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Trafford’s Trading Club (Web Novel) - Volume 9 – Chapter 18: The Strongest Cage (Part1)

Volume 9 – Chapter 18: The Strongest Cage (Part1)

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Xiao Bao did not choose to dig deeper but rushed back while there was still time. Although he was a person who was used to slacking off during working hours, it was only his habit. When he was needed, he must be there. It was a matter of principle.

After all, without the Section Chief, a lot of the work at hand was naturally handed to him. He returned before nine o’clock, went to work, and was busy until almost two o’clock in the afternoon. Only then Xiao Bao had time to walk back to his office seat, holding the wall for support like a zombie.

“Woo… Nauseating.”

After drinking several cans of energy drink in a stretch, the result was that his stomach was convulsed and was continually protesting him through making him uncomfortable.

When Xiao Bao turned on the screen again, he did not see Qian Xiu this time. He left in a hurry last night. So, the game just disconnected before he managed to shut down the computer.

“He wasn’t offline?” Xiao Bao glanced at Qian Xiu’s portrait but thought that he walked away since he did not go offline. That would mean that… What he did all night was ignored.

“Forget it, at least he’s okay. In other words, it’s still a life.” Xiao Bao shook his head and yawned. Only then did he find that his message was almost maxed out. – The sender was ‘Thousand Delicate Feathers.’

Without exception, all the comments only asked him the question of ‘Are you there.’ Even when Xiao Bao opened the private chat window and was prepared to reply casually, she asked again.

It seemed that she was continuously contacting him the whole time.

Xiao Bao, ‘What’s the urgent matter that you need to look for me for?”

Thousand Delicate Feathers, “You finally showed up! Where have you been?”

Xiao Bao, “Something happened. So, I was disconnected… So, what’s the matter?”

Thousand Delicate Feathers, “Are you with Qian Xiu now?”

Xiao Bao thought for a while, “Did you watch the video link I sent you? Have you watched it?”

Thousand Delicate Feathers, “Yes. Tell me, where is he?!”

Xiao Bao, “I don’t know either. The Boss refused to receive my message and even blocked his location. I have to wander around the world map to find him.”

Xiao Bao told Thousand Delicate Feathers about how he found Qian Xiu and finally continued, Now, it would be difficult for us to see him. He did not think he Qian Xiu would come to this town again.

Thousand Delicate Feathers, “Is his character still there?”

Xiao Bao, “He’s always online. Anyway, as long as I’m online, he must be there. In other words, I’ve never seen him going offline in front of me. It’s a catastrophe!”

Thousand Delicate Feathers, “Next time, when you found him, you must tell me right away. Please!”

Xiao Bao, “I don’t think that’s a good idea. I feel that this big guy is just trying to avoid you. What if you run into him? This is just a game, after all. What can you do if he is going offline?”

Thousand Delicate Feathers, “I just need to tell him one thing personally! You tell him that I just want to tell him about one matter. If I told him and he still insists, then I will never look for him again! So, please help me!”

Xiao Bao, “Okay… I always feel that Boss is in a bad state.”

System announcement, “Thousand Delicate Feathers has given you one million diamonds.”

Xiao Bao blinked, and calculated the ratio of diamonds to cash with his fingers, and almost fell off from his chair – Oh my! She just gave away a total value of one hundred thousand yuan!

System announcement, “Xiao Bao, the milk god, had rejected your gift. One million diamonds have been returned to your account.”

Thousand Delicate Feathers, “Please don’t refuse it because this is my only way to repay you!”

Xiao Bao, “Well, maybe you are really rich, and you see this as a scrap or you just want to express your gratitude. But, I really can’t accept it. One is a matter of principle, and the other is a matter of principle at work. I don’t accept these.”

Thousand Delicate Feathers, “You are a good person. Xiao Bao. It is wonderful that Blue Sky can meet you.”

Xiao Bao, “Oh, my heart is bleeding already. Please don’t say anymore…”

After Xiao Bao had this short casual conversation with this Thousand Delicate Feathers, he could not take it anymore and planned to take a quick nap.

As for the real-life Lan Xiu, he neither mentioned it, nor did he ask this Thousand Delicate Feathers if she knew about him, let alone ask her about her past.

“One million diamonds!! Why didn’t I take it!! Not cool at all!!”

It was evening, about nine o’clock, at the Lan’s Group building.

A woman of about twenty-seven or twenty-eight years old walked out of the elevator and walked straight to Lan Kai’s office all the way. As the head of the group, Lan Kai would naturally have not only just one personal secretary. Usually, there would be two secretaries outside of the office that would be handling outside matters.

The secretary sitting on the reception desk in front of the office saw the woman coming and quickly stood up to greet her, “Miss Xin Yue!”

This woman dressed in a simple attire with a charming smile on her face…Miss Xin Yue waved her hand gently and said, “Is President Lan here?”

The reception secretary said hurriedly, “Yes! I just asked the driver to fetch him back. The leader came to inspect today, and then President Lan accompanied several leaders to dinner. Probably he drank too much. When I saw President Lan come back, he couldn’t open his eyes.”

“Okay, I’ll go in and see him.” Miss Xinyue nodded. “It’s already late. You should probably leave work.”

The reception secretary hesitated and said, “But, President Lan is still inside…”

Miss Xinyue smiled slightly and said, “I will tell him. Besides, you are working for him, not babysitting him. Girl, you need to give yourself some free time too.”

The reception secretary was immediately happy and said, “Ah! Miss Xin Yue, since you put it this way, then I can rest assured! Thank you, Miss Xin Yue!”

“You’re welcome.”

Miss Xin Yue pushed the door of the office open and walked into the office. She looked around and saw Lan Kai laid on the sofa at this time. He had been taken off his coat, his tie was casually torn open, his face flushed, and a breath of alcohol came straight from his face.

“Why did you drink so much?” Miss Xin Yue quickly walked to the sofa and squatted down, touched Lan Kai’s forehead, and whispered, “Lan Kai, are you okay?”

“Xin Yue…it’s you.” Lan Kai was not fully intoxicated, and slowly opened his eyes. At the same time, he stretched out his hand to rub his forehead and was trying to sit up. But, probably because he drank too much, he looked weak at this time and rolled directly from the sofa to the ground like a patient.

Xin Yue shook her head and carried Lan Kai. At the same time, she sat down, put Lan Kai’s head lightly on her thigh, and spread layers of wet tissues on his forehead, ” Are you feeling better now?”

“I am okay.” Lan Kai hammered his forehead. “I’m sorry for letting you see me like this… You must be very disappointed, right?”

“Something on your mind?” Xin Yue combed Lan Kai’s hair softly. “You never get yourself drunk like this. You said before that in this battle, people who got drunk are likely to fail.”

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