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Trafford’s Trading Club (Web Novel) - Volume 9 – Chapter 10: Milk God Xiao Bao

Volume 9 – Chapter 10: Milk God Xiao Bao

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“Okay, you all can go home. Just leave it to me here.”

Xiao Bao finally cleaned up the inspection room tools, turned off the light, and left the workplace. He returned to his office, wearily. Looking at the time, it was actually about one o’clock in the morning.

Looking around the office that could only be described as filthy, messy, and suboptimal, Xiao Bao sighed and looked at his chief’s seat. He had a powerful premonition. If the chief did not come back, would he become another “Old Qin”?

Of course, it was not only the job, but his situation could be described as living in the office like him.

It was so late. Xiao Bao might as well not go home. Besides, it would be a waste of time to come and go. Xiao Bao yawned, made instant noodles, and sat down in his seat. He turned on the display screen… Now, this can be considered as my private time?

Xiao Bao thought.

Being a technician in forensics, his life was too monotonous. Despite the excellent salary, he was no different from a corpse if he kept on repeating this life every day without playing games.

While eating the instant noodles in front of him, Xiao Bao zoomed in on the computer operation window’s game interface. Some items were sent over to the forensics to be tested in the afternoon, and he was busy until now.

“Oh crap… the connection is lost.”

Xiao Bao shook his head. He remembered that he was clearing a side mission in the wild when he went out. Then, his character still remained in the wild.

Seeing that there are still a few strange missions to be completed, Xiao Bao, influenced by Lao Qin, gradually discovered his obsessive-compulsive disorder and let out a yawn. He decided to at least finish the missions before going to bed… or something. He ran towards one of the cities in the game: Zhongguan City.

As a person who slacked off at work, it had been more than a week since he managed to ruin the Novice Village dungeon last time. Yesterday, he finally succeeded in breaking away from the novice’s title without ruining the dungeon challenge.

“This is so rare…” Xiao Bao laughed dryly.

So, the ‘professional’ priest named ‘Xiao Bao’ passed through the huge city gate and ran to a desolated area… But, as a priest, he did not have any attack moves. If it was not for this strange mission, Xiao Bao might fall asleep and see if he could join another team tomorrow.

“Huh, there is still someone doing the mission at this hour?”

Xiao Bao looked at this area on the screen and found that someone was one step ahead of him. He could not help but look up curiously, “Qian Xiu? This name seemed familiar… Isn’t this the knight from the team I defeated the last time?”

Don’t underestimate the memory of a technician!

If his memory was terrible, how could he get such a qualification that required a lot of professional knowledge?

“They are all high level. Why do they still need to kill these monsters?” Xiao Bao continued to observe this knight named Qian Xiu and found that a pair of monster corpses had collapsed beside him.

The knight was like a robot, standing alone in the cleared area. When a new monster respawned, he would attack immediately. Then, he stood on the spot dumbstruck, waiting for another monster to respawn before attacking again.

“Is it a third party plug-in?” Xiao Bao subconsciously had this idea.

After all, the person must be extremely bored to be defeating monsters here by himself in the middle of the night when he was already a high-level knight with excellent equipment? But, come to think of it, this game was currently encrypted with an algorithm. No one had successfully made a plug-in on the black market section of the discussion forum.

Xiao Bao also discovered something interesting – this knight did something else rather than just standing there idly for new monsters to refresh. He could also drink wine. — Yes, drink wine!

In fact, there was a large bottle of wine in his hand. He would take a sip of it after a while.

“The character still has this kind of action?” Xiao Bao was taken aback. He then rolled a ball of dough and put it into his mouth, and muttered, “How bored is this guy…?”

However, when he thought about himself eating instant noodles in the office in the middle of the night while playing games simultaneously to wait for himself to get sleepy, he also thought that he was also extremely bored. Xiao Bao laughed at himself and manipulated his character to approach the great knight.

ID Xiao Bao: Hey! Brother, what are you doing outside at this hour?

Qian Xiu was able to momentarily forget some things only when the alcohol was flowing in his blood and increased his head’s heavy feeling.

The spatter of blood and screams of the monster after being injured simultaneously had vaguely increased his excitement.

Alcohol and blood… Because of their interaction, Qian Xiu did not have to think about too many things. To him, killing these little monsters had almost no effect other than providing him meager coins.

But, in the same way, there was no danger in killing these little monsters. — Yes, there was no danger.

The feeling of hunger eventually drove his body out of the room, but he could not earn any income if he did not work. Qian Xiu had been in a state of inaction since the last time he deleted his friends.

On the whole, he would not go out until it was late at night, and returned to the hotel before dawn, doing those simple single-player missions alone. He could not be bothered with the so-called status and rankings. Now, he had fallen out of the first echelon.

But, there seemed to be nothing wrong with this.

Able to drink alcohol, to eat, to have a stable life… The most important thing was safety.

Live… a safe life.

“Hey! Brother, why so late?”

When the sound came, Qian Xiu instinctively swung his sword towards the source of the sound. – At this late hour, the guards of Zhongguan City would not go out. Not even the civilians too. So, there was only one possibility – the person was another player.

A sense of tension that closed to morbidity made his whole body tense – In fact, he had always been in a malicious PK mode, but he had never taken the initiative to attack anyone.

Priest? Xiao Bao… Qian Xiu glanced at the character’s profile approaching him, and it turned out to be a player.

It was unknown whether he was also… Qian Xiu still did not let his guard down. Except for the NPCs in this game, Qian Xiu was always highly vigilant towards all players.

“Don’t be nervous. I bear no malicious intentions! Boss!”

The priest in front of him shook his hands quickly, looking as if he wanted to clarify.

Qian Xiu said calmly, “Then leave me and don’t approach me.”

Xiao Bao was taken aback. He then wiped his face and said, “Well, boss, you don’t have to be so cold? I am the Milk God [1], Xiao Bao, the priest who never cheats! Are you defeating monsters and collecting materials? I will give you a BUFF to let you improve your efficiency. And then, I have a few more kinds of these missions to do. Should we form a team? It will be a win-win situation!”

Qian Xiu looked at the priest for a long time before putting down the sword in his hand, and said calmly, “Go away, I don’t team up with someone. What’s more? I remember you. Previously during the dungeon in Novice Village, you were the one who didn’t come in.”

Xiao Bao was immediately embarrassed (chuckling in front of the computer screen), and quickly said, “Boss, I have my difficulties too. Please try to understand the difficulties of being in a slacking group!”

Qian Xiu ignored him and walked in front of Xiao Bao with his weapon.

However, Xiao Bao followed, “Boss, do you have enough materials? Where are you going?”

Qian Xiu was a little annoyed and said, “Don’t follow me. I won’t take you in. Do the mission by yourself. Don’t think about clinging on others all day.”

He had seen many bad players who came up to him through flattery… but it was undeniable that this kind of existence makes up a large group.

Clinging? This guy hasn’t graduated from eighth grade, right?

Xiao Bao was taken aback, shrugged, and said, “Boss. I am only suggesting the principle of cooperation. So, I am not clinging to you, okay? Why put more effort when you can do it with less effort? With everyone so busy at work, of course, we will need to allocate your time properly, okay?”

Qian Xiu said, “In this case, you will be wasting time by following me. Go back and do your mission.”

Xiao Bao shook his head and said, Forget it, I will think about it tomorrow. Anyway, I’m too inefficient by myself. It’s just that there are too few people at this time. I am just bored as I just got off from work and can not sleep. I am also fine with just finding someone to chat, okay?”

There was indeed a class of such people in many games… The type who did not participate in the game missions to level up their character. They only came to the game to chat with one another to pass the time.

It seems that Xiao Bao is this kind of player.

Qian Xiu frowned…This was the type that he found challenging to deal with. Under normal circumstances, he would choose to ignore the other party. After a long time, the other party would automatically give up and choose other targets to strike up a conversation.

“By the way, boss. Where did you find this drinking action? Why didn’t I see this action in the mission action bar? Is it the effect brought by the usage of the props?”

Qian Xiu was taken aback…The players from the outside could already see this kind of action?

He could only say indifferently, “It’s a preinstalled effect.”

Xiao Bao nodded, “I knew it! But this is fun. Where did you buy this kind of wine? I’ll get some to play too!”

Qian Xiu said impatiently, “The only way to get it is to defeat the monsters. You can’t get it.”

Xiao Bao was a little disappointed and followed Qian Xiu for a while. After chatting non-stop by Qian Xiu’s side for a while, he saw the gate of Zhongguan City right in front of him, and said, “Oh, here it is. So, boss. I will meet you again if fate allows us to. I won’t go in. I am just going offline here so that I can go out to camp tomorrow.”

Qian Xiu was suddenly stunned… This guy was the chattering type. He was the kind who would chat with anyone.

Qian Xiu glanced at Xiao Bao and nodded silently.

Xiao Bao waved his hand at this moment and said, “Boss, don’t sleep too late. Take care of your body! Recently, several news reports said that a few people had died at home after playing computer games too enthusiastically. Their deaths were only discovered after a few days!”

Seeing Xiao Bao seemingly about to disappear, Qian Xiu suddenly said, “Wait a minute.”


“Add me as your friend,” said Qian Xiu abruptly.


Qian Xiu said again, “Will you be active at the same time tomorrow night?”

Xiao Bao said, “It’s hard to say. What’s the matter?”

Qian Xiu said calmly, “I will look for you.”

After speaking, Qian Xiu walked straight into the gate of Zhongguan City and disappeared at once.

This person was also a weirdo.

Xiao Bao shook his head, yawned, and turned off the game. He opened the folding bed behind him and lay down all at once… So sleepy, I don’t want to go to work tomorrow.

“Wait! There was an update of a new chapter on “My Sister is The Teacher of Little Huang Ben”! Crap! I almost forgot!!!”

So, Xiao Bao got up again, feeling that he could continue on with his activities and fight for another half an hour!

[1] Chinese gaming slang. Milk would often refer to healing.

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