack, which made him the first to commit a malicious PK.

Therefore, before the guilt value disappears, he must stay in the wild, unable to enter any settlement for the time being. However, with the purification water presented at the start of the game, some guilt value could be erased.

However, he didn’t use it. Instead, he was wandering outside the dense forest… The painful expression of the male warrior before his death seemed to become clearer with time.

He was not the only special one.

In addition to him, in Jade Fantasy, there were others similar to him who had also invested their souls here. From the male warrior’s behavior just now, it was not difficult for Qian Xiu to notice this.

That meant, in this different world, that guy probably got rid of morality’s shackles all at once and went rogue.

This seemed to be the most common mentality.

As a game player, it was widespread to encounter people who frantically vented in the game after being suppressed in society.

Perhaps this male warrior, with that hidden evil intention, also attracted the “God King.”

Qian Xiu assumed that if only a person with strong desires could meet the “God King”… Then, what was the motive that he had to choose to enter this world from the beginning?

Is it to be healthy because of a physical disability?

Is it because of humanity’s coldness, being fed up with a selfish yet unchangeable society?

Or is it because of something else… to escape?

After entering Jade Fantasy, too much new and unprecedented stimulation had impacted his thinking, so much so that he almost forgot one thing – he would be like the male warrior. After a certain number of times, he would encounter real death.

It was like being trapped in a dilemma, and a feeling of weightlessness made Qian Xiu feel difficult.

He saw three players suddenly appear in front of him, chasing a small low-level monster. This was a very common thing. However, at this moment, Qian Xiu instinctively refused to have players approach him.

He even had an illusion… Are these three players chasing the monster just a disguise, in fact, they came to kill me?

Finally, in Qian Xiu’s eyes, these three players’ expressions gradually became sinister, like demons. He lowered his head without saying a word, used the equipment as fast as possible to wash away his guilt value, and also used expensive returning equipment to disappear directly from this place.

“Wa, he still uses returning equipment when he’s so close! He must be some kind of boss, right?”

“I just took a look. His level is so high…”

“That equipment is the light for the success in forging seven, right?”

Under the flickering white light, Qian Xiu returned directly to the teleportation point in Zhongguan City.

As soon as he landed, he hurried away without saying a word, unwilling to have any contact with anyone here… Even if a game NPC had any contact, he just wanted to return to the hotel room.

He subconsciously felt that the narrow room could bring him a little sense of security.

“Qian Xiu! Qian Xiu!”

On the street, someone suddenly stopped him. Qian Xiu stopped, and the people who called him were ‘War Song Gudazi’ and ‘Tease **** Quickly.’

‘War Song Gudazi’ greeted and smiled, “I haven’t seen you since the last defense mission. You are hard to encounter!”

Qian Xiu was silent for a moment before saying, “Do you have anything?”

‘War Song Gudazi’ said, “In fact, it’s nothing special. I want to say hello and chat about the latest developments. How are you doing?”

Qian Xiu said, “I’m fine… If there is nothing else, I will leave first.”

After speaking, Qian Xiu turned into another alley and left without waiting for a response from ‘War Song Gudazi.’

Seeing that Qian Xiu had wholly left his sight, ‘War Song Gudazi’ frowned. ‘Tease **** Quickly’ said unhappily, “What the hell? I originally planned to recruit him to attempt the escort mission. Just by looking at the way he speaks, I don’t want to ask!”

‘War Song Gudazi’ shook his head, “Perhaps there is something urgent. Let’s go find someone else.”

‘Tease **** Quickly’ suddenly said, “He removed me as a friend.”

‘War Song Gudazi’ frowned again and said, “Me too.”

‘Tease **** Quickly’ shook his head and said, “Let it be. We never chatted anyway… Let’s go.”

Qian Xiu closed the door of the hotel room and laid down on the bed. The curtains beside him were also closed tightly, and the room suddenly became dim.

Next to him, the interface of the friend list was just emptied.

The system announcement, the player ‘Thousand Delicate Feathers’ used the full server speaker…

Qian Xiu abruptly closed all the notifications, then covered his eyes with his arms… He couldn’t see and hear anything.

“President Lan, there is a man surnamed Chen looking for you outside.”

In the huge office, the man with an extraordinary presence raised his head and frowned, “Surname Chen? Does he have an appointment?”

The secretary said, “No… but he said that he has been looking for you for a long time. He said it is about Lan Xiu, and he must see you.”

“Lan Xiu?”

President Lan was silent for a while, the office chair turned, and he looked outside the glass window behind him, “Let him come in.”

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