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Ultimate Scheming System (Web Novel)


I am the best when it comes to taking divergent paths. With just a flip of my hand, I shall take the path less commonly travelled. I search far and wide, only to find myself unbeatable and unrivaled. So now I ask, who else can match my awesomeness?

Acting tough is second nature to me and I am a lone wolf.

The road is long and winding but I shan’t feel lonely as long as I am able to act tough!

Life and death bore me and I do whatever I deem fit.

“Young man, way back when I started acting tough, you were still learning how to put on your underpants!” Xu Que thus decided to take the path of acting tough. He decided to act tough every single god-damned day. If he wasn’t acting tough, he was scheming for the best way to act tough!

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The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 1566: Magical Wisdom2020-06-11
Chapter 1565: Exposed2020-06-11
Chapter 1564: You’re Done For2020-05-31
Chapter 1563: Certainly Looking Forward to It2020-05-31
Chapter 1562: 10 Million Spirit Stones Will Do2020-05-30
Chapter 1561: A Great Tribulation Approaches2020-05-30
Chapter 1560: You Dare to Scold Me?2020-05-29
Chapter 1559: Found It2020-05-29
Chapter 1558: New Divine Text2020-05-28
Chapter 1557: Do You Want to Follow Me Now?2020-05-28
Chapter 1556: Tragedy2020-05-27
Chapter 1555: Everyone Should Die!2020-05-27
Chapter 1554: Restoring Memories2020-05-26
Chapter 1553: Memory Pearl2020-05-26
Chapter 1552: How Did You Know?2020-05-25
Chapter 1551: You’re His Ultimate Target2020-05-25
Chapter 1550: Stolen2020-05-24
Chapter 1549: Is He the Divine Son?2020-05-24
Chapter 1548 Ancient Divine Tex2020-05-23
Chapter 1547 An Old Acquaintance2020-05-23
Chapter 1546 Differences in Tao Aura2020-05-22
Chapter 1545 Good Brothers2020-05-22
Chapter 1544: Utterly Shameless2020-05-21
Chapter 1543: Long Time, No See, Buttface2020-05-21
Chapter 1542 This Tool Was Here!2020-05-20
Chapter 1541 I Want to Know the Truth!2020-05-20
Chapter 1540 Take It Easy2020-05-19
Chapter 1539 Divine Magic Arts Displayed2020-05-19
Chapter 1538 Tyranny of the Heaven Palace Academy2020-05-18
Chapter 1537 Xu Que“s Furious!2020-05-18
Chapter 1536: Don’t Speak!2020-05-17
Chapter 1535: Trouble in the Heaven Continent2020-05-17
Chapter 1534 Shocking!2020-05-16
Chapter 1533 He Can Leave2020-05-16
Chapter 1532 He“s Close to Falling Apart!2020-05-15
Chapter 1531 He“s Just Talking Big, Right?2020-05-15
Chapter 1530 I“m Going to Make a Prophecy2020-05-15
Chapter 1529 Come On!2020-05-15
Chapter 1528 Is He Human?2020-05-15
Chapter 1527 The Men Are Here2020-05-15
Chapter 1526 Urge Them to Hurry Up2020-05-12
Chapter 1525 Who Dares to Touch My Phone?2020-05-12
Chapter 1524 Call Your People Too!2020-05-12
Chapter 1523 Call for People II2020-05-12
Chapter 1522: Call for People2020-05-10
Chapter 1521: It’s a Conspiracy2020-05-10
Chapter 1520 - 1520 Working As Normal2020-05-10
Chapter 1519 - 1519 First Love2020-05-10
Chapter 1518 - 1518 Eighteen Dragon Palms2020-05-10
Chapter 1517 - 1517 Hands Made with Steel Plates2020-05-10
Chapter 1516 - 1516 Come On, Let“s Fight!2020-05-10
Chapter 1515 - 1515 Opening the Newbie Gift Package2020-05-10
Chapter 1514 - 1514 I’m Very Helpless Too!2020-05-10
Chapter 1513 - 1513 Oh, Men!2020-05-10
Chapter 1512 - 1512 You“d Better Quickly Like Me If You Want to Live2020-05-10
Chapter 1511 - 1511 Traversing Relationship Tribulations2020-05-10
Chapter 1510 - 1510 Not a Bad Thing2020-05-10
Chapter 1509 - 1509 Reunion2020-05-10
Chapter 1508 - 1508 What Does He Want to Do?2020-05-10
Chapter 1507 - 1507 What Gives You the Right?2020-05-10
Chapter 1506: Are You Surprised?2020-04-28
Chapter 1505: The One Chosen by Heaven2020-04-28
Chapter 1504: Heavenly Stone of Taiyi2020-04-27
Chapter 1503: Going to the Ceremony2020-04-27
Chapter 1502: Heaven Continent Is a Boat2020-04-27
Chapter 1501: Big Tribulation2020-04-27
Chapter 1500: Heaven Palace Sect2020-04-27
Chapter 1499: They’re Back2020-04-27
Chapter 1498: Enlightenment2020-04-27
Chapter 14972020-04-27
Chapter 1496: Why Are You Talking about a Child?2020-04-23
Chapter 1495: Have You Become a Pervert Now?2020-04-22
Chapter 1494: Are You Trying to Kill Me with Laughter?2020-04-22
Chapter 1493: Open the Coffin and Look Inside2020-04-22
Chapter 1492: An Extraordinary Power?2020-04-22
Chapter 1491: A Piece of Black Cloth2020-04-16
Chapter 1490: The Women2020-04-16
Chapter 1489: You Two Perverts2020-04-16
Chapter 1488: Excellent Conditions2020-04-16
Chapter 1487: Dangerous Hidden Restrictive Barrier2020-04-16
Chapter 1486: This Is Also a Misunderstanding2020-04-16
Chapter 1485: He’s a Devil!2020-04-16
Chapter 1484: Ingenious Strategy2020-04-12
Chapter 1483: You B*stard!2020-04-12
Chapter 1482: I Still Have a Big Trick up My Sleeve2020-04-11
Chapter 1481: The Strength to Kill You2020-04-11
Chapter 1480: The Devil King Had Returned!2020-04-10
Chapter 1479: What Kind of Operating System Is This?2020-04-10
Chapter 1478: The Retaliatory Mechanism2020-04-09
Chapter 1477: You’d Better Cry for Me2020-04-09
Chapter 1476: Let’s Collaborate2020-04-08
Chapter 1475: You’re on Your Own!2020-04-08
Chapter 1474: Get Him!2020-04-07
Chapter 1473: I Have Another Way2020-04-07
Chapter 1472: Unbelievable2020-04-06
Chapter 1471: Are You Qualified to Do So?2020-04-06
Chapter 1470: Do You Like It?2020-04-05
Chapter 1469: It’s Xu Que!2020-04-05
Chapter 1468: Who’s Talking about Me?2020-04-04
Chapter 1467: The Marriage2020-04-04
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