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Transcending the Nine Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 1063 - A Brawl!

Chapter 1063: A Brawl!

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Lan Muxue said anxiously, “Senior, do not believe what this villain tried to malign about me. How could I do such kind of things?”

Feng Yurou looked at him coldly and said, “Somebody else may be able to deceive me, but… this Senior, will never ever deceive me!”

Lan Muxue turned pale when he heard that Feng Yurou addressed the person as ‘This Senior’.

Lan Muxue thought, ‘Who could it be? That is worthy of being addressed by Elders Feng and Yue as their Senior?’

‘Whoever could gain such trust from the Moon Breeze couple, who could it be?’

Lan Muxue racked his brains, but was still unable to think of how this world could have such a person!

Feng Yurou couldn’t care less about Lan Muxue and shouted to ask, “Senior, may I ask if my disciple Qianqian is safe and sound? With Senior looking after her, I believe my disciple had already gained from your benevolence already.”

Zi Xieqing who was waiting outside said coldly, “Do you think that if I had intervened, I would still come to inform you? Even if your disciple was to be killed or humiliated, that would just serve as a lesson to you both! This is the retribution that you both deserved, why should others suffer it on your behalf? You both boast that you have always treated people with sincerity, but look at this, look at the kind of people that you have met and called as friends, what kind of people are they!”

Feng Yurou turned pale and her body shook. Grievingly, she said, “Qianqian…”

Suddenly, with a fit of strong anger, Feng Yurou turned around and gave Lan Muxue two tight slaps; two hard and heavy slaps.

Lan Muxue could have blocked the slaps, but at this moment, he took no measures to defend himself.

It was useless to defend himself. To begin with, his strength was far from being able to win a fight against Feng Yurou. If he were to defend himself now, it would only deepen the feud between them.

Even before the Nine Tribulations Sword Master could annihilate the Lan Clan, they would have been destroyed by the Moon Breeze couple.

After the tight slaps, Feng Yurou pointed at Lan Muxue angrily and said, “Lan Muxue, I really could not imagine that your Lan Clan would actually scheme against us. Such an evil plot against us! Haha, very well, Lan Muxue… I have finally recognized the true colors of your Lan Clan! If anything were to happen to my disciple tonight, I would annihilate your entire Lan Clan, even if its an ant!”

After finishing the sentence, Feng Yurou did not wait any longer and left anxiously and hurriedly. Gone in a flash.

From far, the booming and rumbling sound of the battle was getting louder. It felt as if there were several hundred thousands of people brawling it out. Even the ground was shaking.

Lan Muxue wiped the fresh blood from the corner of his mouth. There were more important emotions than anger and humiliation. For now, his heart was filled with fear and confusion!

He could not think of how such an important and meticulously planned event in secrecy could have been so easily and quickly exposed? If the event went as planned, it would not only have implicated the Ye Clan and a few other Clans but also helped to gain further trust and friendship between the Lan Clan and Moon Breeze couple.

How was it possible that this matter could take an emergency plunge like this and come to this stage of development?

He turned and took off hurriedly, with only one thought in mind, ‘Hopefully, those ba*tards were not so quick in taking action. Otherwise… the Lan Clan would really be finished…’

Lan Muxue was using all his might to rush back to the scene.

He thought, ‘Hopefully I am still in time to stop all these… Ah!’

However, he discovered a terrifying reality. He had already used all his might, even using his potential strength to rush back. At this speed, he would have reached in no time.

However, he suddenly realized that regardless of his lightning speed, he was only just running on the spot!

After rushing for so long, he finally realized that he was just waving and kicking in the air above the window. In reality, he had not moved an inch at all.

What was going on?

In his entire life, since when had Lan Muxue encountered such a terrifying incident? He had never thought of such a bizarre incident happening to him, not even dreamed of such things before!

He could not help but shout, “Who is it?”

A cold and clear voice came from the front, “It’s me.”

Lan Muxue lifted his head, only to see a lady dressed in white and her face covered by a veil. She was just floating in the air and quietly standing in front of him. A pair of cold eyes looked down at him, with a slight playfulness, she said, “Stop running, it’s useless.”

Lan Muxue calmed down. He knew that since this person came to inform the Moon Breeze couple and stopped him, then this person would never allow him to rush back to stop all these things!

To live or to die, the Lan Clan was now under the control of others!

He was almost close to total despair.

“Who are you?” Lan Muxue looked at the lady in front of him and asked in a cold and heavy voice.

“Who am I?” Zi Xieqing suddenly came forward and fiercely gave Lan Muxue a tight slap. “Do you even deserve to ask who I am?”

Lan Muxue was totally controlled from head to toe. He was unable to avoid and took the slap solidly. Instantly, he was seeing stars and one of his teeth fell out of his mouth. However, solemnly and stirringly, Lan Muxue said, “Let me die knowing the reason. Just who are you really? What kind of feud do you have with our Lan Clan?”


It was another tight slap. “You still want to die knowing the reason?”


Another tight slap came. “Just the Lan Clan and you think you deserve to have a feud with me?!”

It was three continuous tight slaps and three of Lan Muxue’s teeth fell out from his mouth.

Ever since his coming of age and he began to roam the world, it had already been nine thousand years for Lan Muxue. Never had he been subjected to such humiliation! At this instant, Lan Muxue almost fainted from the anger, yet he was helpless. He couldn’t do anything but watch himself get walloped.

“Rest assured, I will not kill you! I just need to keep you here.” Zi Xieqing said callously, “For so many years, you must not have had the chance to feel terrible or painful, right? Come, let Sister give you an eye-opener today!”

Suddenly, Zi Xieqing went forward. With one hand holding onto the back of Lan Muxue’s neck, she took him into the room and reverse slammed him onto the ground. Lan Muxue went head first into the flooring.

Immediately, Zi Xieqing grabbed onto Lan Muxue’s ankle and held him up again, only to violently slam him against the wall!


And another time!

After Zi Xieqing had vented all her anger, she broke Lan Muxue’s four limbs and gave him a kick on his Dantian, before slowly going away.

Lan Muxue, a powerful Supreme Martial Artist, was like a defenseless kid. After being walloped by Zi Xieqing, he fell onto the floor and fainted over.

At this instant, even if he was conscious, there was nothing that he could do.

All his four limbs were broken and his Dantian was severely injured.

Although it was not to the level of abolishing his martial arts cultivation, it would take at least a day and a night before he could even move. By that time, regardless of the matter, it would all be too late to change anything.

During the time when Moon Breeze couple and Lan Muxue were drinking…

The black figure that captured Wu Qianqian had already gone afar to the Peaceful Jade Lake and was producing a weird sound from his mouth.

At this moment, a loud rumbling sound came and the house door on the Peaceful Jade Lake was suddenly shattered into pieces. The sound was earth-shattering and a laughing voice full of arrogance said, “The miscellaneous characters from Ye Clan, get out here to receive your death sentence now!”

The people from Ye Clan who were present in the room all became furious and dashed outside the room. However, the moment they came out, they realized that there was not a single person to be seen. After searching for a while, there was still nothing to be found. Helpless, they turned and headed back to the room, while still scolding in their heart.

Within these few moments of shuffling, the black figure had already entered Peaceful Jade Lake like a meteor with Wu Qianqian firmly sandwiched between the arms. Wu Qianqian was quickly offloaded in the room of Ye Shifeng and the black figure disappeared from the room in no time.

An aged voice shouted, “You scoundrel! Stay back!” A loud rumbling sound was heard, together with a huge palm print flying out of the room. This was the act of a Supreme Martial Artist second to only Ye Di, amongst those from Ye Clan.

The black figure laughed and said, “There’s no need for such courtesy!” With a wave of his hands, a similarly huge palm print flew out. The two palm-sized energy clashed and the black figure escaped into the night amid all the chaos.

Following which, the people from Ye Clan gathered back at the room.

The aged voice said, “Shifeng, go check out your room, has anyone placed something there? The incident tonight is really weird.”

Ye Shifeng agreed and went over hurriedly to take a look.

In a slight while, he exclaimed, “Angel Wu?” Immediately, he came running out frantically and said, “This is bad, I’m not sure who it is, but the person had kidnapped Angel Wu, the disciple of Elders Feng and Yue and placed her inside my room!”

When these words came out, the entire hall of people fell into a dead silence.

Immediately after…

“Not good!”

“This is not good! Someone is trying to frame us!”

“Hurry, send her back!”

At this moment, a terrifying and imposing aura appeared and an angry voice shouted, “Despicable Ye Clan, you actually did this kind of thing! Hand over the person quickly now!”

“Lan Changge?!” Ye Shifeng was shocked and called out the name of the person who came.

“Is this the evil plot of the Lan Clan? The objective is to incite a tear in the relationship between Elders Feng and Yue, and us?” Someone within the crowd, with really quick brains thought of this idea immediately.

“That’s obviously the case! Everyone knows that in this fight for the Holy Tribe Elder, both Ye Clan and Lan Clan are equal opponents. However, due to the fact that the Ye Clan has our Elder Master Ye Di around, our strength is slightly higher than them. Therefore, it is natural for the Lan Clan to think of a way to get rid of us!” The other person rebutted the sentence without any traces of politeness.

“What should we do now?” Ye Shifeng asked, not knowing what to do.

Now, everyone knew that Ye Clan had walked into an evil trap.

“We must never hand over the person. The moment she is handed over, the Lan Clan would bring her over to claim credit from Elders Feng and Yue. At that moment, they would be sure to badmouth us and even though we are innocent, it would be hard to prove it. No one would believe us! Therefore, we must be the one to hand over her personally to Elders Feng and Yue, and also expose the evil plot of the Lan Clan!”

The aged voice rang out slowly but immediately turned into a sigh.

The noise from outside was getting more agitated. “Are you all handing over the person? To handover or not? If not, we will rush in and get the person out of the house!”

Following which, a loud and rumbling noise was heard. The surrounding walls had been overturned. Almost two hundred people from Lan Clan rushed in. It seemed to be the entire population of Lan Clan that had come to Tianji City this time around.

Just like that, they all rushed in together.

How could the Ye Clan appear weak? “The Lan Clan is so despicable! They actually used such a dirty trick! If we let your evil plot succeed this time, how would there still be justice and order in this world?”

The Ye Clan shouted and rushed outside, leaving behind a few to protect Wu Qianqian.

The scoldings and shouting were endless. Both sides were already in a brawl, an all-out fight! There were several professionals who already thought that fighting on the ground was restrictive to their movement. They shifted their fight to the air above. In the sky, the fight continued one on one, brutally against each other!

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