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Trafford’s Trading Club (Web Novel) - Volume 9 – Chapter 19: Can’t Stop (Part 2)

Volume 9 – Chapter 19: Can’t Stop (Part 2)

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Lan Kai sighed softly and walked to Xiao Rou as quietly as possible… He did feel what the secretary just said, Xiao Rou was in an excellent mood.

Lan Kai couldn’t remember how long he hadn’t seen Xiao Rou’s face glowing with this comfortable glow… as if she was not a patient who just woke up. She became energetic again.

“Don’t come here!”

But waiting for Lan Kai was the most familiar indifferent voice… the energetic face suddenly returned to the icy stare.

“Okay, I won’t come, as long as you are happy,” said Lan Kai patiently.

“Go out. I don’t want to see you this time. I don’t want to see you at all.”

It was still so indifferent to the extreme, even with a little bit of hate in her voice.

“Xiao Rou, can’t we reconcile?” Lan Kai looked complicated.

“Impossible, absolutely impossible.” Xiao Rou looked over with that extremely hateful gaze, gritted her teeth, and said, “Even if I die, it’s impossible!”

“Xiao Rou, you…”

Lan Kai stepped forward with extreme discomfort and growled, “These years, I have done everything I can! I did anything that I can compensate you with! No matter how headstrong you were, no matter what you want to do, I let you be… Is it not enough?!”

“You get out! Get out now! I don’t want to see you now! Get out! Lan Kai, get out!”

“Xiao Rou! You are too much!” Lan Kai only felt a wave of uncontrollable anger. With his hand raised, he swept Xiao Rou’s notebook from the hospital bed’s moving table to the ground, “Don’t you know what you have done?!”

Xiao Rou got out of bed in a panic and hurriedly pushed Lan Kai away. She picked up the notebook. She looked at the notebook in panic. Her eyes turned red all of a sudden, and tears fell. She hit the notebook that had a black screen and could not be turned on.

Lan Kai looked, squeezed his fists, and resisted his anger, “You just push me for such a broken computer?”

Xiao Rou slammed the notebook on her hand towards Lan Kai and rushed out to the ward without thinking. As she escaped, Lan Kai stopped her, reaching out and grabbing Xiao Rou’s arm forcefully. He furiously said, “You are too much!”

“Let go of me! Let go of me!”

Lan Kai raised his hand and slapped Xiao Rou’s face fiercely… The force directly hit the soft woman to the ground.

Lan Kai looked at his palm in horror, trying to reach out to support Xiao Rou on the ground, but was angrily slapped away by Xiao Rou.

Xiao Rou said coldly, “Are you done hitting? If you’re done, can I go out? President Lan.”

“I didn’t mean it, I just… I didn’t mean it…”

“So what if it’s not intentional?” Xiao Rou lowered her head and got up. “Anyway, it’s not the first time you said it wasn’t intentional. Does it matter?”

“You still remember…” Lan Kai couldn’t help but turn pale.

Xiao Rou looked at Lan Kai blankly, as if there was no soul in the body, “Lan Kai, I can’t forget, I can’t forget that you killed our child. It’s still inside my belly, how could you do it? Tell me, tell me, how can I forget?”

“You have the nerve to say ‘our’?!” Lan Kai’s eyes were bloodshot, like a lion that has been eating people.

“Let me go, or let me die,” said Xiao Rou calmly.

“Xiao Rou, what’s wrong with you?”

Xin Yue saw Xiao Rou walk out of the ward. She had already heard the sound inside, and then quickly stood up, greeted, and took Xiao Rou’s hand.

But seeing Xiao Rou glanced at her blankly, Xin Yue subconsciously felt like she was in an ice pit. She had never seen such a despaired look.

Her hand was pushed away by Xiao Rou silently. She could only watch Xiao Rou walk barefoot as she staggeringly supported the wall.

“Lan Kai, you just…” Xin Yue hurriedly walked into the ward to see Lan Kai sitting slumped on the sofa, covering his face.

“I couldn’t hold it. In the end, I slapped her; I slapped violently.” Lan Kai said in pain, “She mentioned the child…”

“Anyway, you have to call Xiao Rou back. She just woke up, and her body is weak. Can she walk out barefoot like this?” Xin Yue pulled Lan Kai up, “You can’t ignore her, only you can’t ignore her.”

Lan Kai was startled, nodded silently, and rushed out quickly.

“Ai, Miss, what are you doing? Don’t do this!”

At the nurse station in the inpatient department’s corridor, the nurse hurriedly pulled the woman wearing patient clothes who came suddenly without wearing shoes.

“What kind of broken computer is this?!”

Xiao Rou broke the screen fiercely, and then she supported the wall and walked to another place. The nurse naturally had to drag her, but the pen that Xiao Rou grabbed from the table was stabbed into the nurse’s arm.

“Someone come quick, a patient is out of control! Come quick!” The nurse covered her arm and looked at the woman with a pen and crazy hair in horror.

Xiao Rou gave the nurse a cold look, causing the nurse’s heart to beat quickly, leaning against the wall in horror.

But Xiao Rou turned around again, “Computer… Where is it…”

“I found Blue Sky… I found him… Why don’t you give me the computer…”

Along the wall, through the wards one by one.

“He’s waiting for me, waiting for me…”

“President Lan!!! I found her. She’s here!”

“Xiao Rou! Come back! I was wrong! Come back!”

“Don’t come over! Don’t come over! Everyone go away! I’m going to find Blue Sky!! I have found him! I have found him…”

She mistook a step at the stairs in front of her.

Her head spun as if she had lost gravity. She only felt that her head was spinning, and when she bumped into something hard on the back of her head, her consciousness began to blur, and her vision quickly became dark.

“He’s… waiting for me…”

“Xiao Rou! Doctor! Call a doctor!”

The ground was filled with red.

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