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Transcending the Nine Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 1064 - Let’s all participate in the battle!

Chapter 1064: Let’s all participate in the battle!

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Both parties in the battle gnashed their teeth in anger, their faces were contorted with anger and they were in a life-or-death struggle.

Both parties did not want to drag on the battle for too long so it was heated from the beginning.

Instantly, the earth moved at Peaceful Jade Lake.

The energies collided into each other ferociously, diffusing the energies in the air.

The water in the Peaceful Jade Lake shot up a thousand feet into the air and was forcefully pushed down, spilling furiously out of the lake; the earth shook and all the houses trembled as if an earthquake just happened, the sturdy houses moved unsteadily just as though they were at a disco.

There were casualties from both sides even with just a mere contact.

From the beginning, everyone had bloodshot eyes.

The Lan Clan planned on saving Wu Qianqian before the others could do so and at the same time, push the blame to the Ye Clan so that the elders Feng and Yue would cause trouble for them. After that, when the Lan Clan successfully completed their tasks, they would have made a fortune.

It was undeniable that in the face of elders Feng and Yue’s anger, even with Ye Di’s presence, the only viable option would be to retreat and make a getaway. As long as the strongest competitor Ye Clan withdrew from this, the Lan Clan’s mission would be close to success.

Additionally, concerning this incident, the Elder Master was not sure how long it could be kept a secret from the elders Feng and Yue; if Moon Breeze couple arrived ahead of schedule and caught this in action, Ye Clan would be given a chance to explain, this would spoil the whole plan.

Hence, from the very beginning, everyone exerted their full strength in the battle.

The Ye Clan was upset because of the unjust treatment, driven by the strong attacks, they were desperate in trying to defend themselves.

The fury of the elders Feng and Yue would be unbearable even for the members of the Ye Clan. For a moment, everyone from the Ye Clan fought with all their might.

If they were to be framed successfully, it would be unquestionable even if the elders Feng and Yue decide to kill them as a punishment.

They would rather die together with these bastards who framed them than to be killed by Moon Breeze couple.

With this thought, everyone put in even more effort into the battle, earth-shattering roars filled the air; everyone looked malevolent and had bloodshot eyes!

Miserable screams, the collision of energies, the striking of weapons, the hurling of insults…

Formed a huge commotion. Almost all the citizens of Tianji City was awakened by this uproar, leaving them in trembles…

The entire Tianji City was in tremor, for a moment, it seemed like the end of the world was approaching…

Ye Shifeng stayed in the main hall, his hands were sweaty, he mumbled to himself, “Where is the Elder Master? Where is the Elder Master?”

It was obvious that the Lan Clan came prepared this time around while the Ye Clan was caught in a rush to defend themselves; it was evident who had the upper hand. As of now, the only way to turn the situation around would be the appearance of Ye Di; there was no one else who seemed to have the same capabilities.

“The Elder Master is currently discussing some issues with the Dharma Supreme.” Ye Shiyu suddenly appeared behind Ye Shifeng and replied gently.

“What shall be done? Without the Elder Master, we are no match for our enemies!” Ye Shifeng said worriedly, “If it is taken away, the Ye Clan will be in deep trouble. With elders Feng and Yue’s temperament, how would they be willing to suffer such a loss without a valid reason? Lies will become the truth and this will make it even harder for us to prove our innocence.”

“What exactly is the matter at hand?” Ye Shiyu asked with a frown.

At this moment, not only did Ye Shiyu dispose of his usual hermaphrodite gestures, he was actually composed and rational, unlike Ye Shifeng.

He remained calm in the face of calamity!

However, Ye Shifeng was so flustered at the moment that he did not give thought to this change. He explained everything to Ye Shiyu anxiously in the shortest time possible.

“What?” Ye Shiyu looked at his brother with a look of shock. “This is the news that Chu Yang gave you?” He had a look of disbelief on his face.

“Is there anything wrong with this?” Ye Shifeng said in an annoyed tone, “I paid for this piece of information with my money!”

“Are you stupid?” Finally, Ye Shiyu fell into a rage. “Even if you were to trust a pig, you should never trust Chu Yang… What were you thinking, you actually thought that it was that simple to bully, tempt and bribe him? You… Are you mad? It would be a much wiser choice for you to seek Lan Changge directly than to look for Chu Yang.”

“What’s wrong? You seem to know something?” Ye Shifeng paused for a moment, he said angrily, “How can you not inform me of what you know? How can you just watch me fall for his trap?”

A loud “boom” could be heard from outside but it was unclear which were the two weapons that collided into each other; at this moment, a blinding white light exploded and illuminated the entire sky.

As the white light shone, Ye Shiyu could very obviously see Ye Shifeng’s face, his face was contorted with rage, he looked like a savage beast and looked extremely menacing; his eyes were bloodshot and he was staring at him furiously.

Ye Shiyu felt disheartened, he had an ominous premonition.

“Tell you? Have you ever kept me in the loop about what you were doing? How would I know what your plans were? How can I tell you?” Ye Shiyu said furiously.

“Then tell me now, what is wrong with me looking for Chu Yang?” Ye Shifeng said with guilt.

“How can you be so naive? Have you forgotten that you sent Ye Kong and Ye Yun to kill Chu Yang after leaving Shui Yue garden that day? Have you really forgotten that both Ye Kong and Ye Yun are dead while Chu Yang is still alive?”

“Ye Kong and Ye Yun were killed after being extorted a confession!” Ye Shiyu was almost yelling. “This also means that this person killed them after finding out their intentions and the mastermind behind all these! Do you understand what I am saying?”

Finally, Ye Shifeng turned pale with fright. “You mean that the person that killed Ye Kong and Ye Yun is Chu Yang?” He shook his head violently. “This is impossible! It is obvious that Chu Yang’s cultivation level is the first rank of the Monarch Level! Even though he may be considered a genius, how would he have been able to kill someone that was a Grade Eight Martial Saint?”

“Even if Chu Yang is unable to do so, can’t someone else do it? How about Chu Yang’s assistant? Have you ever met his assistant? Not yet, right? Neither did I! However, Chu Yang is definitely not alone in Tianji City! During his journey, he killed many sons of rich families, do you think that is manageable by someone who possesses a cultivation level of the first rank of the Monarch Level? Can you reconsider all these?”

Ye Shiyu was almost speechless, he said furiously, “Also, at the bottom of Shui Yue garden that day, you were present when Chu Yang mentioned Angel Wu’s injuries, right? Why did you give in? Wasn’t it because Chu Yang had something on you? If he could find out that those two people were sent by the Ye Clan, wouldn’t he know that you were the mastermind behind all these? How can you be so naive?”

Ye Shifeng was dumbstruck; instantly, he felt so despondent that he almost wanted to kill himself. “Yes, yes, I should have expected this…”

“Not only that, but Angel Wu was also injured that night from Ye Kong and Ye Yun’s attacks. Why was that so? Could it be that she is actually in cahoots with Chu Yang? Does that mean that the masterminds are the elders Feng and Yue? Was the incident that day actually a trap? Is that possible?”

“There is such a deep hatred between you and Chu Yang, and you actually went to bribe him for information… I am really speechless… who else would he cheat but you?”

Ye Shiyu stamped his feet in anger and sighed heavily.

“I see… I see…” Ye Shifeng mumbled, a sinister glint appeared in his eyes, he grabbed Ye Shiyu by the collar and gnashed his teeth in anger. “You knew this in the beginning yet you kept it from me… you… you did this on purpose to watch me fail, is that right? Is that right?”

Ye Shiyu allowed him to grab his shirt as he pleased, he was not angry and he did not struggle; he looked at Ye Shifeng with sorrowful eyes that were filled with disappointment. Even though it was of no use, he still explained, “All the things I have said were my suspicions, I had doubts but I did not dare to voice out because I was worried that you would cause trouble with Chu Yang… Did you realize that I have been avoiding him recently? That I have been telling you to not associate yourself with Chu Yang too much?”

“As for the last few things that I mentioned, they only came to my mind after I put together the things I found out you did and the incident that occurred today.”

Ye Shiyu spoke in a sorrowful and disappointed tone.

“Hahaha… what a talent you are, third young master of the Ye Clan!” Ye Shifeng looked up to the sky and laughed, his rough face was filled with angle and malevolence. “You pretended to be a hermaphrodite all these years, that’s fine, but I can’t believe that you would actually lead your biological brother into a trap, and you managed to do it with such ease! You have been planning this for a long time, haven’t you? Ha ha ha…”

Ye Shiyu’s eyes were filled with even more sorrow, however, he bit his lips and stopped talking.

He knew that with Ye Shifeng’s current mental state, nothing he said would change anything.

So much so that the explanation he gave previously was pointless.

Ye Shifeng was going mad.

Outside, the glint from the swords kept on shining, miserable screams and the sound from the fierce battle could be heard; however the brothers in the main hall were oblivious to the commotion, their eyes were fixated on each other; both pair of eyes were filled with anger!

Ye Shifeng was in despair and extreme anger, he bore a deep hatred for Ye Shiyu!

However, even though Ye Shiyu was also in anger, it was mixed with heartbreaking, sorrowful emotion. He was utterly disappointed!

Ultimately, the family was not as appealing as power!

This was actually his biological brother!

Brother from the same womb…

Today, he actually treated him so unreasonably.

The two of them stared at each other as if they were two fighting cocks.

At this moment, an earth-shattering, loud noise erupted outside, a heroic voice shouted, “Go in now! Bring the person out! We will have this person no matter what!”

The two people who were in a fight were caught by surprise!

These were people from the Xiao Clan, also, it was obvious that they made preparations for this operation; a hundred plus people rushed in aggressively, they moved as fast as lightning. The first to bear the brunt of this were people from the Lan Clan and the Ye Clan, they were knocked in different directions!

Xiao Clan kept a close eye on Lan Clan, once the Lan Clan set off, they naturally began their operation secretly. After that, they heard someone say, “Hurry up and hand over the person!”

Subsequently, they heard someone say, “Are you guys going to hand over the person? Hand over or not? Let’s rush in! Bring the person out!” Upon hearing this, how could they continue to suppress themselves?

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