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Transmigration with QQ Farm (Web Novel) - Chapter 17.1

Chapter 17.1

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The young man was astonished. He asked again, “What kind of a farm woman? Do you know where she was from?”

“Sir, I didn’t ask too much. She has with her four kids and they were inside a cow-drawn wagon. I thought the food looked to be of high quality, so I bought them from her!” Replied the innkeeper nervously.

“Oh….” The young man nodded slightly. He picked up his chopsticks again and picked up more food, “How muChapter did you pay her?”

“Sir, I paid her three taels plus 30 wen for 20 chickens, 30 rabbits, 80 jin of rice, and 15 cabbages!”

“What?!” The young man, who was just about to place more food into his mouth, stared him at suddenly. After he noticed that the innkeeper was telling the truth, his brows twitched a few times and he scolded him lightly, “You would still have made a great profit even if you had paid her 30 taels!”

“OH!!!” The innkeeper thought he heard wrong and exclaimed lightly.

The corner of the young man’s mouth twitched a few times, and he ordered with a deepened voice, “These items, send them to Jing Province immediately. And don’t let anyone find out. Any items like these in the future, you go ahead and send to Jing Province, you got that?”

“Sir, this….” The innkeeper was completely baffled. He had no idea what was happening.

“Don’t ask. I am ordering you. And, next time don’t bully them like that, pay them more money. And, tell them that we will buy everything they have from them!”

“This….” The innkeeper stared dumbfoundedly at the three dishes on the table with a complexed look.

The young man read his mind, mildly he said, “You’ve been around the block the few times, didn’t you noticed that these items have spiritual properties in them?”

“Spiritual?!” Shouted the innkeeper, “Mythical animals!”

“Hrm, why else do you think these are worth 30 taels? Keep in mind that nobody realized her products have spiritual properties yet. You must pay her more in the future. And, you better figure out and let me know how she was growing these….”

Mrs. Cheng and the kids had arrived home in the wagon while this conversation was going on. After moving the items that they bought into the house, Mrs. Cheng told her daughter, “Xiao Xiao, I know you are tried, but can you return he wagon to the patriarChapter of Willow Village?”

“Sure, I will head over right now!” Cheng Xiao Xiao could see that her mother was tired, so she accepted the task right away.

Mrs. Cheng nodded and added, “Bring a few steamed buns for his grandkids. We should repay them for using their wagon!”

“Understood!” She took out 8 of the steamed buns from the 20 that they had bought to be used as gift for the repayment.

Cheng Zheng Yuan, who was eating a steamed bun, said, “Big sister, I will go with you!”

“Big sister, me too!”

“Big sister, I want to go too!”

The other two young ones also followed suit. Cheng Xiao Xiao looked at them and frowned lightly, “Zheng Yuan, Zheng Bin, you two stay home to help mom with dinner!”


The two of them had always been obedient to their older sister, so they had no choice but to listen. Little Lan Lan smiled and walked over to Cheng Xiao Xiao, “Big sister,I will go with you!”

“Okay, I will take you with me!” Looking at the bright smile on her little sister’s face, Cheng Xiao Xiao didn’t have the heart to say no.

The two of them left the house with the steamed buns. Cheng Xiao Xiao put her little sister into the wagon and headed toward Willow Villge.

An hour later, Cheng Xiao Xiao arrived at Willow Village slowly towing the wagon behind her. Her arrival attracted lots of attention and the villagers greeted her fervently.

Transmigration with QQ Farm Chapter 17.2 – Trouble

Even though she didn’t remember any of them, she chitchatted with them politely. She didn’t know where the patriarch’s house was, but luckily she brought her sister with her and she was able to guide her to the patriarch’s house.

She just arrived at the door when the patriarChapter heard their arrival and came out to greet them. Seeing Cheng Xiao Xiao, the 60 something patriarChapter smiled like a chrysanthemum, “Look, it’s the two girls from the Cheng’s!”

“Grandpa Liu, I can to return your wagon. Thank you so muChapter for letting us borrow it!”

Cheng Xiao Xiao bowed to him and gave him the steamed buns that she had brought with her. She smiled to him, “Grandpa Liu, here’s some steamed buns that we bought from the marketplace for the kids. Please accept our token of appreciation!”

“Oh, the Cheng girls are so polite, you didn’t need to do that! You should save them for your brothers and sister!” PatriarChapter Liu took over the wagon and waved his hand and didn’t concern himself too muChapter with the steamed buns.

Little Lan Lan, who was still inside the wagon, stood up and said loudly to him, “Grandpa Liu, we bought lots of steamed buns! Mom said to give these to the big brothers and sisters in the Liu residence!”

“Oh, little Lan Lan is suChapter a good little girl!” Smiled PatriarChapter Liu.

Right then, a woman around 40 or so walked outside from the house. She’s the patriarch’s daughter-in-law, people referred to her as Zhou Yu Niang. She smiled, “Xiao Xiao and Lan Lan are here, why didn’t you come inside?”

“It’s alright right, Ms. Zhou, we still have to go home and help mom with dinner.” Said Xiao Xiao with a bow.

Looking at the elegant and graceful young lady in front of her, Zhou Yu Niang couldn’t help but said, “The Cheng girls are so educated and well rounded, any guy will be lucky to have you as their wife!”

“I think Liu Danhang will be a good fit for her. Yu Niang, why don’t you help matchmake the two. Perhaps Zhen niangI1 (Liu Danhang’s mother) will buy a big pig head to thank you!”

The person who made that statement appeared in front of the group. She was a middle age woman in a floral outfit. She, too, was a resident of Willow Village. Her name is An Xiao Hong, and people referred to her as Hong niang.

Hearing that, Zhou Yu Niang joined in to bicker with her, she smiled and teased, “Look who wants to help her nephew find a wife. How come I didn’t see you going to the Cheng’s to matchmake?”

Xiao Xiao felt awkward with the two women talking about her right in front her. Had she known, she shouldn’t have come over and started this.

She was just about to bid them farewell when Lan Lan, who was being carried off the wagon by PatriarChapter Liu shouted, “Nonsense, my big sister will marry a childe so she can be a noble woman. I won’t let you talk about my big sister!”2

The two women were so engaged in their conversation they had not expected that coming from Lan Lan. Zhou Yu Niang didn’t make any remark but Hung niang looked unhappy. She glanced over at Cheng Xiao Xiao and said disdainfully, “You know, little Lan Lan, your sister might be fair looking, but judging from the current situation of your family, I don’t think she will be marrying into a wealth family as a noble lady. Unless maybe as a concubine!”

“Nonsense, you will be concubine. Ching Ching (daughter of Hung niang) will be concubine!” The wide-eyed little Lan Lan shouted angrily at Hung niang.

Little Lan Lan is young, but she knew that being a concubine was a bad thing, whiChapter was why she reacted like a kitten in distress, snarling and waving it’s claws.

Unfortunately, little Lan Lan’s voice was a little too loud and attracted too muChapter unwanted attention from the passersby. Seven or eight villagers surrounded them and waiting for the drama to unfold.

Cheng Xiao Xiao just wish she could dig a hole and bury her head inside.3


1. Means “woman”. Add behind the name of a woman, like a nickname of sort.

3. Common saying when someone feels embarrassed.

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