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Trafford’s Trading Club (Web Novel) - Volume 9 – Chapter 23: The Grand State of Enlightenment (Part 1)

Volume 9 – Chapter 23: The Grand State of Enlightenment (Part 1)

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When the lights in the operating room went off, the doctor who had been performing a medical emergency on the patient for several hours walked out of the operating room tired.

Lan Kai, who had been waiting in front of the door of the ward, walked up and grabbed the doctor’s arm hard, “Doctor, how is it?”

“We tried our best.” The doctor shook his head. “But, the situation is not optimistic. The patient had lost too much blood a few days ago. Now…”

“You must heal her back no matter what!”

“Mr. Lan, I understand your feelings.” The doctor said with resignation. “How about this? We will send her to a private ward to observe the situation first. We will find anyone to guard her twenty-four hours everyday. In the event of an emergency, it will be dealt with immediately!”

Lan Kai finally let go of the doctor’s arm.

“President Lan?” The doctor did not know what Lan Kai meant and could only ask hesitantly.

“What are you waiting for?!” Lan Kai suddenly waved his hand, roaring like a lion. The oppressive aura of Lan’s Enterprise’s helmsman was a lot more horrifying than the dead man the doctor had seen.

“Yes, right away!” The doctor hurried away.

Seeing this, Xin Yue stretched out her hands from behind to hold Lan Kai’s hands and slowly grabbed the stiff arm in the air.

“I want to be alone.” Lan Kai shook his head, retracted his hand from Xin Yue’s hands, and turned around.

He unfastened his tie and threw it on the ground. He took off his suit and jacket and threw on the ground as his silhouette gradually disappeared.

The high tower of Zhongguan City was only opened recently. The existence of this tower meant that the game had unlocked the function of marriage between players.

There were already many players who were married. However, players who intended to register today were temporarily unable to use the church on the highest site because the guard said that someone had booked the church.

Nobody knew who would be so peculiar to book the venue. Most players did not plan to spend a lot on doing such virtual things in such games.

In practice, players were already a legal “couple” in the game after the registration was completed. For personal matters between two people… what’s the point of organizing a wedding?

It was just another meaningless and wasteful form. – In the view of most men.

The other viewpoint was more straightforward and far more violent – Go to hell – This was most women’s view.

But, regardless of what other people’s views were, she was already here. She, Thousand Delicate Feathers, was already here.

She was waiting and waiting. Leaning against the stone window on the tower’s top floor, she was watching the sunlight crawling towards the west while waiting quietly.

From her memories, this was the third time Qian Xiu had come to this place. He always fell into a deep sleep on the small bridge surrounded by water vapor the first two times.

Maybe the same result can be obtained under the influence of alcohol this time?

This was what he hoped so. He hoped that today would be over after sleeping.

But, he did not meet the mage who was fishing today… That was good because Qian Xiu did not know how to answer the question of the monkey being trapped on the isolated island.

Even if he designed this problem.

He had drunk half a bottle of strong alcohol when he was traveling down the road. Qian Xiu grabbed the bottle and shook it… No matter how he shook it, the outside of the bottle would remain unchanged.

What can I still do even if my ability to act is restored?

The old ones were still there.

“Lan, President Lan.”

The young nurse who had just wiped Lan Xiu in the sanatorium ward pushed the door and went out. She saw Lan Kai standing in front of the door silently.

His appearance made her feel even more terrified… She did not know how to describe this young entrepreneur’s appearance at this time, but at this moment, he seemed to be no different from ordinary people.

Lan Kai squinted his eyes slightly and glanced at the young nurse.

The young nurse’s heart was beating fast. She only felt that the other party being an ordinary person, was like an illusion… She lowered her head, quickly took the plate, and left Lan Kai.

She walked fast but turned her head back frequently… Lan Kai just stood in front of the room, motionless, but kept looking at her.

The little nurse became even more terrified. Finally, she did not look back, but ran instead… She ran away from Lan Kai’s sight.

Lan Kai finally walked into the room, closed the door of the room, and locked it. He came to the bed, looked at Lan Xiu on the hospital bed, pulled the chair away, and sat down.

He was looking at this brother, who shared the same blood with him.

After a long time, Lan Kai suddenly smiled, like a natural reaction of the nerves. This action also lasted for a long time. His eyes were always fixed on Lan Xiu’s face. Finally, he spoke, “Do you know? Xiao Rou is now lying in the hospital. It is uncertain whether her life would be spared. You killed her again.”

His voice was not loud, as if he was saying a simple thing.

Lan Kai tilted his head and looked at Lan Xiu’s face from another angle, “I remember that when my father brought you back that day, Xin Yue was teaching Xiao Rou to play the piano. I was reading a book next to her. Then, you came.”

Lan Kai rubbed his fingers and thought for a while, “How do we say it? At first sight, you are clean and shy. I feel like we are both from two different worlds. Yes, we are indeed from two different worlds.”

“There is no doubt that the impact you have brought us was great. A person I have never met suddenly became my relative. I don’t think you can accept it all at once? But, I know whether it is me or you, we have no other choice when it comes to such fate. If there is someone to be blamed, I can only blame you and my father for not controlling themselves.”

“By the way, do you remember the summer you just came, the time the three of us went to the Group Resort Villas together? Forget it; let’s not say. Now, there is nothing left to say.”

“How can I not remember?”

Qian Xiu was lying on the wooden board of the small bridge. The evening of Jade Fantasy evening was still orange-red. Since entering this world, he had not encountered any rainy weather.

Holding the wine bottle, Qian Xiu closed his eyes and murmured out dreamlike words to himself, “How can I not remember that it rained that day and that the original plan was canceled? Later, Xiao Rou was still crying and facing towards you. You have no other choice but to lead us to escape under the driver’s sight secretly. We spend the whole day playing and being happy. However, in the end, you were scolded by dad, fined through your monthly allowance, and even caught a cold.”

Qian Xiu smiled, and when he opened his eyes again, the orange-red light was slowly getting dimmer, “My impression of you is that you are a person who acted according to conventions rigidly. At that time, you were so impulsive that time, which was out of my expectation. Later, I realized that it was because you spoil Xiao Rou… How should I say this? I think I am a little jealous. Yes, it’s jealousy.”

“I know you are jealous.” Lan Kai still looked at Lan Xiu, turned his head again, and looked at his brother related by blood from another angle. “It’s jealousy. There is no basis for this, but I feel it.”

“As I said, from the very beginning, I knew that both of us are from different worlds. But you, like a sinister and sharp sword, pierced into our world from another world. You brought disturbance into our own peaceful and stable life.”

Lan Kai shook his head, “I am just a person who follows the convention rigidly, and I am willing to be such a person. What’s wrong with that?”

He stared at Lan Xiu with his gaze becoming stricter, “You tell me what’s wrong with that? You, on the other hand, have impacted our lives time and time again. In this home, you rely on your father’s guilt for you to do whatever you want, just like the devil incarnate! Skip class, fight, smoke, make trouble all day long. You are constantly stirring up troubles and mishaps! Our father, who was busy with work, rarely goes home for a meal because of you. More than half of the time was spent educating you, and you were smiling the whole time mischievously.”

Lan Kai sighed and laughed, “But, I don’t understand. You have never done these things in the name of Master Lan. I thought your jealousy stemmed from your childhood, but I finally understand where it came from. It’s something else. Yes, it’s something else. Yes, I understand. Xiao Rou told me secretly, and then I understand. She said that she saw you being punished by our father one night by not allowing you to have dinner. She stood outside the house all night and saw you sneaking out some sweet potatoes from the kitchen and roasting them in the yard with leaves. When you eat, you start to cry. You were crying and eating at the same time, like a stray little dog. This is what Xiao Rou described. I never describe people as stray dogs. In my opinion, you are a malefic comet [1]!”

It was sunset.

The door of the tower was still. She leaned against the window and looked at the daylight that was gradually fading. She looked at it while lost in thought and whispered to herself, “I don’t know if both of you are on good terms with one another or not. Sometimes, I don’t understand. I don’t understand… I don’t want to learn piano with sister Xin Yue. I want to watch cartoons, but neither you nor dad allowed me to do so.”

Xiao Rou smiled slightly, “You know? That was the first time I wandered out of the room so late instead of sleeping. Curiosity drove me out of the room. The first time that I didn’t sleep according to the stipulated time. My heart was beating wildly as I was both scared and excited. I hugged the stuffed animal you gave me, walked down the stairs all the way, and opened the door quietly. That night, I ate such delicious baked sweet potatoes for the first time. I don’t know that the leaves in our yard can make such delicious sweet potatoes. How was it so?”

[1] Malefic comet: A person believed to bring bad omen or disaster.

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