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Transcending the Nine Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 1065 - To fish in troubled water

Chapter 1065: To fish in troubled water

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Xiao Clan heard this and realized that Lan Clan was actually asking for a person from the Ye Clan.

Hence, everyone in the Xiao Clan was shocked: This person was actually already in the hands of the Ye Clan? Ye Clan is indeed capable, they were actually able to steal this person from the camp of the Zhuge Clan without alerting anyone.

Damn it, if we did not bribe that young fellow for information, perhaps we will still be completely unaware of this. Thank god for allowing us to receive such an important piece of information at this critical point in time.

Upon witnessing the fight between the Lan Clan and the Ye Clan, the Xiao Clan realized that they were in an advantageous position; with an order, the members of the Xiao Clan attacked ferociously.

If the person was still imprisoned by the Zhuge Clan, a lot more effort would be required to carry out this mission. However, since the person was now in the hands of the Ye Clan, it would be much easier.

The Lan Clan rarely carried out assaults, the intense battle was taking a toll on the combat power of the Ye Clan, there wouldn’t be a better time than this to make a move. Once Ye Di returned, it would be much more troublesome!

Hence, the members of the Xiao Clan roared and dashed forth! At once, the battle became more intense, the red-eyed three parties were at odds and none was willing to make a compromise.

Lan Clan: This opportunity belongs to the Lan Clan! The family that obtains Wu Qianqian will naturally be on friendly relations with the elders Feng and Yue; it would be irrational to let go of such a good opportunity. So, fight on!

Ye Clan: We will be unfairly blamed no matter whose hands Wu Qianqian would land in, hence, no matter what, it is of utmost importance to secure her in our hands! Hence, the only way out is to… kill!

Xiao Clan: The Xiao Clan will be able to enjoy the resources of the Three Stars Divine Clan if the Holy Tribe Elder lands in their hands; with this, their power will be able to surpass that of the other eight clans!

Why would anyone give up on this unbelievable opportunity? The great treasure of the Three Stars Divine Clans! Hence… fight on!

The three different clans had different motives and plans, they were all ready for a bloody battle! What a chaotic scene!

The battle was in full swing!

There was more than one clan that shared the same thoughts as the Xiao Clan!

Another laughter erupted. “How exciting! The Ling Clan should join in the fun! Go! Bring the person to me!”

Immediately, under the stars, a figure that was as white as snow, as if it was from the ancient glaciers descended! Within seconds, at the speed of a meteor, the figure joined in the battle; the collisions of the swords were heard.

It was the Ling Clan.

The Ling Clan and the Xiao Clan had the same thoughts; upon seeing the Xiao Clan’s actions, the Ling Clan was worried about being put at a disadvantageous position, hence the leader decided on the spot to join in the fight.

Another loud voice could be heard. “How can the Yè Clan miss out on such an exciting scene? Go in and bring me the person!”

Immediately, another voice shouted, “Haha, it is indeed exciting, however, the person belongs to the Shi Clan!”

The Shi Clan had also arrived.

After a short pause, another group of figures appeared. “The Li Clan will never miss out on such an interesting situation!”

At the same time, someone screamed, “The Chen Clan is also here!”

The chaotic situation was indescribable.

The eight clans were involved in a big fight, everyone who participated in the fight could no longer identify their enemies; they started to fight with people who were dressed differently from themselves; it was the Xiao Clan in one moment, and the Ling Clan in the next moment, with a turn, they faced the swords of the Yè Clan…

The chaotic scene was hard to describe!

Houses after houses collapsed onto the ground as the ground continued to shake… Many people emerged from the rubbles and were thrown into a panic, they shuddered in fear and could still feel the tremble of the ground; perhaps when the ground might throw them up into the air, a large hole might even appear in the ground and swallow them whole…

The martial artists would still be able to fend for themselves, however, it would be a horrible situation for ordinary people…

Up till now, the Chen Clan, Xiao Clan, Shi Clan, Ling Clan, Li Clan and the newly arrived clans were in clear understanding. The six clans were all aiming to capture the elder of the Three Stars Divine Clan!

And they were all determined to do it!

The Ye Clan and the Lan Clan who first initiated the fight were extremely furious, they could not help but feel weird and aggrieved.

We are trying to fight for Angel Wu, what exactly are the rest of you fighting for? This affair has nothing to do with the rest of you, why are you here to cause more trouble?

When did the news spread?

Many white figures flew towards the scene from a distance away, a desperate voice could be heard from afar. “What is happening? What is happening? You guys… why are you fighting on the grounds of the Zhuge Clan? You rascals… are you trying to make me die of anger?”

The Zhuge Clan arrived, leading them was the second grandmaster Zhuge Hutu! The old man was extremely angry and was foaming at the mouth.

This was urgent; the Zhuge Clan would be destroyed if they continued the fight!

“Stop the fight! Stop the fight!” Zhuge Hutu shouted loudly as he waved his arms frantically in the air.

However, all the people from the Nine Super Clans were used to having their own ways and couldn’t care less. How embarrassing would it be if I listen to your orders and stop fighting?

Besides, all the clans suffered fatalities of which most of them were from the Ye Clan and the Lan Clans; tens of people from each clan had died and most of them were Professional Martial Saints!

All these professionals had great potential, yet they were sacrificed in the battle today, this was unforgivable!

Not only that, some Martial Warriors of the first and second class of the Ye Clan and Lan Clan were seriously injured, the anger could not be stopped by Zhuge Hutu’s orders. Zhuge Hutu tried to persuade everyone, he desperately tried to stop people but to no avail.

Soon afterward, Zhuge Hutu panicked and entered the battle, once he grabbed hold of someone, he would throw them out of the battle circle; one by one, he threw them out!

He did not dare to kill anyone but was able to capture them, as he reached out for them, those that were being captured would lose their resistance; they would be thrown out while struggling to break free.

The members of the Zhuge Clan stood at attention on the outside of the battlefield, they would dominate those that were being thrown out; however, they did not dare to enter the battle for if they did so, the Nine Super Clans would be in a big mess!

Who would believe that they were here to stop the fight at this moment? Perhaps, were they trying to take unfair advantage of the situation?

At the same time, the Chen Clan, Li Clan, Shi Clan and the others were secretly pleased: How could these stupid people from the Zhuge Clan not know that the person was already stolen from them? Hence, no one said a word, they were all focused on achieving their aims…

Zhuge Shanyun stomped his feet in panic, he was still confused till now, what exactly led to the outbreak of this fight? It seemed to be something about fighting for a person!

This was getting weirder… because the only person that could trigger such a battle was only the elder of the Holy Tribe, however, this elder was still kept in the clan’s secret dungeon.

He went down to take a look in the afternoon, the place was not only well hidden but was also heavily guarded! It was impossible for someone to take the person away without alerting anyone!

Who exactly were they fighting for? Who was worth such a battle?

In the confusion, no one realized that a black figure entered the battle with light steps. The figure floated around within the chaos of the battle as if it were an unnoticeable spirit.

This person had a cold look on his face, he had sharp eyes and a slim figure, he looked just like anyone from the Jiang Hu.

While everyone was heavily engaged in the battle, this person remained extremely calm, he was moving at ease in the chaotic environment; he was like a dangerous cobra who was waiting for the perfect opportunity to kill!

This was the perfect opportunity!

Hence, the black figure moved at the speed of lightning, a sword pierced through the heart of the young master of the Xiao Clan who bribed Chu Yang for information! With a roar, he fell to the ground in disbelief!

“Fifth young master!” the people in his surroundings shouted, they glared at the black figure and spoke with blood laced in their words, “Member of the Ye Clan!”

With a snort, the person said, “Do you think that everyone in black was from the Ye Clan? Nonsense!”

“How dare you deny this? I am going to kill you!” A professional from the Xiao Clan rushed forward.

Although everyone was crazily engaged in the epic battle, they all knew deep in their hearts that fighting and killing were acceptable but no one should attempt to kill the key figure of each clan.

An example would be the disciples who were here this time to attend the Medicine Banquet and garner experience.

Hence, even though these few young masters were engaged in the celestial fight, none of them were injured. However, no one expected this black figure from the Ye Clan to make their move and kill the young master of the Xiao Clan!

This hatred was indeed big and unshakable!

In addition to the existing hatred between the Ye Clan and the Xiao Clan when both parties suffered great loss from the Dong Nan incident, an inextricable knot was formed in their hearts; how would one be able to stay calm after such an incident?

Immediately, both clans fought more furiously than before; the Xiao Clan was the first to go mad and the Ye Clan had to follow suit. The battle was getting bloodier by the minute.

As the professional rushed towards the black figure, he retreated backward quickly and avoided the sword; with a few agile turns, he avoided the subsequent attacks as if he was a fish swimming in the water, the edge of the sword missed the figure by a beat; however, he was still a step slower and the blade cut through his clothing, even though it did not injure him seriously, a waist tag fell from his body.

“Ah!” He shouted and tried to pick up the waist tag, however, the members of the Xiao Clan was attacking him at full speed, he would be chopped into pieces if he tried to bend down now.

He had no choice but to dodge quickly and enter the main hall of the Ye Clan.

A professional from the Ye Clan picked up the waist tag with the end of his sword, some words were carved on it: The strongest clan! A name followed behind: Ye Cheng Long!

Only Ye Clan possessed this waist tag! This waist tag was the evidence of the superior abilities of the Ye Clan!

Instantly, the eyes of the members of the Ye Clan turned red!

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