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Trafford’s Trading Club (Web Novel) - Volume 9 – Chapter 17: Second Moth

Volume 9 – Chapter 17: Second Moth

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Xiao Bao waited for Qian Xiu for a long time. Seeing that he was still unresponsive, he could not help but frown again.

He was not sure if this guy playing as the Great Knight “Qian Xiu” passed out from intoxication or that he had planned on doing something dangerous after talking to him while being intoxicated.

Was common sense a good indicator to predict the behavior of a drunk person? Obviously not.

But, Xiao Bao was not sure whether what the guy said was true…The internet was full of lies and illusions. The trust built between two players did not have any basis at all.

Suddenly, Xiao Bao had a quiver. He quickly picked up the landline next to him and made a call, “Hi…please connect me to the network supervision department… Alright, I will wait… Hi! Daniu! Yes! It’s me, Xiao Bao! It’s an urgent matter. Can you help me? Can you check an IP for me to see where the address is and who the user is? Oh, don’t worry about it so much. It’s not a bad thing! What kind of malicious intentions can I have? Ah, I will send you the information right away…Thank you, thank you! Then, I will wait for your news!”

After hanging up the phone, Xiao Bao stared at the screen, looking at the time, shaking his legs, wondering why he became more uncomfortable.

Finally, the phone rang.

“Hi! Daniu, have you found it?”

“I found it, but it’s not in our city.”


“It’s next to our city, in a county under Jingyun City. The address is…The head of the household shows that it is a person named Chen Liqun.”

Xiao Bao copied the information given by Daniu and said, “Chen Liqun, is it? Oh, male, forty-five years old… What? Forty-five years old? Oh, no, no, I didn’t say anything. All right, I will treat you to dinner later on!”

Xiao Bao quickly put on his shoes and jacket again, ran to the parking lot, and started the engine. He glanced at the information and frowned, “Forty-five… He isn’t a boss but an old uncle.”

He shook his head and continued to drive his car. He did not know the reason for him to stupidly run to the market in the middle of the night.

It was indeed in the middle of the night…or early in the morning.

Lan Kai’s secretary, who was dozing off in the ward, suddenly woke up after hearing a clang. When he woke up, he saw that the woman on the hospital bed was looking at him, and there was an overturned glass on the ground.

The secretary jumped up immediately, “Oh my God! You finally woke up!! I’ll call a doctor! Wait! Wait!”

“It’s great that you finally woke up. There is no problem with her body. Just pay more attention to recuperation!” The doctor looked at the secretary and smiled after conducting a quick inspection of the patient.

It was not easy for the doctor. The secretary came here every day. When was there ever a time that he did not work overtime every day?

“As long as she’s fine, that’s okay. Thank you, doctor.”

The doctor left immediately. The secretary then hurriedly gave Xiao Rou a glass of water, “You drink water. Drink some water first.”

“Why are you here?” Xiao Rou looked at the secretary coldly… How could she not recognize the people next to Lan Kai?

The secretary said hurriedly, “I am looking after you. This is what President Lan specifically ordered. How would I dare go away? No, it’s considered as the rainbow after the storm when you finally woke up!”

Xiao Rou sneered, “Really? I believe it’s the storm that you are looking for? Didn’t Lan Kai hope that I die like this so that he doesn’t have to bother with me?”

The secretary said hurriedly, “How can that be?! That’s definitely not the case! You don’t know that President Lan is constantly coming here! He has rejected a few meetings regarding important projects! During that day, President Lan ran to the hospital while carrying you! He didn’t even change his clothes and wore only slippers. The slippers also fell off on the road. President Lan was then running barefoot, with several layers of his skin being worn off! President Lan hasn’t even slept during these few days and has lost a lot of weight. If it isn’t for the city leaders having to go over and instruct the work tomorrow, President Lan won’t go back if he had the choice to!”

Xiao Rou turned her gaze away and did not look at the secretary… This person’s words were only seventy percent true with thirty percent lies. However, she dared not blurt out any nonsense on Lan Kai’s affairs.

The secretary still handed over the water.

Xiao Rou took it silently, taking a sip.

The secretary sat down and said, “From what I have said, President Lan is the person who cares about you the most in the world. Why do both of you have to go through so many hassles?”

Xiao Rou glared at him and whispered, “You go out.”

“This… this, I, I better stay put. President Lan made me stay here.”

Xiao Rou threw the water glass and growled, “You listen to what Lan Kai said, but refused to listen to me? Are you going out?! If you don’t get out, then I will leave!”

As she said, she pulled out the needle in her hand and wanted to get up.

“No, no, no!”

The secretary said helplessly, “If I let you out of here, President Lan will wring my head off! I’ll go out. I will leave, okay?… But, you promise me not to move around! Don’t mess around again, okay?”

“Get out!”

“I’ll leave. I’ll leave… I’ll leave right away. Outside the door, just outside the door, okay? I’m leaving…”



“Get me a computer, and get me some food. I’m hungry.”

“Alright! I’ll do it immediately! Guaranteed to complete the task!”

At about six o’clock in the morning, the loud knock on the door abruptly woke Chen Liqun, who had yet to get up.

He put on his coat and opened the door with an annoyed look, “Who is it! It’s early in the morning! Let people sleep!”

“Qian Xiu?”

“What Qian Xiu?! Who are you? Are you renting a room?” Chen Liqun frowned and looked at the guy in front of him, a young man with particularly noticeable dark circles – Xiao Bao.

Renter? Landlord?

Xiao Bao scratched his head, took a step back, and looked at the uncle up and down, especially when he looked at his legs, he asked doubtfully, “Are you not Qian Xiu?”

“Crap, you little fella came to play tricks on me early in the morning, are you?” Chen Liqun’s eyes widened.

“No, no, I am looking for someone. Don’t be angry,” said Xiao Bao quickly. “Here’s the thing. I have a friend who might be living here. Do you remember if any disabled person has ever lived in your house?”

“Disabled?” Chen Liqun frowned, “Xiu? What is it? Are you referring to Lan Xiu?”

“Oh, yes. It’s Lan Xiu, Lan Xiu.” Xiao Bao nodded wittily. “Uncle, I am looking for Qian Xiu. I mean Lan Xiu.”

“Who are you?” the landlord asked suspiciously.

“Friend!” Xiao Bao said quickly. “Good friend!”

“Why have I never seen you?” the landlord still looked suspicious.

Xiao Bao said, “I just came back from another part of the country. You see, my car is still parked outside, and the engine is still running. I have been driving for more than one hundred kilometers. If you don’t believe me, I will show you the record!”

The landlord waved his hand, “No need to, no need to, that guy is no longer here. No need to look for him.”

“Ah? Not here?” Xiao Bao said in amazement… If the person was not there, how did Qian Xiu talk to him a few hours ago?

The landlord shook his head and said, “That guy is pitiful. He is paralyzed and can’t do anything like defecate and pee. A few weeks ago, he suddenly fell into a coma while playing with the computer! I might be dead had it been me in his situation.”

“Where is he now?” Xiao Bao asked.

The landlord said, “He was sent to the hospital. Later, he managed to found his older brother. You don’t know that his brother is also a big entrepreneur in the city. He is young and promising! I don’t know what happened. One soars to the sky while the other sink at the bottom. That’s weird.”

“Which hospital? Has he been discharged?”

“How do I know?” the landlord shook his head and said, “The doctor said he has become a vegetative person. He may not wake up for a lifetime. If you want to see him, go to the First People’s Hospital in the city!”

“Oh… well, thank you, uncle.”

Xiao Bao scratched his hair and walked out with his head full of question marks.

Rich brother? Vegetative person? Infatuated girl? Blue sky? Internet-addicted youth? Who talked to me?

Internet ghost?

“What’s this and what’s that?”

Xiao Bao shuddered suddenly, then got in the car, checked the time, and decided that now was the time to make a decision – At this point, he could still make it if he rushed back to work, but if he went to the hospital…

“Then… what else do you want?” The secretary stood anxiously. “Oh, eat slowly. Be careful! I’ll pour you a glass of water… I have just reported to President Lan. He said that when the leader leaves, he will immediately come to see you.”

“Get out, don’t let me see your face.” Xiao Rou glanced indifferently.

The secretary had to turn sideways, cover his face, and left the room silently. But, before going out, he still said, “Then, call me if something happens. Call me…”

A bowl of porridge was thrown over immediately, and the secretary quickly closed the door in fright.

She just bit a fried dough stick and put her palm, connected to a drip on the laptop keyboard. She tapped it casually.

“Dream City,” “Black Group 1989″… Several games were logged in, and they were closed shortly afterward. Finally, after hesitating for a while, Xiao Rou still opened “Jade Fantasy.”

She did not even know if it was anticipation or habit. Opening up these things were meaningless to her now.

System prompt: You have 86 unread emails.

Even though it was eighty-six e-mails, she still read them carefully one by one… She never wanted to let herself miss even one chance of success because of her irritability and disappointment. – Even if these emails were from those players who wanted to receive benefits from her.

The milk god Xiao Bao.

When the sender’s name appeared, Xiao Rou hesitated for a while, recalling the incident a few days ago, but she felt like she did not want to open it… She did not want to remember the incident that happened that day.

“Forget it, I must have frightened someone. I’ll apologize.” Xiao Rou muttered to herself, stupidly, “Blue Sky is going to call me unruly if he knows it…”

Milk God Xiao Bao: “So… There are some things that I think you should look at. Because it is too crazy, I can not help but record it. What happened was that after you died that day, my boss went mad…

Xiao Rou frowned and subconsciously opened the link on the email.

In the magnificent picture, the sword-holding knight slashed and killed a monster frantically. Looking at the frantically growing combo numbers on the screen, the fried dough sticks that Xiao Rou was gnawing on suddenly fell off.

She moved her lips and opened them slightly. Then, she caressed her chest with a trembling palm, and then covered her lips with her hands.

“Blue Sky…Xiu! I’m looking for you! I, I finally found you! I found you… I found you!!!”

Itching to return to the game again, she frantically bought the server’s speakers. However, while she was frantic, she suddenly put her hands away.

Xiao Rou bit her nails nervously, “No, I can’t find him directly like this… He will run away, and he will run away like last time… I can’t let him know that I found him. No, no…”

As she spoke, she shed tears.

She suddenly embraced the notebook into her arms, “I finally found you! This time… I’ll give you courage!”

Then, she picked up the notebook, walked out of bed barefoot, and held it up. She was spinning her body in the ward all by herself, smiling and crying at the same time, like a happy moth.

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