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Trafford’s Trading Club (Web Novel) - Volume 9 – Chapter 14: The Moth Who Do Not Fly to the Fire (Part 1)

Volume 9 – Chapter 14: The Moth Who Do Not Fly to the Fire (Part 1)

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She forgot how many times she was disappointed… There were several moments of such sudden whim and accelerating heartbeat in her memory, even though it all ended in disappointments.

After the ‘suicide,’ the character automatically returned to the resurrection point in the city. As for the loss caused by such death, it was meaningless to her.

She chose to go offline.

After staring at the screen blankly for a while, she laid directly on the table… After a while, she was still lying down but reached out and opened the drawer.

Both arms and palms were trembling slowly. There were items inside that could allow her to withdraw from this loss and pain in a short time.

That was a delicate little knife.

She held the little knife on her right hand, then pulled away the rest on her left arm little by little, and pressed the cold knife blade against the skin of her arm. This was an almost flawless skin if only those long and thin scars could be erased.

It was always like this… One night, she found that this splitting pain could ease her slightly since that person left.

Her gaze gradually lost focus, the sharp blade began to pull a small slit diagonally across the pale skin, and the blood started to spread to both sides along the edge of the blade.

However, she couldn’t continue; this action’s pleasure disappeared suddenly because of the sudden knock on the door from outside the room. She heard the voice of another man, a man she hated but couldn’t leave.

“Xiao Rou, the servant said that you didn’t eat again, right? Xiao Rou! Did you hear me? Answer me!”

She looked at the door of the room silently and walked to the door subconsciously.

“Xiao Rou? Talk to me!”

“Do you not want to see me? Don’t you know that the door is not locked?” She… Xiao Rou covered the wound on her arm, then quickly pulled down her sleeve.

“I’ll let the servant heat something up for you to eat, remember to eat,” said the man quietly after being silent for a while.

But when the man was about to turn around and leave, the room’s door was suddenly opened. However, Xiao Rou growled at him from behind, “Lan Kai! Are you so unwilling to see me?”

Her voice resounded almost across the entire floor. The servant who was cleaning downstairs heard it, ran away quickly, and quickly opened the living room’s glass door and walked to the garden outside.

Lan Kai stopped there, then slowly turned around. His pupils contracted slightly.

Xiao Rou sneered. At this time, she pulled her hair away little by little. A scar was pulled down from the corner of her eye until her chin on her left face. It looked like a fierce centipede, crawling on this exquisite face, “You dare to look at it again?”

Lan Kai took a deep breath and sighed again. He turned his gaze to the side and said indifferently, “If you want, these injuries can be removed at any time. The current plastic surgery technique is excellent, and it will soon be the same as before.”

Xiao Rou looked at Lan Kai, sneered, shook her head, then stepped back into the room. Like a ghost, her pale expression was embellished by the scar on her face, and her smile was icy.

She said, “I won’t let it disappear. I want you to remember forever; remember how you treated me… Forever!”

It wasn’t until the room’s door was closed that Lan Kai seemed to have all the energy drained from his body. He held his forehead with one hand, panting heavily, and leaned against the wall.

After a long time, Lan Kai seemed to have regained some strength and slowly walked down the stairs. The servant outside in the garden caught a glimpse at this moment. The servant quickly opened the window and walked in, “Sir…”

The servant stopped talking.

Lan Kai shook his head and waved his hand, “Make some food and bring it up. Leave it if she doesn’t eat it.”

“Alright.” The servant sighed and went to the kitchen silently.

Lan Kai took a bottle of red wine and went to the study by himself… Sometimes, he didn’t want to come back to this cold place.

Qian Xiu has been watching Xiao Bao silently for a long time. The flashes of the resurrection point flashed several times. Some people rushed to leave, and some went offline.

Just when Qian Xiu was about to say something, Xiao Bao suddenly said, “Forget it, don’t say it if you don’t want to. Big brother, are you still going to do the mission? If you don’t want to do it, I will go offline! I have been on the day shift a lot lately and have not gone home. I want to go back tonight.”

Qian Xiu nodded silently, then said softly, “Okay.”

Before going offline, Xiao Bao said again, “It’s better not to see each other again, but what if we can’t forget it?”

Qian Xiu was taken aback, but Xiao Bao had already disappeared.

He raised his head and glanced at the sky that looked more real than reality. The world was quiet, orange-red under the setting sun, and he finally understood why he wanted to be here.

Because he couldn’t forget, but he couldn’t meet the person… He couldn’t meet the person again.

Fleeing into this world, there was no need to suppress this crazy longing that couldn’t disappear because if two different worlds were separated, he knew that there was no possibility of meeting again.

Find something to do, the more trivial and troublesome the mission was, the better. When he was too busy to think about it…

Qian Xiu remembered his original plan to forge another weapon.

It was just that because he encountered other humans who came to this game besides himself last time, there was still a small part of the materials that had not been collected, so he hurried back.

Since then, he had been in a state of depression. This was because he was afraid of killing a living person, and also because of a kind of fear.

Later, he unintentionally ran into Xiao Bao. During this period of time that they interacted, he did not continue to forge the weapon.

On the way to the Novice Village material collection location, Qian Xiu always felt like something was missing… There was less chattering but never made him hate.

However, there was not much material left to forge weapons last time. This time, it took less than an hour before the collection was completed.

Qian Xiu suddenly got tired of this lifestyle of rushing to kill monsters every day…This kind of high-intensity killing life had always been in a state of excitement, but unprecedented tiredness would kick in once it stopped. Such a feeling was capable of draining all energy out.

At this moment, he didn’t want to do anything. He just wanted to lie down. It would be great if he could fall asleep, but it was impossible in the wilderness.

He had died once, and if he died another two times, it also meant that Qian Xiu would disappear from this world.

He had asked himself why he was still alive, and perhaps directly ending his life was the best choice.

He also made such actions, but he couldn’t overcome the fear of death in the end. It was as if he suddenly awoke from a nightmare, cold, panting, his heartbeat quickened, and trembling… In the end, he did not have the courage to do it.

“Mr. Warrior over there, can you step aside? You might have stepped on the place where the golden earthworm I was about to catch was hiding.”

Qian Xiu froze for a moment and looked sideways at the guy who was talking to him… A very low level, fourth level, fragile mage.

He wore the white mage robe of the most basic rookie… It’s been so long since the server opened, there is still such a low-level rookie?

For newcomers they usually choose a new server. Why would they purposely come to this kind of server with some time… Is this a smurf account [1] registered by someone else?

LQ… The ID of this mage.

This mage, LQ, was indeed squatting on the ground, holding a small shovel in his hand with a basket beside him. He was squatting on the moist dirt without a care of the dirtiness… Indeed he was digging for earthworms.

[1] An alternative computer account used by a known or experienced user in order to deceptively self-present as someone naïve or less experienced

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