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Trafford’s Trading Club (Web Novel) - Volume 9 – Chapter 15: Puzzle (Part2)

Volume 9 – Chapter 15: Puzzle (Part2)

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Qian Xiu took a look and deleted the post immediately. He then opened the friend list, looked at the profile picture of his only friend. His finger slid out of the operation interface and moved it towards the delete icon.

Only this time, when Qian Xiu was about to delete the guys who intruded into his side without hesitation as before, Qian Xiu stopped.

He suddenly waved his finger, making all the interfaces disappear, and another bottle of wine appeared in his palm. He unscrewed the lid and drank the wine all by himself regardless of the objection of his stomach.

“Are you still there?”

There was the sound of thumping footsteps on the small wooden bridge. Amidst the lake’s white mist, a figure in the mist gradually became clear in Qian Xiu’s sight.

He was holding a fishing rod in one hand and a basket in the other… It was the little fishing mage he met yesterday: LQ.

“Do you come here every day?” Qian Xiu nodded and threw the empty wine bottle on the lake. Then, he heard some crashing sounds.

It turned out that many wine bottles were already floating on the lake. They were motionless on the calm water. A splash was formed precisely because of the wine bottle thrown into the lake colliding with the neighboring bottle together again.

So, he must have drank a lot of wine…

The little fishing mage sat down at the same position as yesterday and started to put the bait on the hook. It was still a golden earthworm… It seemed that the little fishing mage had dug a new batch of bait before coming, right?

“Well, yeah. If I think about it, I will come over and fish.” LQ gave a faint smile with both his hands holding the fishing rod. “Anyway, there is no time limit for this task. If you keep fishing, you should be able to catch something.”

Qian Xiu shook his head, leaned on the bridge’s wooden stake, and said wryly, “Players encounter this mission during the test, but it is not completed until the test is over. At that time, in the internal communication chat group, almost everyone has discussed this mission. All methods have been tried, but yet it still fails. When it’s time to give up, then give up. Why waste time? According to the official description, it’s not something of utmost importance despite being limited to only the items. Some things can’t be done even if you persist with it… Why do you waste time?”

The little mage picked up the fish hook, which the fish ate the bait, continued to patiently put the bait in, and said, “Probably because I have more time? Besides, since this task has been set up, and there is also a reward notice, then people can complete it, right?”

Qian Xiu was silent for a while, “Even if there are facts and the choices will lead to final results, isn’t there a situation in the world where you cannot resolve the problem even if there is a way? It’s like a monkey being trapped in an iron cage and was abandoned on an isolated island. Would the monkey have other consequences awaiting it other than death? Even if there is such a situation that it can live freely on the island as long as the cage is opened.”

LQ smiled and said, “Then, such a setting is too difficult. This monkey has no choice but to die.”

“Right.” Qian Xiu’s head gently knocked on the wood stake, looking at the vast expanse of white, “Not only is it too difficult, but it’s also too heartless and cruel.”

“Hmmm… true.” LQ nodded.

The two did their things. After a while, LQ suddenly said, “But if, if a key falls in front of the monkey, can’t the monkey then come out of the cage?”

Qian Xiu chuckled softly, “How can there suddenly be a key dropped in front of the monkey? This probability is a few levels lower than that of a death row inmate who can become a prime minister of the country, right? I’m talking about modern society, where such an ancient situation does not exist.”

LQ smiled and said, “You are good at setting up this kind of ruthless situation. But suppose it happened even in this situation?”

Qian Xiu frowned and looked at the little fishing mage. After thinking for a while, he muttered to himself, “In that case, even if it can come out, what awaits on the isolated island for the monkey is only loneliness and then still…death.”

The little fishing mage installed a new bait and threw the fishing rod again.

Qian Xiu shook his head because he did not know what the little fishing mage was insisting on. He seemed to be a guy who was extremely bored that he had too much time to be spent in this way.

“The fog is gone, I should go.”

Qian Xiu stood up…wobbly, probably because of the alcohol.

He looked at the little fishing mage, “You continue. After all, it’s like what you said. Since it’s a mission that is set up, there may be a way to complete it. It’s not like the monkey on the isolated island where the results are already dead set.”

“Hmm… I’ll tell you if I caught something.” LQ stood up and looked at Qian Xiu and said.

Is this… a send-off?

Qian Xiu was taken aback, smiled subconsciously, shook his head again, turned around, and waved his hand casually, “I hope you can succeed. But I won’t be coming here again. Your success in fishing has nothing to do with me.”

He disappeared into the mist that had not completely disappeared.

The little fishing mage began to continue fishing again.

Soon after, a thumping of footsteps and a speaking voice came from the bridge, “Master, has anyone been here?”

So, the little fishing mage… Boss Luo patted his side, “Don’t you need to design a new algorithm today?”

The maid picked up her skirt a little, sat down with her legs on her side, and whispered, “The algorithm has been completed. All that’s left is for Adam to monitor the algorithm.”

Boss Luo smiled and said, “You are always so efficient at completing your task.”

The maid said, “Although this is your order, master, I can’t leave you alone just because of this task.”

“Then, accompany me for fishing.” Boss Luo smiled, threw the bait, and suddenly said, “I was stumped by a problem just now.”

The maid blinked and whispered, “That must be a difficult problem.”

Luo Qiu nodded, “It’s difficult… as a human being. Oh, finally, there is something on my hook… Ah, it’s just ordinary herring.”

Throwing this ordinary herring biting the fish hook into the basket, Luo Qiu smiled and said, “Shall we have fish at noon?”

Lan Kai was eating breakfast at home alone. He had long accustomed to being a single person facing a big empty table.

At this time, the servant rushed to Lan Kai’s with a look of horror and anxiousness, “Sir! Sir, hurry up! Go and have a look!”

Lan Kai rushed to the room upstairs and opened the door that he always wanted to open but always could not.

Xiao Rou was lying on the edge of the window. Her hands, along with her body, were dropped on the carpet. The blood on her wrists kept flowing, staining the white carpet red.

“I, I was planning to come in to take the dirty clothes and wash them, but I saw…”

Lan Kai was angry and roared, “What are you still standing for! Call an ambulance! Go!”

As he said, Lan Kai rushed to Xiao Rou frantically, reached out, and picked her up. His face went pale, “Xiao Rou…please come back to me safely!!”

Wearing slippers and pajamas, he rushed out of the mansion carrying Xiao Rou all the way, feeling like the sky was spinning.

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