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Transcending the Nine Heavens (Web Novel)


Chu Yang, the Ninth Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword, sacrificed almost everything he had for the sake of improving his martial arts, including the love of his life. After spending three years locating the fifth fragment of the Nine Tribulations Sword, he was ambushed by all sides at that very place. Mortally injured with no means of escape, Chu Yang executed a sacrificial technique by plunging the Nine Tribulations Sword into his very own heart. “With the blood of my heart, ten thousand tribulations will collapse!”

After witnessing the death of all his ambushers, Chu Yang’s vision began to darken. At a distance, moments before his death, he saw the mastermind who had plotted his downfall — Mo Tian Ji. With that, his eyes finally closed.

However, with a start, Chu Yang once again awoke to find that he had returned to when he was sixteen years of age! Furthermore, the Sword Spirit of the Nine Tribulations Sword now resided within his Dantian, the energy center of his body! From that very moment, Chu Yang would then begin to right all of his past regrets, and carve his very own legend by fulfilling his destiny as the final Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword, and defeating the Heavenly Devils beyond the realm of the Nine Heavens Continent.
1472 • 2019-03-21 12:05:03


The chapterAddition Time
hapter 1469 - Benefits from Formation of Nine Tribulations2020-11-04
Chapter 1468 - The Nine Tribulations Sword: Celestial Phenomenon!2020-11-03
Chapter 1467 - The Seventh Fragment of The Nine Tribulations Sword!2020-11-02
Chapter 1466 - Obscure Heavenly Crystal, Evil Illusionary Jade Crystal2020-11-01
Chapter 1465 - There Is No Enmity Between Dragons And Phoenixes Originally; Everything Stems From Having Too Much Pride2020-10-31
Chapter 1464 - Absorb! Peerless Fortune!2020-10-30
Chapter 1463 - The Dragon and Phoenix Spirit Essence2020-10-29
Chapter 1462 - The Treasure is in Front of You2020-10-28
Chapter 1461 - Dying After Conceding Defeat2020-10-27
Chapter 1460 - Shall I Kill You?2020-10-26
Chapter 1459 - Lethal Poison!2020-10-25
Chapter 1458 - Poison, Killing Them All!2020-10-24
Chapter 1457 - Endless Harassment Attacks2020-10-23
Chapter 1456 - Annihilation2020-10-22
Chapter 1455 - Who In This World Shall Strive Against Us?!2020-10-21
Chapter 1454 - The Nine Tribulations Make Their Move — The First Stop, Destroyed!2020-10-20
Chapter 1453 - Qingwu’s One Saber Move2020-10-19
Chapter 1452 - The Nine Tribulations Against a Ninth-Grade Supreme Martial Artist, First Show of Outstanding Talents2020-10-18
Chapter 1451 - Taking Turns Against the Ninth-grade Supreme Martial Artist!2020-10-17
Chapter 1450 - Winds and Clouds Whistle, Two Supremacy Wield Saber and Sword!2020-10-16
Chapter 1449 - Attacking From Eight Paths!2020-10-15
Chapter 1448 - An Enormous Lie2020-10-15
Chapter 1447 - Second Master Ji’s Sympathy-Provoking Ruse2020-10-13
Chapter 1446 - Ji Mo’s Inner Demons2020-10-12
Chapter 1445 - Moving After The Operation Has Been Finalized2020-10-11
Chapter 1444 - Weapons Taking Shape2020-10-10
Chapter 1443 - The Sword Spirit’s Strange Grudge2020-10-09
Chapter 1442 - Holding You In My Arms Again In This Lifetime2020-10-08
Chapter 1441 - Our Future Is Not In Here2020-10-07
Chapter 1440 - To Think That Actually Happened!2020-10-06
Chapter 1439 - Dragon And Phoenix Bringing Prosperity, The Seventh Fragment of The Nine Tribulations Sword!2020-10-05
Chapter 1438 - A Mystery, A Big Affair!2020-10-04
Chapter 1437 - Who’s the Spy2020-10-03
Chapter 1436 - Who’s the Pervert?2020-10-02
Chapter 1435 - Are You Little Wu Or Qingwu?2020-10-01
Chapter 1434 - A Hundred Birds Paying Homage To The Phoenix And The Convergence of The Nine Tribulations2020-09-30
Chapter 1433 - Look, Fireworks!2020-09-29
Chapter 1432 - Fire Burning at the Edge of the Sky2020-09-28
Chapter 1431 - Qingwu Draws Her Saber2020-09-27
Chapter 1430 - Wild Saber to Kill Supreme Martial Artists2020-09-26
Chapter 1429 - The Despicable and the Noble2020-09-25
Chapter 1428 - A Surprising Turn of Events!2020-09-24
Chapter 1427 - Don’t Dance Lightly in This Life, Qingwu2020-09-23
Chapter 1426 - Mo Qingwu, Dream and Reality2020-09-22
Chapter 1425 - Phoenix Rising From The Ashes Once More!2020-09-21
Chapter 1424 - A Huge Shock That Came Unexpectedly!2020-09-20
Chapter 1423 - Diwu Qingrou’s Weaknesses2020-09-19
Chapter 1422 - The Storm Begins And The Heavens About To Collapse2020-09-18
Chapter 1421 - The Tragic And Inhumane ‘Demons Escaping The Heavenly Net’2020-09-17
Chapter 1420 - What Are You So Excited About?2020-09-16
Chapter 1419 - A New Beginning2020-09-15
Chapter 1418 - God-Like Analysis2020-09-14
Chapter 1417 - Diwu Qingrou and the Art of Playing Cat and Mouse2020-09-13
Chapter 1416 - Northern Stars2020-09-12
Chapter 1415 - The Beginning of Chaos2020-09-12
Chapter 1414 - Misunderstanding Upon Misunderstanding Starts From Here2020-09-10
Chapter 1413 - Severe Laws Are Necessary When Constructing A New City In Chaotic Times2020-09-09
Chapter 1412 - The Killing Intent of A Supreme Martial Artis2020-09-08
Chapter 1411 - So-called Manners And Etiquette2020-09-07
Chapter 1410 - Innate Origin2020-09-06
Chapter 1409 - Ning Tianya's Gains2020-09-05
Chapter 1408 - Little Rabbit and Big Wolf2020-09-04
Chapter 1407 - Push him Out and Execute Him!2020-09-03
Chapter 1406 - Nothing Is More Touching Than Emotions2020-09-02
Chapter 1405 - Kneel!2020-09-01
Chapter 1404 - Tianji’s Weakness2020-08-31
Chapter 1403 - Why?2020-08-30
Chapter 1402 - The Fury of the Demon King, The Demise of The Supreme Martial Artist2020-08-29
Chapter 1401 - The Three Stars Demon King2020-08-28
Chapter 1400 - A Pair of Fools2020-08-27
Chapter 1399 - Tianji’s Bluff And The Busy Supreme Martial Artist2020-08-26
Chapter 1398 - Planning During A Time of Crisis2020-08-25
Chapter 1397 - It’s Impossible To Accommodate Both Sentiment And Reason2020-08-24
Chapter 1396 - Do You Have Any Regrets?2020-08-23
Chapter 1395 - Getting To The Bottom By Following Clues2020-08-22
Chapter 1394 - Lan Buhui’s Tracking2020-08-21
Chapter 1393 - The First Chaos of the Nine Tribulations in the Upper Three Heavens 32020-08-20
Chapter 1392 - The First Chaos of the Nine Tribulations in the Upper Three Heavens 22020-08-19
Chapter 1391 - The First Chaos of the Nine Tribulations in the Upper Three Heavens2020-08-18
Chapter 1390 - A Rabbit that Kills People2020-08-17
Chapter 1389 - Tianlan City in Chaos2020-08-16
Chapter 1388 - Fireworks and Gifts2020-08-15
Chapter 1387 - Terrible News Coming One After Another2020-08-14
Chapter 1386 - Senior Brother Disciple And Junior Brother Disciple2020-08-13
Chapter 1385 - A Coincidental Meeting And Provocation2020-08-12
Chapter 1384 - The Nine Tribulations Ascending To Heaven2020-08-11
Chapter 1383 - The Nine Tribulations Sword Master Is My Senior Brother Disciple2020-08-10
Chapter 1382 - The Demon King Ascends To Heaven2020-08-09
Chapter 1381 - The Purple Cloud Tower2020-08-08
Chapter 1380 - Inheritance of The Purple Cloud Heavens2020-08-07
Chapter 1379 - Orders of the Dharma Supreme2020-08-07
Chapter 1378 - The Nine Heavens Passageway Is Open2020-08-05
Chapter 1377 - A Celestial Phenomenon2020-08-04
Chapter 1376 - The Breakdown of The Sword Spirit2020-08-03
Chapter 1375 - So Weird2020-08-03
Chapter 1374 - The Sword Hilt Comes Home2020-08-02
Chapter 1373 - The Hilt of The Nine Tribulations Sword2020-07-31
Chapter 1372 - The Unfortunate Ye Chenchen2020-07-30
Chapter 1371 - The Aura of the Sixth Sword Fragment2020-07-30
Chapter 1370 - Violet Aura from the East, a Bright Moon Comes out Above the Mountains2020-07-30
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