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Trafford’s Trading Club (Web Novel) - Volume 9 – Chapter 22: A Thousand Years’ Effort

Volume 9 – Chapter 22: A Thousand Years’ Effort

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Chi Chi! Chi Chi!

The sound was made by the repulsion between the sword blade and the almost transparent shield in front of Red Robe Mage!

However, Qian Xiu still had to endure the damage caused by the trap. He could only grit his teeth and carried on. Red Robe Mage looked unusually relaxed. He was not in a panic as before.

“It’s strange, isn’t it? Do you think I can’t guess that you will fight with the method of injury for injury?” Red Robe Mage sneered, “I am just teasing you. Idiot! What do you think of this shield? It can double up my defense, plus the six hundred point HP comes with the shield. Let alone my defense, don’t ever think about fighting off the six hundred points HP before you reach level forty or fifty. You are a knight that is good for nothing!”

Qian Xiu was attacked by the next blow and flew deadly into the air.

“By the way, I’m not afraid to tell you.” Red Robe Mage looked at Qian Xiu, who was in pain on the ground, and said with an arrogant tone, “This shield was also taken from another person…like us!”

Qian Xiu waved his hand subconsciously, but his palm was empty. All the HP potions were used up!

Only a small amount of his own HP remained without any HP potion left. The pain all over his body made Qian Xiu powerless. His whole body went paralyzed again.

He held the long sword and stood up in trembling. He stared deadly at Red Robe Mage.

“Gee, the potions are all used up. You insist on it till now. You’re tenacious.” Red Robe Mage shook his head, “Why? Give up the resistance. I know that you’ve suffered a lot. Don’t worry. I can kill you in one strike now.”

Red Robe Mage waved his hand as he said. A few overlapping and rotating halos began to appear on his hands… He needed to make an immediate attack to kill him directly when he was still weak!

Red Robe Mage didn’t expect that under the ambush of many traps, the low-level Great Knight would forcibly endure until all the dangers were dissipated!

Qian Xiu supported his body with a sword. He walked step by step toward Red Robe Mage like a staggering old man, “I can’t die here…at least not today…at least not now…”

Several overlapping auras were still rotating… Red Robe Mage couldn’t help frowning. Although his traps were mighty, it took a long time to prepare.

He looked at Qian Xiu’s sharp eyes at this time. A feeling of enormous oppression made him take a step back. However, he was more confident at the thought of the powerful treasure shield he had on him.

What am I afraid of? He can’t break it! I pay a high risk. I gain a high return! He had tasted the sweet treat several times! He was about to get the treasure of the other party. How could he step back at this critical moment!

Red Robe Mage secretly settled his mind. He would release his skill soon, “You are dead!!”

Qian Xiu was still approaching. It was less than six meters away, but his whole body resisted it as the distance was so far that he seemed to be unable to hold on.

At least…I definitely can’t fall here today!

“At least I want…”

He looked at the halos that had already been released. Qian Xiu still couldn’t reach the effective distance to release his skills after all.

“At least I…”

The rumbling went unstoppable! ! ! ! ! !

Smoke and dust billowed all around. Qian Xiu was utterly overwhelmed by the concentrated trap magic attacks.

“Are you dead? Or…not?”

Red Robe Mage still didn’t dare to relax. He quickly took a bottle of magic potion while reading through the message. Because he didn’t get any notice of the enemy being slain.

“How dare you beat him like this…how dare you beat him like this!!!”

A stern scream came from the thick dust of a sudden. The endless hatred in the voice made Red Robe Mage’s scalp creepy!

He had never heard such a harsh voice… It was a woman’s voice!

At the same time, a golden light suddenly shot out from the billowing dust. It went as fast as a meteor and was shot toward Red Robe Mage’s chest!

Chi Chi, Chi Chi!

It was an arrow that was all white dazzled with brilliant golden light!

This arrow quickly broke through all the defenses of Red Robe Mage’s shield. It shot through his body in an instant and directly caused damage to nearly half of his HP!


When his heart was pierced with the sharp arrow, the pain made his face completely distorted, “My shield! Impossible…”

“This is the bow I spent one million to win in the lottery! And the arrow that costs one hundred thousand! It can break any shield!”

A white unicorn stood proudly with its wings wide open when the dust dissipated!

The unicorn’s open wings brought out a golden light shield, which was now covering Qian Xiu.

Next to it was a female Elf archer with bloodshot eyes and endless hatred.

“Thousand Delicate Feathers!”

Red Robe Mage was startled. He trembled with fright…No one in this area would not recognize her, the super lavish game player who spent money like water in the lottery pool, and paid to use the loudspeaker like a machine gun!

As the person chosen by the ‘God King’ Tai Yinzi, he had the treasure given by the ‘God King.’ It had great potential for development! But it hadn’t been fully developed yet. How could he fight against this massive force of capitalism?

He recognized the bow in Thousand Delicate Feathers’s hand. The players in Jade Fantasy probably could realize it.

“Don’t… don’t do this! I’m leaving; I’m leaving now! Don’t…” Red Robe Mage stepped back frantically!

Imprisoned Space restricted not only the other party, but also himself!

“It’s not enough even if I kill you a thousand times!”

It took about an average of one hundred thousand to draw this arrow. Without the shield, Red Robe Mage’s HP was emptied instantly when he was shot again.

He died in a scream. He then reborn in the same place again in terror, and faced Thousand Delicate Feathers’ second arrow. A Trap Mage who needed an extremely long time to cast a spell could not make any response!

“Please! It is my last life! Don’t! Please don’t kill me! Please don’t kill me!! Ah—!”

At the time Red Robe Mage screamed when a powerful snow-white arrow pierced through his body again, Thousand Delicate Feathers once again released the third snow-white arrow.

But Red Robe Mage didn’t come back to life this time. His body fell on the ground and gradually dissolved. It disappeared soon after a gray ball of light emerged.

It never showed up again.

Thousand Delicate Feathers didn’t even take a look at it at the moment. She threw away the things in her hands and flipped with her palms a few times. A lot of medicine bottles which emitted various lights dropped out like a flood.

“Blue Sky! Blue Sky! Which one do you need to take? I don’t know. I don’t know which is the best. Blue Sky! You can’t die, Blue…Sky.”

“I will not die …” Qian Xiu rose unsteadily to his feet and said weakly, “Are you a pig? HP will recover by itself. It’s just a little slower.”

“Where are you hurt?” Thousand Delicate Feathers didn’t care about the scolding. She quickly supported him, “Where are you hurt?”

“Do you know it was dangerous just now? What if that guy still had other traps!?” Qian Xiu looked at her and spoke with a stern voice.

“Don’t you see I just beat him! I have the ability!”

“What kind of victory is this! You crushed him to death with your money!” Qian Xiu retorted, “You prodigal wifey! You lost three arrows, which cost one hundred thousand each! ”

She was on the verge of tears with mingled feelings of joy and grief, “You… called me wifey again.”

Thousand Delicate Feathers instantly stood on tiptoe and blocked all Qian Xiu’s words with her lips.

Qian Xiu was trembling like being struck by thunder… She shouldn’t be able to make this action. Absolutely shouldn’t! And the previous action of her supporting me also…

After a long time…

“Xiao Rou, you. Why are you…?” Qian Xiu looked at the woman in horror.

Thousand Delicate Feathers hugged him and leaned against his chest, “I am just like you now.”


“…I don’t know what happened. I know that when I saw the dazzling light, I couldn’t think of anything. I could only think of you. I thought I was dying, but at the end I heard a voice. He asked me what I need.”

Thousand Delicate Feathers held Qian Xiu’s arm silently, “I said I don’t need anything. I need to be by your side… Then, here I am.”

“Are you crazy? Do you know what this place is? Do you know the consequences!” Qian Xiu glared at her angrily, “You shouldn’t have come! You saw the mage just now! How dangerous it is!”

“You can come. Why can’t I come?”

“I am different!”

Thousand Delicate Feathers cried, “But we are all the same now. We are the same. We are all the same! Here, we are all the same. Will you leave me this time… Second Elder Brother!”

Qian Xiu closed his eyes in pain.

“I’m waiting for you on the pagoda in Zhongguan City.” She raised her head, resolutely, ” I will know the answer if you don’t come before the end of today.”

“Xiao Rou, you…”

A white light flashed in front of him. She had used the props for the return journey and disappeared from here.

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