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Transcending the Nine Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 1066 - Where is my Disciple?

Chapter 1066: Where is my Disciple?

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“It is indeed the people from Ye Clan! Ye Clan has killed our Fifth Young Master!” The Xiao Clan exponents grieved.

“Stop your bullsh*t! What do you mean by it was done by the Ye Clan? Your Fifth Young Master was right in front of me several times. If I wanted to kill him, I would have done so earlier.” An elder from Ye Clan rebutted unremittingly.

“Our Fifth Young Master is already dead, just right in front of us, under the hands of your people. Your Ye Clan still wants to deny the responsibility! Ye Clan! What kind of hero are you, if you don’t dare to admit what you did!”

A few Martial Saints from Xiao Clan were grieving and crying loudly. Regardless of how much injuries their body suffered from swords and sabers, they followed closely behind a person dressed in black, rushing into the main hall of Peaceful Jade Lake.

At this moment, within the main hall, Ye Shiyu had already broken free of Ye Shifeng. Both brothers were glaring at each other, almost at the tipping point of breaking out into a fight!

Suddenly a “Pop!” sound was heard and a black figure dashed in. Both brothers tilted their heads and saw someone dressed as their own people. Just when they were about to shout out, the person frantically hid behind one of the panels and shouted, “Both Young Masters, hurry and get out of here, the people from Xiao Clan have already rushed in!”

Both of them were shocked. Ye Shiyu was the quickest to react. “Zoom!” and he hurriedly jumped over the window and entered the battlefield.

Ye Shifeng hesitated for a moment and said, “What is happening? Why would Xiao Clan dare to enter this place? It only involved one single person… how could it be…”

Before he could finish his sentence, four to five Martial Saints from Xiao Clan had already dashed into the room, drenched in blood.

They directly used their bodies to smash through the walls. Within the smoke and dust, they entered from three different directions.

In the blink of an eye, the man dressed in black had already disappeared, leaving Ye Clan’s Second Young Master, Ye Shifeng in the hall!

Suddenly, an idea was born. ‘You killed my clan’s Young Master, I shall kill your clan’s Young Master! We were originally Fifth Young Master’s bodyguards and now that he is dead, we will not be spared as well! A life for a life breaks even, a life for two is a good bargain!

At this moment, Ye Clan already knew that something was amiss and a few of them rushed in, regardless of the risk involved.

A few people of the Xiao Clan looked at each other. Without hesitation, they sneered and simultaneously attacked Ye Shifeng! With sword and fist!

They even did not try to avoid the swords and sabers’ attacks from their back or even the fists from the front!

A few people from Ye Clan rushed from behind, glaring and angrily shouting at the same time, “Don’t do it.” They were charging forward with all their might and no regards to their own life, but it was already too late…

Ye Shifeng was petrified and shouted, “You all dare…”

However, before he could finish his sentence, he was struck!

These few people were all at least fifth grade Martial Saints. Their combined attack was immense, full of power and destructiveness.

Ye Shifeng only managed to finish three words, before he was struck by a combined attack of the five people. He fell to the ground with the whole body sinking in. His eyes were flashing with unbelievable and inconceivable thoughts as he slowly lost consciousness.

Even at the point of death, he could not believe that Xiao Clan would dare to kill him! Killing the second in line to the direct line of succession in the Ye Clan! Were they not afraid of getting into an endless feud between the two clans?

An exponent from Xiao Clan grinned hypocritically. Using a saber, he further hacked Ye Shifeng’s body into two and said malevolently, “I don’t dare?”

With another hack, he said, “I don’t dare?! F*ck your grandmother!”

Behind, a few Ye Clan’s exponents already went crazy and charged forward with their eyes red. Over ten people were in a brawl in the main hall. Xiao Clan had already exhausted their strength and was instantly suppressed. However, they were fearless and shouting out for a fierce battle and a life-and-death struggle.

Outside, a Ye Clan exponent who was about to enter the room, saw the decapitated Ye Shifeng. Petrified, he yelled out, “Something bad has happened! Our Second Young Master has been killed by the Xiao Clan…”

This yell was out of the blue!

The Ye Clan became chaotic and instantly became crazier.

A hoarse long exclaim was heard. Out from the Peaceful Jade Lake came a shadow. It was the exponent from Ye Clan who warned Ye Shifeng previously.

To suppress his identity, he did not take part in the battle. However, it was beyond his imagination to see his favorite great great great… grandson to be dead in the blink of an eye.

How could he not be angry and furious?

“Xiao Clan, this is really too much, isn’t it!?” He shouted angrily and charged into the battle circle. He raised his palms to attack and smashed the brains of a Xiao Clan Martial Saints. He let out another long crying exclaim, “You all are forcing me to start a massacre!”

“To start a massacre? You are not capable of that! One of your grandchildren is dead, so is mine! You dare to get angry first… That’s very good, Ha Ha, very good. The people of Ye Clan are indeed unreasonable.” A burst of gloomy laughter and a figure dressed in green clothes with disdaining eyes, appeared out of nowhere in front of him.

The two Elder Masters roared and went into a fierce fight.

The people from both Xiao Clan and Ye Clan had gone totally crazy with the whole atmosphere boiling hot; each of them was trying to kill their opponents!

In this instant, the shouting with murderous intent filled the sky.

Afar, a few figures came anxiously over, from various directions.

Within the main hall of Ye Clan, on the walls behind the screen, a hole appeared out of nowhere. The black-clothed person originally hiding there had long escaped without any traces.

Left behind were the few from both Xiao Clan and Ye Clan still fighting to their deaths.

Speedy like a ghostly shadow, a person quickly reached the front of Ye Shifeng’s room. Knocking on the door and speaking hurriedly in a low voice, “The situation outside is turning sour, Elder Master has instructions to first move the girl to another place. Otherwise, it would turn out really bad for us.”

Inside, the two Fourth Grade Martial Saints, who were looking after Wu Qianqian, had long been nervous and flustered from the shouting and fighting outside. Upon hearing this voice, they felt enlightened, as if they suddenly had a definite view of what to do. Under such circumstances, how could they distinguish the authenticity of the information?

They walked towards the bed.

They intended to carry Wu Qianqian and to follow the person to leave this place immediately.

Previously, the two Martial Saints had checked that Angel Wu was indeed under the effect of the drugs. Although her mind was still conscious, her body did not have any energy to move. Therefore, they were totally unprepared to counter any movements from Angel Wu.

As they reached the bed, Wu Qianqian’s eyes opened widely all of a sudden. The eyes were piercing with murderous intent!

Following which, the quilt that wrapped Wu Qianqian was suddenly torn into pieces!

The next moment, Wu Qianqian flashed out her saber. With lightning speed and top accuracy, she fiercely chopped it onto the neck of the two Martial Saints who were within arms’ reach!

The two Martial Saints became flustered and totally unprepared for this. Who knew that this Angel Wu, who had been drugged and had been lying still all this while, would suddenly attack?

The saber came suddenly and it instantly landed on them!

The one on the left did not even have the time to make a noise and his head was chopped off.

Until the head hit the ceiling, then the two hands subconsciously took up a defensive position…

The one on the right had faster reactions. Reacting under the crisis, he tilted his head and clamped the saber firmly. However, the saber had already chopped passed one-third of his neck.

Following which, Wu Qianqian raised her legs and gave a series of kicks to his chest. Her last kick fiercely hit his jaw. He let out a loud roar and staggered away. His neck was spilling out blood like a fountain and his mouth was also vomiting huge amounts of blood. However, he was not going to die any moment soon.

The door suddenly opened and a black shadow flew in with lightning speed.

The injured Martial Saint could no longer speak and his eyes were already blurry. Seeing that the new person was also dressed in black, he thought that he was one of them. Holding on to his own neck and pointing to Wu Qianqian, he said, “She she…”

The new person smiled coldly, flashing his sword, he fiercely stabbed it into the heart of the injured Martial Saint. Following which, he wielded his sword and cut off his head.

Following after, the new person in black dragged Wu Qianqian by her hands and said, “Hurry let’s go! Your teacher is coming soon!”

Wu Qianqian smiled gently, her face revealing a look of satisfaction. She took out a mask to cover her face and let herself be led freely by the person in front. Both of their movements were speedy. From the windows and out, they quietly reached the dilapidated surrounding wall. They looked at each other briefly before picking up the pace and charged out of the place.

Along the way, they took down several exponents who were fighting here. The two of them were like meteors, gone in the blink of an eye.

Of course, this new person, dressed in black, was Chu Yang.

Ever since that night, at the Shui Yue garden, when Ye Shifeng wanted to kill him, Chu Yang had already sentenced him to death in his mind! Just because he had a little tit-for-tat or some form of rivalry with Ye Shiyu, he actually wanted him dead!

Chu Yang would have never killed Ye Shiyu in those circumstances. Even for any Young Masters in the Nine Super Clans, before they were fully grown and able to fend for themselves, Chu Yang would never kill them! That would be suicidal!

As of this point, Ye Shifeng was equally aware!

However, Ye Shifeng actually wanted to kill him at that moment.

Therefore, regardless of circumstances, Chu Yang would never allow Ye Shifeng to continue living. Those who deserved to be killed should be killed immediately and decisively. Chu Yang had never allowed anyone with murderous intentions towards himself to stay by him!

Since there was this opportunity now, Chu Yang would definitely take care of him! Regardless of the method.

Now that Ye Shifeng was dead, Xiao Clan and Ye Clan truly became deadlock enemies. Chu Yang naturally wanted to get Wu Qianqian out of this as soon as possible. If she were to be ‘saved’ by Elders Feng and Yue, then the outcome would definitely be less than exciting!

Just as Chu Yang and Wu Qianqian were leaving, from far came a white figure. As quickly as the winds, even before the white figure reached, a thundery voice roared, “Everyone, stop what you are doing right now!”

This loud roar was truly earth-shattering!

Within the roar was limitless anger!

All those fighting on the ground felt their ears ringing from the loud roar and became dizzy immediately. The buildings in the vicinity also collapsed from the sound waves generated!

For some, whose cultivations were weaker, they were either bleeding from their orifices or were instantly shocked to death by the loud roar.

The oncoming figure was dressed in snow-white color, good-looking and a carefree figure. The figure was Yue Lingxue! One of the top five characters that one should never get into trouble with!

Upon receiving the news, he immediately rushed back to the Jiaxiu building. From there, he came over here immediately after. After rushing and chasing for a while, he finally came in time for this huge battle.

Zhuge Hutu had spent all this energy to stop everyone, but was in vain. Now that Yue Lingxue gave a loud roar, everyone stopped what they were doing on hand.

Yue Lingxue was filled with stern murderous intent as he landed from the sky. The murderous intent was surging outwards and he looked coldly at the surrounding people and said indifferently, “I will only ask once. Where is my disciple?!”

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