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Ultimate Fighting (Web Novel)


Ten thousand years later, ice has melted. The Soul Federation Scientific Exploration team found an egg with a golden and silver pattern on it in the far north of the land, and after examining it with an apparatus, they found out that there were vital signs inside. They hurriedly brought it back to the institute for hatching.

The egg hatched, but it was a baby, a baby exactly the same as a human – a baby born out of an egg.

124 • 2020-01-23 00:24:57


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 86: Soul World2020-02-22
Chapter 85: Top in Spiritual Power, Qian Lei2020-02-22
Chapter 84: Secondary profession2020-02-22
Chapter 83: Gate of Summoning2020-02-22
Chapter 82: Flaming Bird2020-02-20
Chapter 81: Liu Feng2020-02-20
Chapter 80: Enrollment2020-02-19
Chapter 79: Dormitory 3332020-02-19
Chapter 78: Sir, I like you2020-02-18
Chapter 77: Perform with me2020-02-18
Chapter 76: Where is she now2020-02-18
Chapter 75: Concert tickets2020-02-18
Chapter 74: Regain consciousness2020-02-17
Chapter 73: New song 2020-02-17
Chapter 72: Tang Le and Lan Xuanyu2020-02-15
Chapter 71: Sudden departure of Master Le2020-02-15
Chapter 70: Deep coma2020-02-14
Chapter 69: Lan Xuanyu in peril2020-02-14
Chapter 68: Three-eyed Witch Ape2020-02-13
Chapter 67: Outstanding2020-02-13
Chapter 66: The first battle2020-02-13
Chapter 65: Simulation pod2020-02-13
Chapter 64: Dong Qianqiu2020-02-11
Chapter 63: The test begins2020-02-11
Chapter 62: Teacher, she touched me2020-02-10
Chapter 61: Two colonels2020-02-10
Chapter 60: Daddy is back2020-02-10
Chapter 59: Elite junior class2020-02-10
Chapter 58: Teacher Nana is gone2020-02-10
Chapter 57: Nana’s requests2020-02-10
Chapter 56: I don’t want to leave with you?2020-02-07
Chapter 55: Should be the fireworks2020-02-07
Chapter 54: Don’t be afraid2020-02-06
Chapter 53: The City of Sin succeeded2020-02-06
Chapter 52: Mommy, I’m a little scared2020-02-05
Chapter 51: King of Eternal Darkness2020-02-05
Chapter 50: Fooled2020-02-04
Chapter 49: Trampolines and Invasion2020-02-04
Chapter 48: Noble Le’s 2020-02-03
Chapter 47: Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens2020-02-03
Chapter 46: Growth2020-02-02
Chapter 45: Golden-patterned Blue Silver Grass2020-02-02
Chapter 44: Fighting against Ye Lingtong again2020-02-01
Chapter 43: Close combat Lan Xuanyu2020-02-01
Chapter 42: Guide2020-01-31
Chapter 41: From a ring to a halberd2020-01-31
Chapter 40: Two types of energy2020-01-30
Chapter 39: Danger2020-01-30
Chapter 38: Teacher Nana2020-01-29
Chapter 37: Home Tutor2020-01-29
Chapter 36: A game2020-01-28
Chapter 35: Missing2020-01-28
Chapter 34: The nine dragons2020-01-27
Chapter 33: I can be his teacher2020-01-27
Chapter 32: Meeting Nana again2020-01-26
Chapter 31: Battle Armor garage kit2020-01-26
Chapter 30: A familiar feeling2020-01-25
Chapter 29: Nana and Xuanyu2020-01-25
Chapter 28: Tang Le and Xuanyu2020-01-24
Chapter 27: Tang Le’s debut2020-01-24
Chapter 26: Interstellar flight2020-01-24
Chapter 25: Spacecraft2020-01-24
Chapter 24: Spiritual power test2020-01-24
Chapter 23: Explosive increase in appetite2020-01-24
Chapter 22: Blue and silver wrap, turning water to ice2020-01-24
Chapter 21: Ye Feng’s visit2020-01-24
Chapter 20: Ineffective Spirit Skill2020-01-24
Chapter 19: Final exam2020-01-24
Chapter 18: Ye Lingtong’s defeat2020-01-24
Chapter 17: Learn2020-01-24
Chapter 16: Be gentle2020-01-24
Chapter 15: Ye Lingtong2020-01-24
Chapter 14: Lan Xiao’s confusion2020-01-24
Chapter 13: The sudden appearance of two Spirit Rings2020-01-24
Chapter 12: Mysterious Ring2020-01-24
Chapter 11: Spirit Power Test2020-01-24
Chapter 10: Only wanted a son2020-01-24
Chapter 9: Spirit Awakening2020-01-24
Chapter 8: Six years later2020-01-24
Chapter 7: Lan Xuanyu2020-01-24
Chapter 6: Without a trace2020-01-24
Chapter 5: This is just an ordinary child?2020-01-24
Chapter 4: A child born out of an egg2020-01-24
Chapter 3: A distressed star?2020-01-24
Chapter 2: Cryogenic awakening2020-01-24
Chapter 1: What is that?2020-01-24