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Transmigration with QQ Farm (Web Novel) - Chapter 9.1

Chapter 9.1

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A human and a snake, having a staring contest under the pine tree!

As time passed by, the tension built higher and higher. Sweats were dripping down Cheng Xiao Xiao’s cheek. Her hands formed fists inside her sleeves, but she continued to stare intently at the snake. She dared not to move.

What to do? What could she do?

Cheng Xiao Xiao was very frightened, even though she wasn’t showing it. She had no chance to outrun this snake.


The bandit krait stuck it split tongue. The next moment, the snake lurked toward Cheng Xiao Xiao.

The snake came at her at lighting speed. Cheng Xiao Xiao’s brain was drawing blank. She had only one thought – suck it inside the dimension.

Right when she thought about it, the snake that was inches from her wrist disappeared immediately.

The shocked Cheng Xiao Xiao was taken a back. It took her a while before she could react!

She let out a sharp breath and patted herself on her chest, dripping in cold sweat. Her brain finally started to work again.

She looked around but didn’t see the banded krait anywhere. She frowned lightly.

The snake had disappeared!

She thought about it for a second and skipped into the dimension.

Right when she had entered, the system voice resounded, “A new species the banded krait had appeared. Dimension leveled up to level 3. An additional well had been added for the host to use!”

She did suck it into the dimension.

Cheng Xiao Xiao was ecstatic. She walked and looked around the dimension but didn’t find the banded krait.

And she had noticed that not just the banded krait, she didn’t find the bamboo shoots either.

“Where are the items that I have transported in here?”

“Replying host: bamboo shoots and banded krait had been added to the shop catalog. Whenever the host needs, you can plant or summon on demand!”

Is that so!

Cheng Xiao Xiao immediately entered her little cottage and clicked on “shop”. Sure enough she saw the icons for bamboo shoots and the banded krait.

She stared at the banded krait’s icon and started to worry. What was the purpose of added poisonous snakes to the catalog? Sounds very dangerous if it was let out and bite people.

“Replying host: Any animals that appear in the dimension will recognize the host as their master and obey their commands.”

“Obey my commands?”

Cheng Xiao Xiao felt a little dubious. Looking at the icon of the curled-up banded krait, she was very tempted to give it try, to see whether it would truly obey her commands.

She clicked the icon, after a golden beam of light, a banded krait appeared in front of her. It was, indeed, the snake that tried to attack her earlier.

She looked into the snake’s eyes and immediate she felt different. She could feel the affinity of the snake toward her.

Yes, affinity, like that from a pet.

She was surprised. She reached out a finger and slowly inched toward the snake’s head. The vicious-looking banded krait waited motionlessly.

It’s expression didn’t change, the nervous Cheng Xiao Xiao slowly relaxed.

When her fingered touched the snake, the slightly cool snake scales made it felt like jade. The snake seemed happy, it nuzzled her wrist with its head.

Before Cheng Xiao Xiao could react, it wrapped itself around her wist. Cheng Xiao Xiao was a little scared and wanted to flung it off of her. ___

Chapter 9.2

Girls were prone to be afraid of snakes and Cheng Xiao Xiao was one of them. But when she saw that the snaked seemed quite playful, she suppressed her fear and her urge to flung it away.

Looking at the docile snake, Cheng Xiao Xiao smiled warmly. She never would have expected suChapter power from the dimension. This was yet another pleasant surprise.

“Hey little snake, can you understand what I am saying? Nod if you can.” Said Cheng Xiao Xiao curiously to the snake.

“Hiss….” Said the banded krait and, surprisingly enough, it then nodded at Cheng Xiao Xiao.

“This is awesome! From now on, I am going to call you Snakey. Snakey will be your name!”

Cheng Xiao Xiao was ecstatic, her eyes beamed. She laughed, “If I continue to collect strong animals into the dimension, I am going to turn into a summoner that I’ve read in novels before!”

Summoner! That would be incredible!

Stumbling onto something so mysterious, the formerly ignorant Cheng Xiao Xiao felt like she was living in a dream.

After playing with Snakey for a while, Cheng Xiao Xiao’s original excitement finally started to subside. She thought it was about time to go home.

Exiting the dimension, Cheng Xiao Xiao dare not dilly dally around. She needed to head home right away, before it got dark.

She rushed down the mountain and headed straight toward home.

“Big sister, where had you been? What took you so long to come home?” Zheng Yuan came out and asked soon as she arrived at the front door.

Cheng Xiao Xiao was still in a good mood, she smiled at him, “I went out for a short walk. What’s up? You looking for me?”

“No, nothing. Big sister, mom said we are going to the market day after tomorrow, right?”

Looking at the happy Zheng Yuan, Chen Xiao Xiao walked in front of him and smiled, “Mom and I are going to the market. You have to stay behind to take care of dad, Zheng Big, and Lan Lan.”

“No, no, big sister. The two of us go, let mom stay at home. I haven’t been to the market in forever!” Cheng Zheng Yuan objected right away. He didn’t want to miss the opportunity to go to the market.

Cheng Xiao Xiao shook her head lightly. She doubted their parents will let the two of them go by themselves. Gently she said, “Mom won’t agree to that.”

“Big sister, if you said its okay, so would mom!”

“Impossible, dad would object to that even more!”

“Big sister, let mom stay behind. Let me go with you!”

While the two of them were bickering, Zheng Bin and Lan Lan ran out from the kitchen. Little Lan Lan ran over and hugged Cheng Xiao Xiao. Lifting her small head, she said, “Big sister, Lan Lan wants to go too. Lan Lan can sell rabbits too!”

“Big sister, I have never been to the market. Let big bother and I go with you. We are both grown ups!”

“Not possible!” Zheng Yan shouted at his younger siblings before Cheng Xiao Xiao could respond, “You two are too young. It takes four hours to get to the market! You two will only be burden to us!”

“Big brother, big sister hadn’t said anything yet. Don’t you worry, I can walk on my own two feet!”

“Lan Lan wants to go too! Lan Lan wants to go too!”

Amidst all the bickering among the three of them, Cheng Xiao Xiao decided to just keep her mouth shut and let them be. They wouldn’t be the ones making that decision anyway.

Time flew passed!

On the third day at day break, Cheng Xiao Xiao was woken up by her mother in her sleep. She gestured her to be quiet. Then looking at the soundly asleep siblings, she smiled.

It’s time to go to the market. ___

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