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Trafford’s Trading Club (Web Novel) - Volume 9 – Chapter 20: Follow-up Development: Heroic Soul

Volume 9 – Chapter 20: Follow-up Development: Heroic Soul

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The white light from the sky was like a huge pillar, slowly plunged into this vast mystical mountain. It was initially a majestic snow peak, but it turned to a wonderland-like treasure land due to an old immortal preference.

The mist spread all around. It was indeed like a wonderland… It is so cool! It is cool! It feels like I am back to the years when I went down the mountain and was all-powerful five hundred years ago!

This was how Tai Yinzi felt now. This feeling had continued from the beginning to the present. It is a child’s play for me to change the geography here. It is also not a problem to move heaven and earth. I can have everything I want. As the host of Jade Fantasy, the super rookie of the club can change the whole world’s rules casually as long as the algorithm supports it!

A man holding a giant sword frowned and walked out cautiously when the white beam of the light cast completely.

“I am Tai Yinzi. The lord of this place! Now I grant you a plug-in, the treasure. The chosen person, you will become the only protagonist of luck in this world to conquer all the sons of the chosen. Go!”

After all, Tai Yinzi waved his hand at the man who was stunned and sent the man directly out of the wonderland.

Tai Yinzi clapped his hands after he had done all these things. A vast stage suddenly appeared from the ground in the heavenly realm of the wonderland.


But “God King” Tai Yinzi hadn’t been breakdancing for long. He abruptly stopped his action. This was because not only in theory but in reality, there were at least two extraterritorial bosses above ‘God King.” It was based on the ability of one in the game world.

“Master… Master!! Miss You Ye!” Tai Yinzi’s mannerism instantly recovered from a great sage style to a sincere appearance, “I don’t know Master is coming. I should be punished!”

Boss Luo looked at the wonderland and seemed quite interested.

“Tai Yinzi, you’re getting more and more skilled in your business.” The maid said with a faint smile, “You just waved to give people away. It’s pretty awesome.”

Tai Yinzi laughed and said, “It…it is the algorithm that Miss You Ye, you gave me that allows me to merge with the world, isn’t it? No matter how prestigious I am, it is a gift from Master and Miss You Ye!”

The maid chuckled, “Your speech has also improved.”

Tai Yinzi lowered his head and wiped his cold sweat… You two just go fishing. What are you doing here?!

Luo Qiu withdrew his gaze and looked at Tai Yinzi. He curiously asked, “Tai Yinzi, you seem to have given our players many good things afterward?”

Tai Yinzi hurriedly said, “Master! You see, gifts are given when you shop, right? I want them to enjoy it better in Jade Fantasy! Look, I offered plug-ins for these players. Of course, those are just some treasures. But those treasures are not beyond the rules of the game!”

“Oh? Is there any deeper meaning behind it?” Luo Qiu asked with a smile.

Tai Yinzi swallowed and said, “Look, master. In a world of this theme, fighting is the main melody! Those souls can only become strong after the baptism of iron and blood! As the saying goes, one general achieves renown over the dead bodies of ten thousand soldiers.. Well, this…”

Oops, I can’t go on anymore. What should I do? I’m desperate… I can’t say that because it feels so cool to show as a “God King” that I can’t control myself, and I am addicted to show off, can I?

“What’s this?” The maid lifted the corner of her lips again.

“This… I am creating a hero for you, Master!!”

“Oh? Hero?” Boss Luo nodded, “Go on.”

Suddenly Tai Yinzi shuddered. The inspiration hit him like a sudden collapse, “Look! Some of them think they are the chosen person! Slowly they find their mission! When the big map is opened next, they find the goal of struggle. They take part in the world’s set up, experience a long period of war, sorrow, pain, and gradually grow up. It can even strengthen their determination to fight against the world! They save people from the abyss of misery, and eventually become the savior! Such a hero…No, It is the heroic soul! Yes, yes. The heroic soul! This is not a bad thing. What do you say, Master!”

The boss suddenly glanced at the well-behaved maid beside him. You Ye moved her lips slightly.

“Hmm…Master?” Tai Yinzi was anxious. God knew whether he could bluff it out with the words he came up with for a short time…

“The idea is good.” Boss Luo said lightly and left the ‘wonderland.’

Tai Yinzi stared at the maid for a while, “Miss You Ye, this… Can you summarize Master’s words for me?”

“Heroic soul.” You Ye seemed to recall something, and chuckled, “I haven’t seen it for a long time. Tai Yinzi, it’s great if you want to cultivate the heroic soul.”

“Of course!” Tai Yinzi held his head high.

“You’re full of drive.” You Ye chuckled, “Then keep going. I will leave you to your work. I have to go back to do the cleaning.”

“Take your way!” Tai Yinzi respectfully sent her away, and suddenly he said, “Oh! Miss You Ye, please wait. There is one thing I don’t know if I should talk about.”

“Tell me.”

Tai Yinzi caressed his long beard and said, “Look, Master didn’t catch any fish even if he goes fishing every day. He will inevitably feel uncomfortable after a long time. Or else, what do you think if I make a little adjustment and let the carp come up by itself? ?”

“Master will be uncomfortable if you make the adjustment.” You Ye shook her head, “Just do your job. Don’t do extra things. You are on your own now this time. The follow-up development of the ‘God King’ project is already remarkable.”

Tai Yinzi patted his chest and breathed a sigh of relief when he saw the maid left… Maybe there is no pitfall this time?

He shuddered suddenly, then continued to clap his palms, and shouted, “Music!”


At the entrance of a mine outside Zhongguan City.

Xiao Bao glanced at Qian Xiu. He was standing under the tree in front of the mine for a while.

Xiao Bao, “Boss, hmm, did you unfriend me?”

Qian Xiu looked at Xiao Bao. He shook his head and said, “Do you really want me to unfriend you?”

Xiao Bao: No, no. You looked awkward. I want to give you an out!

Qian Xiu sneered and suddenly asked, “This is none of your business. Why do you want to help me? You feel pity for me?”

Xiao Bao, “Not exactly. I just couldn’t stand idly and watch. You can just assume that I am nosy. No, it should be by interest. After all, I am a servant of the people by interest!”

Qian Xiu was taken aback and said amusedly, “Oh? Could it be that you are a policeman?”

Xiao Bao, “It’s a secret. Is it okay to stop talking about this topic? I have to leave you with a sense of mystery!”

“Sense of mystery?” Qian Xiu sat down. He rested his head on his arms against the tree trunk. Xiao Bao wouldn’t see these anyway, “To be honest, I feel that you are quite mysterious.”

Xiao Bao, “You are the one, okay? I’m just a **!”

Qian Xiu said calmly, “What is mysterious about me. I am just a layman… the one that can’t control himself.”

Xiao Bao, “Boss, are you… nervous?”

Qian Xiu was silent for a while, and smiled lightly, “Don’t always call me boss. Just call me Qian Xiu…or Blue Sky.”

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