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Ultimate Fighting (Web Novel)


Ten thousand years later, ice has melted. The Soul Federation Scientific Exploration team found an egg with a golden and silver pattern on it in the far north of the land, and after examining it with an apparatus, they found out that there were vital signs inside. They hurriedly brought it back to the institute for hatching.

The egg hatched, but it was a baby, a baby exactly the same as a human – a baby born out of an egg.

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The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 268: The valiant Yuenen Huihui2020-06-14
Chapter 267: Follow2020-06-06
Chapter 266: Moving in the opposite direction2020-06-05
Chapter 265: The test begins2020-06-05
Chapter 264: Battlefield2020-06-04
Chapter 263: Takeoff2020-06-04
Chapter 262: Move out2020-06-02
Chapter 261: Don’t let me see you again2020-06-02
Chapter 260: Greenish-gold color2020-06-02
Chapter 259: The comprehensive exam is testing what?2020-06-02
Chapter 258: I like this kid2020-06-02
Chapter 257: Petal2020-06-02
Chapter 256: Blood-soaked Liu Feng2020-05-30
Chapter 255: I am the “wingman”2020-05-29
Chapter 254: Strong kill2020-05-29
Chapter 253: Irresponsible wingman2020-05-29
Chapter 252: Lan Xuanyu’s test2020-05-29
Chapter 251: Space Center2020-05-28
Chapter 250: Choosing a module2020-05-28
Chapter 249: Creating the Martial Soul Fusion technique2020-05-27
Chapter 248: Test2020-05-26
Chapter 247: Shrek’s Emblem2020-05-26
Chapter 246: Focus your attention, Lan Xuanyu2020-05-24
Chapter 245: Spirit Attention2020-05-24
Chapter 244: A candidate with five rings2020-05-24
Chapter 243: The strong Lan Mengqin2020-05-24
Chapter 242: I didn’t do anything2020-05-23
Chapter 241: Goodbye, you’re not working properly2020-05-23
Chapter 240: Encountering powerful enemies2020-05-23
Chapter 239: Half of you will be eliminated today2020-05-23
Chapter 238: Team of two2020-05-20
Chapter 237: Lan Mengqin2020-05-20
Chapter 236: Completion of the physical examination2020-05-20
Chapter 235: Unusual blood2020-05-20
Chapter 234: Eternal Tree’s evolution2020-05-20
Chapter 233: What on earth2020-05-20
Chapter 232: Rank 232020-05-18
Chapter 231: Good mutation2020-05-18
Chapter 230: Scales2020-05-18
Chapter 229: Reappearance of the rainbow, evolution of bloodline2020-05-18
Chapter 228: Cultivate, young man2020-05-16
Chapter 227: Passing Tang Sect2020-05-16
Chapter 226: Shrek City2020-05-13
Chapter 225: Work hard together2020-05-11
Chapter 224: Strange Changes of the large tree2020-05-10
Chapter 223: Child of a great beast2020-05-10
Chapter 222: Mother Planet, here I come2020-05-09
Chapter 221: Spirit Soul2020-05-08
Chapter 220: Little gold monkey2020-05-08
Chapter 219: Enough2020-05-05
Chapter 218: Killing the 10,000-year Tree Demon2020-05-05
Chapter 217: A bitter struggle2020-05-05
Chapter 216: 10,000-year?2020-05-05
Chapter 215: Something’s wrong2020-05-03
Chapter 214: Constantly thinking of you as long as there are good things2020-05-02
Chapter 213: A complete team2020-05-02
Chapter 212: Powerful amplification2020-05-02
Chapter 211: Obey his commands2020-05-02
Chapter 210: Stupid Big Knife2020-05-02
Chapter 209: Cooperate2020-05-02
Chapter 208: Spirit Ascension Platform2020-04-29
Chapter 207: Growth from pressure2020-04-29
Chapter 206: Teacher Ji’s strength2020-04-29
Chapter 205: To meet at Shrek Academy2020-04-29
Chapter 204: Good and Evil Centaur2020-04-27
Chapter 203: Deep Blue Gaze2020-04-26
Chapter 202: Rescue2020-04-26
Chapter 201: Survive for 24 hours?2020-04-26
Chapter 200: First place2020-04-25
Chapter 199: Unreasonable2020-04-24
Chapter 198: Curtain call2020-04-24
Chapter 197: Direct confrontation2020-04-23
Chapter 196: Mo Sword2020-04-23
Chapter 195: Lightning God Puppet2020-04-21
Chapter 194: Three conditions2020-04-21
Chapter 193: That great blue halberd2020-04-21
Chapter 192: Absolute strength2020-04-19
Chapter 191: Button Bomb2020-04-19
Chapter 190: Four rings2020-04-19
Chapter 189: Bing Tianliang2020-04-17
Chapter 188: Plan2020-04-17
Chapter 187: Lan Xuanyu’s choice!2020-04-15
Chapter 186: Betrayed2020-04-15
Chapter 185: Holy God Possession2020-04-15
Chapter 184: Fight2020-04-15
Chapter 183: Ling Tian Academy’s group of three2020-04-15
Chapter 182: What if I feel like crying?2020-04-15
Chapter 181: Gold-eyed Leopard Skull Soul Bone2020-04-12
Chapter 180: Golden Silk Ape’s enemies2020-04-12
Chapter 179: Initial alliance2020-04-11
Chapter 178: Collaborate2020-04-11
Chapter 177: 1,000-year Purple Zoysia2020-04-10
Chapter 176: Be harder on yourself2020-04-09
Chapter 175: Go deeper2020-04-09
Chapter 174: Start of the next round2020-04-09
Chapter 173: Soul Bone Fusion2020-04-08
Chapter 172: Prize2020-04-08
Chapter 171: Drawing the reward from the lucky wheel2020-04-07
Chapter 170: Just a routine2020-04-07
Chapter 169: Yin Tianfan’s story2020-04-06