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Trafford’s Trading Club (Web Novel) - Volume 9 – Chapter 12: Six Degrees Of Separation

Volume 9 – Chapter 12: Six Degrees Of Separation

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Beep, beep, beep…… The sounds emitted from the EEG machine followed a regular pattern, but the image on display was very messy compared to the sounds.

“…Apart from some instinctive neural reflexes and the ability to metabolize, the patient is almost a zombie with no spontaneous response.” The doctor looked at Lan Kai, who was silent in the room, and finally said helplessly, “Mr. Lan, your brother is a vegetative person now.”

Lan Kai’s gaze fixed on Lan Xiu’s face. Since moving to the higher class ward, the nurse had cleaned Lan Xiu’s body and his appearance very well. Now, he looked more presentable. “Will he ever wake up?”

“This… Even the global medical community may not give you a definite answer for patients in this condition.” The doctor looked at the young entrepreneur with some apprehension.

He was not the doctor who looked after Lan Xiu from the beginning. He was specially assigned to Lan Xiu after the hospital knew Lan Xiu’s identity as he was considered the best specialist in this hospital.

“But Mr. Lan, don’t worry, we will give our best care to your brother.”

“I know that.”

Lan Kai nodded, walked in front of Lan Xiu, squinted his eyes for a while, and flicked Lan Xiu’s hair. He leaned down and said calmly in his ear, “You are just not willing to wake up, are you? But this is fine. Maybe for you, this is just fine…”

Then, Lan Kai looked at the doctor and ordered. “Remember, don’t let anyone know that he is here except me.”

“President Lan, how about sending him to the newly built sanatorium?” The doctor suggested at this time. “There, the environment is quieter, and the air is good. Your brother will be able to get the best care.”

Of course, it is the best… After all, the sanatorium was developed by the hospital together with Lan Kai.

“Just do as you suggested.”

Lan Kai nodded, and after one last glance at Lan Xiu, he turned and left.

“Brother Bao! Where are we going to eat together?”

In the canteen of the bureau, Xiao Bao was rushing out with his lunch. One of his colleagues noticed him at that same time and called out to him promptly.

Xiao Bao shook his head and said with a smile, “Next time, I will be busy with things! I’m sorry!”

“It’s okay.” The colleague in the next department just smiled… Everyone knew that Xiao Bao was under pressure lately. He had not left for four or five days.

But was it that busy? The colleague looked at Officer Ma, who was leisurely reading the newspaper in the canteen… Usually, when Officer Ma put in such an appearance, it would mean that the world was peaceful recently.

Xiao Bao was, of course, very busy, but not busy with work.

As soon as he returned to his office, Xiao Bao closed the door, pulled the curtains where his seat was, and opened “Jade Fantasy” impatiently.

Well, how to put this in words? Was it because he recently inexplicably met a boss? Those high-level missions or daily missions were now easily won, which was simply the greatest pleasure for a zero-krypton party member.

Xiao Bao, “Boss, I’m sorry, there are so many people in the dining hall, spent a long time in the queue for food! Today, I’m eating…”

Qian Xiu, “It doesn’t matter to me what you eat!”

Xiao Bao, “Then I turn on the auto-follow mode, and eat first. Oh… “Bahamut Dragon” has been updated. Let me watch it first~”

Qian Xiu, “…”

But, this feeling… was not annoying. Qian Xiu did not hate Xiao Bao’s behavior. Although he was a chatterbox, he was never late during the replenishment and transformation moment, seemingly managing to catch up the time.

Moreover, Xiao Bao wouldn’t order people around and wouldn’t curry favor. Although Xiao Bao referred Qian Xiu as boss, it was more like a joke, and he was even very clear about his abilities, which was more like a multi-talented assistant.

In reality… Was there such a person?

Qian Xiu silently slashed and killed the monster that appeared in front of him. After killing and killing, he could hear Xiao Bao’s voice, “That’s enough. We head to the glacier.”

He did not even need to watch the progress of the mission himself. Really… not that annoying.

Player, “Thousand Delicate Feathers ” utilized the full blast speaker…

Xiao Bao suddenly said, “This guy, doing this again? I told her that this is not the way to find someone.”

Qian Xiu stopped, frowning, “Do you know this player?”

Xiao Bao said, “Not really? Isn’t this a celebrity? A few days ago, I was bored and watched her blasted the speaker. So, I chatted with her privately.”

Qian Xiu, “You… succeeded?”

Xiao Bao said, “I don’t think it’s successful? She seems to respond to anyone who wants to chat with her privately. Think of it from another perspective. If she wants to find this Blue Sky so much, she probably won’t miss chatting with anyone privately. Right?”

Qian Xiu, “Really…what did you talk about?”

Xiao Bao shrugged and said, “Chatting, what else can you talk about? Boss, do you want to know her too? Just probe, this person is the type who responds to probes.”

Qian Xiu, “Where to go next?”

Xiao Bao, “Let me see, go…”

Qian Xiu never said anything after that. But, Xiao Bao did not mind… This boss did not speak most of the time. Probably he was used to the very silent relationship with Section Chief Qin. Xiao Bao unexpectedly adapted to this situation.

After adding the status to Qian Xiu, Xiao Bao yawned in front of the computer…probably because he became sleepy after lunch.

“This guy is still blasting the speaker…”

Xiao Bao shook his head, then clicked and started to chat.

ID Xiao Bao: I told you. You can’t find someone like this. If the person is deliberately avoiding you, there will not be an answer at all. If you are not in this game, aren’t you burning your own money, dear?

ID Delicate Thousand Feathers: If you are not the Blue Sky, what do you care about what I am doing?”

Xiao Bao: It is indeed the European tone. At any rate, be considerate of those of us who are poor?

System: Delicate Thousand Feathers donated 5,000 diamonds to Xiao Bao.

Xiao Bao: …What are you giving me diamonds for? This is five hundred yuan, dear!

Delicate Thousand Feathers: Didn’t you say to be considerate to you?

System: Xiao Bao refused Delicate Thousand Feather’s gift, and the diamonds were retrieved.

Xiao Bao: Crap, there is a limit to willfulness. It is not easy to earn money. It’s just playing a game. Don’t be too serious. If you don’t feel bad, I feel sad looking at it too!

Delicate Thousand Feathers: It’s not my money, I don’t feel bad at all. Do you want it?

Xiao Bao: Why have I met weird guys recently? You and my boss are two extremes!

Delicate Thousand Feathers: Boss?

Xiao Bao: Ah, Qian Xiu, a lonely knight, and handsome! Haha!

For a while, Delicate Thousand Feathers did not reply. Just as Xiao Bao was about to hang up the game and take a nap, Delicate Thousand Feathers’s reply suddenly flashed.

Delicate Thousand Feathers: Where are you? I will come to find you.

Xiao Bao: I am going offline. I have to take a nap.

Delicate Thousand Feathers: Your! Location! Or, I greet you with my speakers every day!

Xiao Bao moved his mouth and glanced at Qian Xiu, who was slaying monsters on the screen. He randomly scratched his hair and typed a few words on the chat window: I need help.

Jade Fantasy, amidst a lonely high snow peak, a sage-like old man looked into the distance, with extremely complicated matters in his eyes.

Behind the old man, a male archer wearing light leather armor with an elf appearance looked at the old man in amazement.

“You…you are the ‘God King?’” The male elf archer swallowed his saliva at this moment, “I…I really…come into the game?”

The old man turned around slowly at this time, looked at the male player, stroked his long beard, and said calmly, “My name is Taiyin, I am the God of this world. Now, I will explain some rules of this world for you.”

The male elf archer hurriedly said, “I know! If I die the second time, I will be gone forever, right? This was clear when I bought it!”

The old man named Taiyin was still indifferent and said, “This world is full of crises, and you may die at any time. If you don’t want to survive mediocrely here, then go and become stronger! This place is a realm with the law of the jungle. Only those with the spirit of adventure can achieve an immortal legend.”

“Then. what should I do?” The male elf frowned.

The old man named Taiyin waved his hand at the male elf, “I have given you a plug-in. Go, the chosen one!”

Seeing this male elf disappear into the snowy peak with a feverish look, the old man raised his head and glanced at the sky, suddenly feeling less sad.

Damn it! I am the creator of the world here!

A white light was projected in front of the old man, and a female priest with a flustered expression came out of the white light.

“My name is Taiyin. The God of this land…”


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