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Uchi no Musume no Tame naraba, Ore wa Moshikashitara Maou mo Taoseru kamo Shirenai (Light Novel)


A painfully conspicuous master adventurer, Dale.

Due to a certain request, he set foot in a deep forest and by chance, encountered a severely underweight and thin young girl of magic lineage. Unable to leave the girl, Latina who carried the branding of a criminal, Dale reluctantly decided to become her protector. However―

“Because Latina is too cute, I don’t want to go to work.”

―Before he realized it, he had completely gained a parent complex!?

95 • 2020-01-18 13:46:49


The chapter Addition Time
Volume 7, Bonus Short Stories2020-01-19
Volume 7, Afterword2020-01-19
Volume 7, Extra Chapter: The Young Girl and the Kitty Paradise2020-01-19
Volume 7, Chapter 4: Sequel Extra Chapter: A Snowy Day, and Memories of the Little Girl, as well as her Time with the Golden-Eyed Maiden2020-01-19
Volume 7, Chapter 3: Sequel: The Platinum-haired Maiden and the Golden-eyed Maiden Make a Grave Visit2020-01-19
Volume 7, Chapter 2: Sequel: The Little Adorable Waitress and the Pup and the Pup and the Pup2020-01-19
Volume 7, Chapter 1: Sequel: The Platinum-haired Maiden and the Delicious Breakfast2020-01-19
Volume 6, Bonus Short Story - The Little Girl Starts Keeping a Diary2020-01-18
Volume 6, Afterword2020-01-18
Volume 6, Chapter 4: The Event on New Year’s Eve, and a Chance Meeting in a Dream2020-01-18
Volume 6, Chapter 4: Prequel: The End, the Beginning, and a Meeting2020-01-18
Volume 6, Chapter 3: Prequel: The Platinum-haired Guru and the Purple-haired Lady Oracle2020-01-18
Volume 6, Interlude: The Golden King Faces off with the Deplorable Hero with the Platinum Princess on the Line2020-01-18
Volume 6, Chapter 2: The Platinum-haired Maiden Says “I’m Home”2020-01-18
Volume 6, Chapter 1: The Platinum-haired Maiden Reflects on the Past2020-01-18
Volume 5, Afterword2020-01-18
Volume 5, Bonus Short Stories2020-01-18
Volume 5, The Priestess of the Green God Thinks on Her Work and Her Friend2020-01-18
Volume 5, Chapter 6: The Platinum Hero, the Golden Demon Lord, and the Platinum Demon Lord2020-01-18
Volume 5, Chapter 5: The Young Man and the Slaughter2020-01-18
Volume 5, Chapter 4: The Platinum-haired Maiden Awakens2020-01-18
Volume 5, Chapter 3: The Demon Lords of Calamity Start to Move2020-01-18
Volume 5, Chapter 2: The Young Man Sets Out2020-01-18
Volume 5, Chapter 1: The Platinum-haired Maiden Meets the Golden King Once Again2020-01-18
Volume 4, Afterword2020-01-18
Volume 4, The Young Man’s Brother and His Thoughts on the Pair’s Relationship2020-01-18
Volume 4, Chapter 4: The Young Man’s Decision and Their Changing Relationship2020-01-18
Volume 4, Interlude: The Platinum-haired Maiden Does This and That at the Duke’s Estate2020-01-18
Volume 4, Chapter 3: The Young Man’s Feelings for the Platinum-haired Maiden2020-01-18
Volume 4, Chapter 2: The Platinum-haired Maiden and Her Red-headed Childhood Friend’s Love2020-01-18
Volume 4, Chapter 1: A Growing Distance from the Platinum-haired Maiden2020-01-18
Volume 3, Afterword2020-01-18
Volume 3, A Certain Pup and the Time Before He Came to Town2020-01-18
Volume 3, Chapter 7: The Platinum-haired Maiden and the Night Festival2020-01-18
Volume 3, Chapter 6: The Young Man’s Time with the Infant and the Rose Princess’s Calamity2020-01-18
Volume 3, Chapter 5: The Platinum-haired Maiden’s Everyday Life2020-01-18
Volume 3, Chapter 4: The Young Girl’s Wish2020-01-18
Volume 3, Chapter 3: The Young Girl and the Woman Who Was Her Natural Enemy2020-01-18
Volume 3, Chapter 2: The Young Girl Reminisces with Her Friends2020-01-18
Volume 3, Chapter 1: The Young Girl Returns to Kreuz2020-01-18
Volume 2, Afterword2020-01-18
Volume 2, A Productive Day for the Fluffy Toddler2020-01-18
Volume 2, Chapter 7: The Young Man Attends His Brother’s Wedding with the Young Girl2020-01-18
Volume 2, Chapter 6: The Young Girl Revels in Country Living2020-01-18
Volume 2, Chapter 5: The Young Man Arrives at His Home Village2020-01-18
Volume 2, Interlude: The Residents of Kreuz, While the Young Girl is Away2020-01-18
Volume 2, Chapter 4: The Young Girl Visits a Beastman Village2020-01-18
Volume 2, Chapter 3: The Young Girl Visits a Port Town2020-01-18
Volume 2, Chapter 2: The Young Girl Leaves on a Journey2020-01-18
Volume 2, Chapter 1: The Young Girl Discusses Employment and Money2020-01-18
Volume 1, Afterword2020-01-18
Volume 1, The Little Girl and the Regulars Called Her Bodyguards2020-01-18
Volume 1, Chapter 6: The Little Girl and the “Incident”2020-01-18
Volume 1, Chapter 5: The Little Girl’s Everyday Life, Full of Friends and Magic2020-01-18
Volume 1, Chapter 4: The Young Man Heads Out (a Full Account)2020-01-18
Volume 1, Chapter 3: The Little Girl’s World Expands a Bit2020-01-18
Volume 1, Chapter 2: The Little Girl Begins Her New Life2020-01-18
Volume 1, Chapter 1: The Young Man and the Little Girl Meet2020-01-18
Volume 1, Prologue: The World Watched Over by a Rainbow2020-01-18