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Trafford’s Trading Club (Web Novel) - Volume 9 – Chapter 16: Chat

Volume 9 – Chapter 16: Chat

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“… Fortunately, she is admitted on time. If she is hospitalized later, I’m afraid it will be beyond our abilities to salvage the situation.”

When he heard the doctor’s words, Lan Kai’s mental state, which was tense all this while relaxed a little… Finally, he sat down in a relaxed manner. He wiped his face with both hands and let out a long sigh, “As long as she’s fine, then it’s all right.”

The doctor said at this time, “President Lan, don’t worry too much. We will definitely take care of her. Besides, you must be tired. What about I send someone to give you something to eat and drink?”

Lan Kai was still in the same pajamas, standing on guard without eating or drinking anything from morning till now. He nodded, “Okay, do as you say… I’ll stay here and look after her.”

After the doctor left, Lan Kai sat next to Xiao Rou. He stretched out his hand to stroke her hair without saying anything.

After some time, he leaned on Xiao Rou’s ear and said softly, “No matter how long you want to keep on hating me, that’s fine with me. I beg you. Don’t hurt yourself like this again. I beg you, really beg you. Please, okay?”

Lan Kai let out a long sigh again.

Later on, his secretary rushed in, “President Lan!”

However, Lan Kai waved his hand and motioned to the secretary not to say anything. Then he stood up, walked out, and closed the door of the ward. The secretary quickly handed out what he held in his hand.

Clothes and shoes, as well as food and drink.

“President Lan, how can this happen? Didn’t it go well? Why…”

“Stop talking.” Lan Kai glanced at the secretary indifferently.

“I won’t be going back to the company today. I will stay here to accompany her.” Lan Kai shook his head. “You help me cancel my itinerary for today.”

The secretary nodded, and then said awkwardly, “But, President Lan, didn’t you make an appointment with Miss Xin Yue for dinner today? This…”

“She will understand my situation.” Lan Kai shook his head. “Don’t say anything, say that I… have something urgent at the last minute. Just like that.”

The secretary nodded. Then, he seemed relieved and subconsciously said, “Fortunately, we have already sent Lan Xiu to the sanatorium before this. He won’t be seen no matter what we did. Don’t worry, President Lan. I will ask the doctor to stop talking…”

However, Lan Kai shot a cold glare at the secretary. His appearance was like a wicked wolf on the grassland, making the secretary shiver with cold sweat all over.

Lan Kai said indifferently, “Don’t mention that name again in future.”

“My mistake… President Lan.”

Lan Kai said coldly, “Your mistake?”

The secretary shook, and then quickly said, “Yes…no, I understand, I understand! President Lan!”

Lan Kai just picked up the clothes, “I will change my clothes. You stay here and watch over her. You are not allowed to walk away.”

The night sky of Jade Fantasy was more beautiful than the night sky of the outside world. Of course, the town under the moon night was quieter. There was no light pollution, no noise pollution, only the occasional barking sound of the dogs.

Deep in the alley of the small town, a drunk man was just sitting against the wall.

How many days had passed since? Qian Xiu had no idea at all. He just knew that sometimes when he woke up, there was the scorching sun in the sky. Sometimes when he woke up, it was already early in the morning.

Maybe two or three days, maybe four or five days, perhaps even longer, who knows?

Or maybe the time just passed by without him knowing, was that okay?

Da Da, Da Da, Da Da… the sound of footsteps.

Qian Xiu woke up from being drunk again. He opened his eyes and saw a vague figure walking towards him… When the other party was very close to him, he heard the other party’s voice.

“I finally found you, boss. What are you doing here alone? It’s been almost four days!”

“Xiao Bao?” Qian Xiu finally saw the other person’s actual appearance. “How did you find this place?”

Xiao Bao, known as the milk god, quickly typed and said, “Boss, do you think I’m stupid? The prop wine you use to play cool can’t be obtained by defeating monsters. It was sold in this bar located in this small town. I visit the forum every day. Indeed, I found out about it.”

“Really?” Qian Xiu stood up shakily, laughed, and said, “So, you followed the vine to get the melon [1], found this place, and spied on me?”

Xiao Bao said, “Actually, I didn’t spy much. Sometimes, I took some time to come over and take a look. Anyway, the delivery is fast, but it’s a bit expensive, hehe.”

“What is the reason you looked for me?” Qian Xiu shook his head and said, “I don’t want to take you on missions now. Your level is about the same. Just find a team and stop depending on me.”

Xiao Bao, “Boss, let me tell you. Whether I level up or fulfill the mission, what does that have anything to do with it? Isn’t it just a game? Why do I have to be like a slave everyday chasing after this and that? If I do so, it’s the game that is controlling me.”

Qian Xiu squeezed his forehead, sat down against the wall, and said nonsense, “In the outside world, isn’t it the same as you being controlled by the rules, work, life, and fate? But, why do you want to live? Isn’t it tiring too? This game is different. Although you have to still play by the rules, you can at least become stronger. Whether it takes time or money, you can remain strong. Your level will rise. What you can’t do will be done without you having to worry about anything. As long as it can be done here, you can do it. But, in the outside world, can you do the same thing? Can you? You can’t and you are nothing.”

Xiao Bao frowned and glanced at the wall clock on the wall of the office…It was past midnight.

He typed, “Boss, may I ask if you have encountered an unhappy matter or something? Or have any difficulties?”

Qian Xiu ​​said with a laugh, “What’s wrong with me? I’m fine. Don’t worry about anything. I go to sleep when I get drunk and get drunk when I wake up. It’s good. Perfect!”

Xiao Bao, “So, you have been drinking. No wonder you are talking gibberish. Boss, may I ask if you are world-weary? Are you a hermit? It’s not good for you to drink like this all day, right? Didn’t your family criticize you for it?”

Qian Xiu looked up at Xiao Bao. He did not know the kind of image that Xiao Bao saw on the screen right now… and he did not want to think about these things. He just said coldly, “Does this have anything to do with you? Who are you in relation to me? Oh? You think that I considered you a friend just because I accompany you on missions for a few days, and take you to level up? Am I now your brother? Is your brain fried? Get lost! Rookie! I am just teasing you! Come here and call me boss a few more times. It’s pretty nice, like a dog or a pug.”

Xiao Bao was speechless.

Qian Xiu sneered, “What’s the matter? Are you angry? If you can, come and hit me. Will you be able to defeat me?”

Xiao Bao, “To be honest, if this isn’t the town’s safe area, I plan to enter PK mode to fight you. But, forget it, there is nothing to compete with someone who is intoxicated.”

Qian Xiu stood up while holding on to the wall, swaying, “Is that right…How about this…How about this? Let’s go outside and have a battle. Don’t be afraid. I will be well-equipped and let you have the first hand. If you can, come and kill me to calm down.”

Xiao Bao, “…”

Qian Xiu, “Get lost if you are not fighting. Don’t get in the way. Seeing you is like seeing a dog! Get lost!!!”

Xiao Bao, “Qian Xiu, don’t assume that I am easily intimidated! I am a civilized man! If you have the ability, you can go to the boxing gym and spar with me. I will let you know what is called “God’s Forbidden Hand.”

Qian Xiu, “Boxing gym? Forget it. I’m not in the mood. If you want to fight, fight here. If you don’t, then get lost.”

Xiao Bao immediately sneered, “Oh? Is that so? It turns out that you, the so-called boss, will only pretend to be strong. You will immediately back out once you are outside. Yes, that’s right. Somebody like you who is regularly online would probably be a useless and ugly loser. You only know to hide in your room all day and never even dare to face reality. You are just a pathetic fool who finds his frail sense of existence in the game. You are a person abandoned by society.”

Qian Xiu’s eyes widened, and he pulled out the long sword around his waist with one hand, “What did you say?!”

Xiao Bao, “I said that you are a loser. A pathetic fool! A coward who dare not leave his room! An idiot! What now? Come and slaughter me now if you can! Can you even do so? Haha!”

Qian Xiu was enraged. The sword in his hand slashed directly towards Xiao Bao’s Priest. – But, he still could not violate the original rules of the game. The sword had been bounced off before it managed to slash Xiao Bao. His body was also directly bounced back and fell instantly to the ground.

Xiao Bao, “You can’t slaughter me, right? Are you stupid? Why don’t you just die? Kekekeke!”

Qian Xiu lay down on the ground. Listening to Xiao Bao’s mockery, he suddenly laughed, “Hahahaha…dead? I tried to die, but I can’t die. What can I do? I not only failed to die. I also become a useless person who cannot take care of himself!”

Xiao Bao, “Wait, boss. What happened to you? You are not thinking of committing suicide, are you? Don’t do stupid things!”

Qian Xiu sat up while being drunk, “Yes, I committed suicide before. Is there a problem? I jumped off the building to die! But why can’t I die? Why does my lower body have to be paralyzed? Yes, yes, yes, yes, you’re right. I’m a coward who can’t get out of his room. I am a loser and garbage who couldn’t walk and even control my bladder movement! A pathetic person! That’s right! What you said was correct. Absolutely correct!”

After speaking, Qian Xiu fell to the ground. The alcohol has completely put him into a deep sleep.

Xiao Bao was stunned for a while before he hurriedly typed on the keyboard, “Wait a minute, boss, are you serious?

However, he only saw that Qian Xiu did not react at all. The character was standing there motionless.

Xiao Bao, “Boss? Boss? Boss? Are you still there?”

[1] Follow the vine to get the melon: Tracking something through following the clues left behind

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