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Trafford’s Trading Club (Web Novel) - Volume 9 – Chapter 13: Death 1-3

Volume 9 – Chapter 13: Death 1-3

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How long had she been searching for Blue Sky?

Day and night made no difference to her. She was trapped in this luxurious house, like a bird without its wings.

Without wings, the bird had no way to fly to the sky.

Gradually, the rhythm of her heart began to speed up. Looking at the scenery that was moving fast on the screen, she finally let her character land in an area of snow.

The monsters that were wandering there instantly rushed towards her, but they could not resist the attack launched from the powerful bow and arrow in her hand. They were defeated one after another.

Thousand Delicate Feathers walked toward the valley entrance, where she had seen two guys moving.

“Blue Sky!”

When he heard it, Qian Xiu’s hand movement subconsciously slowed down, but only for a moment. He still attacked the monster in front of him swiftly until the monster was eliminated.

At this moment, Xiao Bao said in surprise, “What the hell! You’re here?”

Qian Xiu stopped his movements completely. He sat down for a while and took a deep breath and turned around calmly… Such small unusual movements were not conspicuous to others.

In this regard, he had done several experiments on Xiao Bao. After all, he and the people outside were separated by a screen…

Qian Xiu said calmly, “Is she looking for you?”

Xiao Bao said, “Sorry, sorry, I think so…or maybe not?”

As Xiao Bao said, he walked towards Thousand Delicate Feathers, “Then, what do you want me to do? Just tell me if you have anything. You don’t need to come from afar, right?”

However, to his surprise, Xiao Bao soon discovered that Thousand Delicate Feathers did not pay attention to him at all, but directly walked in front of Qian Xiu without saying a word.

Qian Xiu looked at this woman and asked coldly, “What do you want to do?”

Even if he knew that no matter what tone or voice he used, whether it was excitement, discomfort, or anger, what appeared to the other party was just a few words.

Thousand Delicate Feathers asked in uncertainty in words, “Blue Sky?”

Qian Xiu said, “Are you the madman abusing the speaker function for global chat? Stop doing that. It’s annoying to see your chat flooding on the screen all day long!”

Thousand Delicate Feathers said, “Why do you use the name Qian Xiu?”

Qian Xiu took a deep breath, “You crazy? What does my choice of username have anything to do with you? If you are sick, go to the hospital!”

Xiao Bao frowned inadvertently when he watched the conversation between the two of them… Isn’t the boss’s tone seem a bit strange? This was just Xiao Bao’s hunch. After getting along for some time, it felt like this boss did not like taking the initiative to approach strangers.

Thousand Delicate Feathers was silent for a while, and suddenly took off all the equipment on her body, leaving only the simplest set of useless clothes, and then walked into a monster.

The monster did not pay attention to anything. It attacked immediately, and his sharp teeth snapped at Thousand Delicate Feather’s delicate body.

The blood flowed out frantically, and a large amount of blood-colored plum blossoms were splashed on the snow all at once… She just let the monster bite her body like this, without any intention of fighting back.

“Fuck! Crap, what are you doing?” Xiao Bao asked immediately. He was more puzzled. Why is she harming herself?

Of course, it was just self-harm in the game. Xiao Bao also did not plan to make a move. He could not defeat the monster at all.

In Qian Xiu’s vision, this was a brutal scene, yet a realistic scene.

She was still a character that could be recognized at a glance… This was how she appeared in front of him.

The monster bit her shoulder. He could hear the sound of the broken bones. Qian Xiu forced himself to turn off all the sound effects, making the world around silent.

As soon as the monster looked up, the piece of meat stained with her bright red blood was being chewed in its mouth. She was like a lifeless wax figure, without any painful expression on her face, just looking at them in such a manner.

Qian Xiu frantically adjusted the brightness of the world, making everything dim, so that everything in front of him was immersed in darkness.

The monster attacked again ferociously, bit on her abdomen, and lifted her. He could still see her body bend in this huge mouth because of the broken back.

Qian Xiu squeezed his fist, bloodshot filling his eyes.

“You are not him…”

Only that voice.

Only her voice came… A voice he knew well. A voice that pierced him.

It came like this.

“He promised me that he would never let me get hurt… He promised me. I’m sorry to interrupt you.”

Finally, the monster ultimately bit her body. Half of the corpse fell on the snow. The body also turned into white light and disappeared.

“Crap, she won’t be using this trick every time she finds someone, right?” Xiao Bao typed at this moment. “It’s infatuation… Good thing, it’s just a game. If it’s in the real world, will she be stabbing herself with a knife?”

But, a glorious light passed by Xiao Bao’s eyes, which immediately hit the monster who just had a meal, and immediately hit it to the ground.

Qian Xiu took out his sword. His body had emitted a terrifying colorful light. He immediately pounded against the fallen monster and hit it frantically!

The number of combos increased frantically in front of Xiao Bao’s computer, and the monster’s health bar had already been emptied. But, this game had such a setting that if the combo was not interrupted, the attack could continue forever.

I have never seen such a terrifying number of combos!

It was just like the most sophisticated machine. The cooldown time of all skills was optimally connected. The monster’s body did not fall to the ground once.

“Damn, it takes an excellent hand speed to do it… 500 combos!!! This guy is crazy, right?”

Xiao Bao subconsciously frowned while looking at the number of combos that were still rising.

——He promised me that he would never let me get hurt.

*A face with visible blood and bones.*

——He promised me that he would never let me get hurt.

The inability to stop the movement of the sword in my hand. The discomfort of being unable to control my breathing…This scene couldn’t be forgotten. Even if the body became heavy and sore due to such an attack rhythm and the muscles seem to tear after moving it again, he could not stop.

Finally, all the potions that could replenish the magic power he carried were drunk, and he could no longer activate any skills.

The monster’s body was finally sent into the air by a powerful shock wave and finally burst in the sky. The sword from Qian Xiu’s hand then fell from his hand.

He was not able to move both his arms anymore. The sweat had soaked his whole body. Finally, he looked at flesh and blood everywhere and let out a very sad roar. The man then collapsed on the snow and passed out.

“Three thousand seven hundred and ninety-three combo…Fuck, this is a human?”

But, after watching Qian Xiu, the character stop. He stood in the place motionless. Xiao Bao could not help frowning… Now, the monsters around the area began to come after him again.

“Boss? Boss? Are you here? Boss?”

Qian Xiu still ‘stands’ on the spot without moving, knowing that one of the monsters had clawed on him, but there was still no response.

“Did you disconnect? Or did you leave?” Xiao Bao could not help frowning.

After finally regaining consciousness, when Qian Xiu opened his eyes, he found that he was already at the resurrection point in Zhongguan City. Has it been… did I use my first chance of dying?

Qian Xiu frowned subconsciously and found that Xiao Bao was beside him right now.

Qian Xiu, “Xiao Bao? Are you there?”

Xiao Bao, “Oh, boss, are you back?”

I was in a coma… Qian Xiu subconsciously swallowed back what he wanted to say, “How long has it been?”

“Ah? You don’t know how long it has been since you walked away?” Xiao Bao asked strangely, but he said, “It’s been more than three hours, right?”

“Here… Am I resurrected back from death?”

“Ah, both of us died together and came back together,” said Xiao Bao. “If you died in the wild, your experience will drop. I tried my best, but both of us still died together and came back to town.”

Qian Xiu frowned and said, “You don’t have to worry about me. There is no need to die with me once.”

Xiao Bao sent a 😀, “It’s nothing for me, but training up at your level is not easy. If you lose experience, you don’t feel the heartache, but I feel it! Besides, I felt a little guilty of throwing you aside without even helping you.”

Qian Xiu was silent and looked at Xiao Bao silently… What kind of person would Xiao Bao be across the screen?

“Then, boss,” said Xiao Bao all of a sudden. “You are the Blue Sky, right?”

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