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Ultimate Scheming System (Web Novel) - Chapter 963: Miss Dong for Miss Dong

Chapter 963: Miss Dong for Miss Dong

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“Heh, heh, what a tough talker!”

The area was so quiet, but a chuckle could be heard at this time. Lu Zhouhe, who was sitting at the front of the room at a table, shook his head with a smile as he looked at Xu Que coldly. For a long time, he had been regarded as the Number 1 musician in First Realm City. Many musical experts admired his talents. Now, a nobody who said he was good at music had disdained Lu Zhouhe’s composition. Lu Zhouhe would never tolerate such a grave provocation!

“You said you are good at music. You could play one of your compositions so that we can enjoy it. OK?” Lu Zhouhe sneered.

The rest of the people in the area also started to boo and hoot.

“Right! Mere verbal statements can’t prove anything! You should show your genuine talent here!”

“Show us your best composition. If it is really good, we will forgive your rudeness!”

“Exactly! Just show us!”

This area was in a mess. Xu Que had become a public enemy.

Behind the gauze curtain, Miss Dong also frowned slightly. This was not what she had expected. Although she didn’t know Xu Que’s real abilities, she didn’t like Xu Que’s behavior for he was too arrogant.

“Heh, heh!” Xu Que smiled coldly at this time. He waved his hand and said loudly as he looked up at a 45-degree angle, “While others are teasing at my madness, I am laughing at their shortsightedness! According to your accomplishments in music, you are not qualified to enjoy my compositions!”


People were stunned again.

While others are teasing at my madness, I am laughing at their shortsightedness!

Holy crap! His talent in poetry is really marvelous! It seems he can compose a poem easily! But this poem can’t prove his musical talents!

“Humph! You are ridiculous! On what basis do you say we are not qualified to enjoy your composition? You are just a tough talker!”

“How will you convince us without your works?” Someone ridiculed.

Xu Que raised his eyebrows and shook his head, “I mean you are not qualified to enjoy my work in the past. I don’t mind improvising a composition here, so that you could enjoy it!”

“Are you going to improvise a composition right now?” People were stunned. Even Lu Zhouhe and Miss Dong who was sitting behind the gauze curtain were shocked. They were known as being good at music. However, they needed a lot of time to prepare and make a composition. They had never heard someone improvise a composition.

Even if someone could do that, the composition would never be a good one. Sometimes a lot of time was needed to modify it repeatedly.

But now this guy said he would improvise a composition!

What did he mean?

Is it because of his arrogance?

Or is it because he looks down upon us? Is he going to play a semi-finished product for us?

“Wait!” Lu Zhouhe sneered. “You said you will improvise a composition here. How could you prove you are not fooling us with a composition you made before?”

“Hah-hah, you are Lord Lu, right? Don’t worry. As a member of the Exploding Heavens Faction, I would never do that. If you don’t believe me, you could set a theme for me now, so that I could improvise a composition according to your theme!” Xu Que laughed generously.

This was definitely the style of an expert who was not afraid of any difficulties. Lu Zhouhe paused a bit. Apparently, he didn’t expect Xu Que to ask them to set a theme directly.

At this time, a voice came from among the crowd. “To be fair, since this is a banquet held by Miss Dong, how about making a composition with Miss Dong as the theme?”

Suddenly, a dog ran into the crowd and disappeared soon thereafter. People ignored the dog but agreed with his words.

Right! If Miss Dong is chosen as the theme, he has to improvise a composition here!

This banquet had been set up at the last minute. All the guests received their invitations yesterday. Nobody would have had time to prepare a composition for Miss Dong. Even if someone had done that, the composition, which had been made yesterday, was almost the same as an improvisation.

Xu Que frowned. It seemed his face was filled with bewilderment.

Seeing that, Lu Zhouhe said immediately, “OK, we’ll choose Miss Dong as the theme!”

“Exactly! Since you said you will improvise a composition, just do it!”

“A composition with Miss Dong as the theme! We are looking forward to it!”

People nodded their heads to show their approval of this theme.

Xu Que sighed, “OK, you got me here! You’ve chosen a type that I am not good at, which really baffles me!”

“What? Are you going to give up now? This doesn’t agree with your boasting style!” Lu Zhouhe ridiculed him immediately.

The rest of the people also looked at Xu Que sarcastically, for they thought Xu Que’s tough talk had been broken.

Miss Dong, who was sitting behind the gauze curtain, also frowned slightly. She was a little bit expectant. However, after hearing Xu Que’s words, she felt Xu Que was just laughable. After all, he was asked to improvise a composition with her as the theme. How could a stranger improvise a composition? A man who didn’t know her could never make a good composition in a hurry! This is just nonsense!

“Heh, heh, why are you in such a hurry? I said I am not good at this type of composition, but I didn’t say I would give up or I am not able to improvise a composition!” Xu Que shrugged with a faint smile at this time.

His calm smile quieted everyone instantly.

All of them murmured secretly. Please don’t tell me he really can improvise a composition for Miss Dong!


At this time, Xu Que waved his hand and took out a weird musical instrument. It looked like a Pipa with simple lines. It had six strings, two more strings than a Pipa. This instrument stunned the onlookers. Only Xu Que knew what he took out was a guitar!

“Humph! Don’t look at me in such a ridiculous way!” Xu Que said as he touched the guitar in a proud and aloof way.

“I invented this musical instrument. When I was three, I competed with the geniuses in Heshuo with it. When I was five, I dominated the Taijin Continent with it. When I was ten, I didn’t need any musical instruments for I could make compositions with anything, like grass, wood, bamboo, and stone, etc.” People call me Music Overlord. My nickname is Walking CD!”


The entire area was dropped into a dead silence instantly. People didn’t know what to say as they blushed with shame.

He said he competed with others with this thing when he was three!

He dominated the Taijin Continent when he was five! Why haven’t we met you before?

He could make compositions with anything when he was ten!

Why didn’t you go to the Heavens?

“OK, I won’t talk nonsense! I met Miss Dong once. I can remember her appearance clearly. So I will sing a song for Miss Dong as I play the guitar! If you are not satisfied with my performance, I don’t care!” Xu Que finished his wicked words. Then he sat on a table before the onlookers started to blame his shamelessness. He crossed his legs and held the guitar in his arms as he looked at that gauze curtain.


When the onlookers were speechless, Xu Que plucked the strings and said gently with his resonant voice as he looked at Miss Dong behind the gauze curtain affectionately, “Miss Dong for Miss Dong!”


Then Xu Que started to play the guitar. The gentle, slow musical sound rang out. The next moment, Xu Que started to sing with his low and slightly weather-beaten voice as if he was telling a story.

“Miss Dong,

I never forgot your smile.

Even you are just like me,

who longs for growing old.

Miss Dong,

You are so beautiful when the corners of your mouth go down,

for they are just like the clear water under the Anhe Bridge….”


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