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Trafford’s Trading Club (Web Novel) - Volume 9 – Chapter 21: Death 2-3

Volume 9 – Chapter 21: Death 2-3

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Xiao Bao was taken aback. It seemed to be the first time this boss chatted with this tone in his memory.

Xiao Bao came forward, “Don’t change the subject. Are you nervous? You’re nervous, right?”

Qian Xiu snorted coldly, “You are such a busybody!”

Xiao Bao, “Boss, I will accept such compliments without reservation.”

Qian Xiu suddenly said, “I’m nervous. I don’t even know how to face it… In other words, I still have the urge to run away.”

Xiao Bao, “Don’t! Don’t you do that boss! The madam said she will greet me with the loudspeaker every day if I dare to lie to her! I can’t stay and can only shift to play something else in that case. Of course, I can create a smurf account, but I can still hear it. It’s still annoying!”

Qian Xiu laughed with a slight gentle, “Yes, she really can do such a thing…and only she will.”

Xiao Bao, “I smell the stink of someone falling in love.”

Qian Xiu shook his head, “You don’t understand.”

Xiao Bao, “There is nothing that love can’t solve! If it is not enough, then love again!”

Qian Xiu rolled his eyes and said, “You have never loved someone, have you?”

Xiao Bao, “Boss, don’t make fun of me!”

Qian Xiu stood up and said, “We’ll stop here. Xiao Bao, you can leave now. I think I will wait for her here…It’s time. Don’t worry. I won’t run away this time. This is the last time… I will not run away.”

Xiao Bao, “Well, let me know when you are done. I should get back to work. Do you have time to continue the mission at night? You have been decadent for days. Your level has fallen far behind. Your ranking must have dropped to three hundredth or lower, right?”

Qian Xiu said calmly, “Levels do not mean everything.”

Xiao Bao, “Okay, you are the emperor of technique. You rule. You are cocky… Fu*k, who is attacking me!”

Qian Xiu was taken aback, but he saw Xiao Bao’s chest was perforated once again. However, he still stood there as if nothing happened. Xiao Bao would certainly not feel pain in reality. This was just his character in the game.

But Qian Xiu immediately lost his sight, accompanied by a hot wave and an excellent pushing force when he just saw an incomparably shining white light at this moment!

Boss! Are you okay? I seem to have been attacked to death and come back to life again! Sh*t! Let’s see. I’ll kill you right away! Fu*k!

Xiao Bao’s voice sounded directly in Qian Xiu’s mind this time, which meant that Xiao Bao was already very far away from him. Qian Xiu directly picked up his long sword by instinct and released an armor skill at the same time.

He just felt a harsh blow hit him on the body and was racked to the ground.

“Who!” Qian Xiu stood up hurriedly while sipping the potion for normal HP loss.

“You belong to this place as expected.”

A mage wearing a red mage robe appeared in front of Qian Xiu when the white light dissipated. The opponent was…four levels higher than him!

Qian Xiu was currently thirty-seven. His opponent was forty-one, and had directly achieved another stage!

The red robe man grinned and said, “I just heard the same loudspeaker sounded for several times. I wonder who on earth was so brave to do hostile PK. I don’t expect to catch a big fish… Qian Xiu, I have been quietly observing you. The little physical act. You can’t do it casually, can you?”

Qian Xiu remained motionless, facing Red Robe Mage’s words.

He glanced at the surrounding environment and squinted his eyes. He raised his sword in no great hurry and said calmly, “Since you are one of me, there is nothing good in return for us to fight. The number of deaths is limited in our situation… Aren’t you afraid of death?”

“Ha? Are you talking about yourself?” Red Robe Mage said disdainfully, “I have entered the fortieth level, but you haven’t. Do you know the difference between levels of different stages?”

Qian Xiu sneered, “So what if you can kill me? I still have a lot of time before death… But if I get back to the resurrection point after you kill me this time, you will gain someone who keeps attacking you in the back in the future.”

Red Robe Mage laughed loudly and said, “It doesn’t matter. How many lives do you have, how many times I will kill you here! Until I completely kill you!”

Qian Xiu frowned and said, “I have no grudges against you… Why do you want to do this?”

The red robe mage sneered, “Are you pretending to be stupid, or don’t you know? Didn’t the ‘God King’ Tai Yinzi tell you when you came here? Only the true chosen person can be the real protagonist in the world of Jade Fantasy! Since the chosen people have appeared one after another, it means that… Only one of the people like us can live! I am the only one! You’re dying!”

An enormous magic circle spread under Qian Xiu’s feet. A large number of fireballs smashed down from the sky at the same time.

“Trap Mage!” Qian Xiu was startled, looking at the terrifying concentrated magic circles on the ground, “You!”

“Don’t be surprised!” Red Robe Mage laughed loudly, “Of course I have prepared early since I am going to hunt you. There is a place here where I have set traps! There’s nowhere you can escape! The power of a Trap Mage attack, a low-level Great Knight like you, can’t defend it at all!”

At the time when the magic circles on the ground and a large number of fireballs in the sky met, Qian Xiu had no way other than having his HP directly emptied by the attack.

This was not an issue of techniques anymore… It was more to be in a hopeless situation where death awaited.

Just as Red Robe Mage said, one with a massive gap in levels couldn’t make a comeback, let alone it was under the circumstance of a sneak attack.

What could he say… It could only be as what the red robe mage said. He had been decadent for too long. He had no intention of self-improving. It was natural that he was left behind too far.

Death – two over three.

It was the last time for a safe death!

He felt that his body was like being reorganized. It was very uncomfortable when flesh and blood started to grow. It was as if thousands of years had passed. Qian Xiu had his sight again when the body felt again, and the pain passed… But he instantly felt as if he had fallen into a dark ice cellar. He broke out in a cold sweat!

Still here… still in place! He did not return to the resurrection point!

“Is it weird?” Red Robe Mage said proudly, “This is the treasure given to me by the God King – Tai Yinzi! Imprisoned Space! You can’t even use the return scroll here! It’s merely an artifact for killing people in the wild! ”


A large number of magic circles floated on the ground again. He heard Red Robe Mage grinned and said, “Two days ago, a video of a player slashing nearly four thousand in combo appeared on the outside world’s forum. The people inside, like me, also heard a little about it. That person is you! I was curious and came over, unexpectedly I found you. My goddess, I caught a big fish! Qian Xiu, you must have a treasure from God King too. Otherwise, you will never be able to reach this extremity… The treasure is mine when I kill you completely!”

“I don’t have that kind of thing! I don’t want to fight with you!” Qian Xiu frowned, and on his guard carefully against Red Robe Mage, “I have something important to do. Cut it out now!”

“It is not up to you! Guren Underworld, activate!”

Qian Xiu stepped back frantically. It was hair-raising that his body dodged away from the terrifying and fierce attack under the intensive attacks. It was enough to drop his HP massively once he was touched.

Moreover, the pain after the attack was not as easy to bear as imagined!

Such a fast speed and quick response!

Although Red Robe Mage gained the upper hand to keep launching dangerous attacks in ambush, he couldn’t help but secretly startled when he faced such a Great Knight who was a stage lower than him…

This guy’s speed of response is terrifying!

If this guy successfully levels up to forty and above…

A significant number ‘1’ seemed to entangle with Qian Xiu’s eyes. This number represented his last safe death. But he couldn’t leave within the confinement of Red Robe Mage…The only way to escape was to defeat the opponent…

The thunder boomed.

But in the face of that thrilling attack, he couldn’t even get close to the opponent.

If it goes on like this… Qian Xiu was under unprecedented pressure, looking at the HP potion that was consumed frantically. The technique he was proud of was as weak as a plain paper under this violent blow.

“Give up the struggle. What are you insisting on? Stop struggling. It will only give you more pain.”

Red Robe Mage said coldly, “You fight so hard. This is your last safe death, I guess? No wonder you are so crazy… But your death is doomed! Your things will belong to me! I am the final winner of Jade Fantasy… don’t come over!”

Red Robe Mage stepped back in a panic, with a look of horror!

In front of the Red Robe Mage, Qian Xiu was not evading but walked directly to him under the terrifying attack. He almost lost more than seventy percent of his HP. It was a fatal way of attack!

The long sword in Qian Xiu’s hand dazzled with intense light. An azure blue brilliance turned into a half-moon arc, linked to the sword blade, severely slashed on Red Robe Mage’s body!

Chi Chi, Chi Chi!

The rattling noise sounded repeatedly!

“Just not today. I can’t fall here!!!”

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