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Treasure Hunt Tycoon (Web Novel) - Chapter 1488: Get In The Way

Chapter 1488: Get In The Way

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Godanwei happily followed Li Du to find his companions and then saw Godzilla, Brother Wolf, the Markelov brothers, and the others.

The men were all tall and bulky, cold and solemn. It was obvious that they were not easily provoked. To top it off, the gang was accompanied by a wolf, a big cat, and other wild animals, and a huge bird of prey was squatting on the ground.

Li Du took all the little ones with him. There were many mountains in Burma. The animals would be more useful than humans sometimes.

Seeing Li Du’s arrival, the people stood still and greeted him respectfully.

Godanwei’s expression instantly stiffened.

Li Du nodded to the crowd and patted him on the shoulder. “What did you say? The tour guide fee we discussed earlier is not enough, right? How much would be enough?”

Godanwei smiled and said, “No, no, it’s enough, boss. I was kidding, really, just kidding.”

Li Du smiled and said, “I guess my sense of humor is not very well-developed. I take everything seriously.”

Under the guide of Godanwei, they went to rent four off-road vehicles. The cars were more than two decades old and looked like they were just about fit to become scrap metal.

However, Driver chose those cars and assured them they would answer the purpose perfectly. They were worn and scratched, and they were gas-guzzlers, but they were perfect for mountain trips, and Driver said that the engines were fine, and the rest they could deal with.

As they drove along, Godanwei’s face became solemn. He was looking around cautiously.

Li Du waved the contract in his face and said, “If you run away, I will sue you. Of course, your travel agency may not care, but I could use my own ways to deal with you.”

Godanwei laughed quickly. “Why on earth would I do that? I’ll take you to Hpakant.”

“Are you familiar with Hpakant? Don’t try to fool me or lead me astray. My time is precious,” said Li Du with a pleasant smile.

Godanwei placed a hand on his chest and said, “Why would you think that, boss? My cousin’s family is in Hpakant. I know the place well. I go there many times every year.”

Li Du said, “If you work for us nicely, I’ll give you six hundred per day.”

And with that, he gave Godanwei another two hundred.

Godanwei didn’t know if this was a trap, so he looked at the money and hesitated.

Li Du pushed the money towards him and said, “Don’t worry. I want to find a good guide. However, the contract states that the daily payment is made in the evening, so why would we pay in advance?”

Godanwei laughed in an embarrassed manner, not knowing what to say.

The car drove out of the city onto a mountain dirt road. There were only trees around and they saw no people.

After a while, Li Du whistled and the cars stopped quickly.

As the car stopped, Godanwei, who was staring outside seemed to be frightened and trembled all over.

Li Du patted him on the shoulder and said, “What’s wrong? What are you afraid of?”

Godanwei smiled awkwardly. “No, it’s nothing, boss.”

Li Du said, “Oh, I just remembered something. I gave you the money in advance. What if you run away? I think I need something to put my mind at ease.”

“I’m not going to do that,” Godanwei said with a wry smile. “You can rest assured that I have professional ethics.”

Li Du said, “I believe you, but my brothers don’t. Here, give me your tourist guide card and some other documents, and when the contract is terminated I’ll return them to you.”

Godanwei said quickly, “Ah? I don’t think…”

“Huh?” Godzilla stirred in the back seat.

Godanwei shivered for a moment, then took out his certificate and handed it to Li Du. He said carefully, “You must not lose it. It is very difficult to replace these documents.”

Li Du said, “If we don’t get lost, your documents won’t either.”

As the motorcade prepared to restart, Li Du, who was in the lead car, saw a pickup truck and a van parked in front. Some young people were sitting on the side of the road, smoking.

Two cars were blocking their way. Li Du frowned and said, “What’s going on?”

Godanwei quickly said, “Oh, nothing. I’ll go down and ask them to move the car.”

Li Du took Big Markelov, who understood Burmese, with him. He was afraid that Godanwei and the others might be up to something fishy.

When he saw them getting out of the car, one of them shouted, and Big Markelov sneered and said, “Boss, they know each other. This fella is asking our guide about ‘the big fat sheep’ that he brought.”

Li Du and Godanwei communicated in Chinese, while he and Big Markelov spoke English. Godanwei didn’t understand English and did not know what they were saying.

After listening to the young man’s words, Godanwei repeatedly waved his hand, and Big Markelov said with a smile, “He said we are difficult to handle, and that he fell into our hands. He asked them if they have weapons, to help him out of this.”

Li Du waved to Driver to move forward and make way for the car behind him.

A young man in front shouted in gruff Chinese, “Stop! Stop! Don’t move! Don’t you move!”

As Driver drove on, the car behind him turned the corner and four large SUVs appeared.

Li Du reached out, grabbed Godanwei by his shoulder and pulled him back. Then he beckoned for everyone in the SUVs to step down.

At the sight of his entourage, the young men, who were smoking cigarettes, were stunned. Then they got up quickly and went to the car to take out weapons such as machetes, baseball bats and golf clubs.

Li Du shook his head and said, “This is insulting. How dare you provoke us like this? Godanwei, didn’t you tell your friends about us on the way?”

Godanwei laughed. “No, boss, you misunderstood. I don’t know them.”

Li Du said, “That’s good!”

Then his tone suddenly became cold and hard. “Kill them all! Shove them in the car and burn it!”

When Godanwei heard this, he was so scared that he almost wet himself. “Hey, listen to me, boss…”

At this point, he realized that Li Du was joking because no one did anything. He did not know that the others did not understand Chinese and could not understand Li Du’s orders.

Li Du looked at him and said, “What?”

Godanwei said dully, “Well, I apologize. I thought I had an easy target and asked my brother to scare you so that you would spend some money…”

The young people on the other side were tough. Even though Li Du’s party seemed to be hard to deal with, they still insisted on looking for trouble and came up with a menacing look.

Li Du nodded to Brother Wolf, and he and the others went up with their belts.

With the belts swinging like whips all around, the youths were not able to fight back and acted like a herd of sheep that were attacked by wolves.

Godanwei gasped as he watched. It was the first time he had ever seen a belt used with such power. It was worse than a whip!

The belt buckle was fine iron with edges and corners, and in Brother Wolf’s and the other men’s hands they were like hammer chains. Some of the youths’ heads were bleeding after being whipped and some had bruises on their bodies

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