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Ultimate Scheming System (Web Novel) - Chapter 964: I Am Wang Dachui Of The Exploding Heavens Faction!

Chapter 964: I Am Wang Dachui Of The Exploding Heavens Faction!

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When he started to sing, everyone in the area was stunned. They were absolutely dumbfounded and stared at him with their eyes wide open.

“Miss Dong, I am also a complicated animal.

Things I mentioned simply keep echoing in my heart….”

Behind the gauze curtain, Miss Dong was also stunned by Wang Dachui’s crooning. She had never heard a song like this before. The melody was peaceful and quiet, and the lyrics were so elegant and graceful. Her heart was full of intense feelings now. She felt her cheeks were burning like a young girl’s during courtship.

“So, none of those is true!

Miss Dong, you are never a girl without stories….”

At this time, Xu Que’s deep, magnetic voice became high-pitched as he sped up the rhythm slightly.

“I fall in love with a wild horse,

But I don’t have a prairie in my yard!

This makes me despair, Miss Dong….”


Miss Dong trembled a bit behind the gauze curtain. Her beautiful face was full of shock.

I fall in love with a wild horse, but I don’t have a prairie in my yard! How could these great lyrics be sung in this way?

She guessed that this young man had risen from humble beginnings instead of from a rich family.

However, it doesn’t matter! Only a few people in First Realm City could match me perfectly! What? Wait, this is not correct! I…have just met him. Why am I considering a marriage with him? Ah, this is so embarrassing….

Miss Dong came to herself and felt her face was burning.

Actually, almost nobody who was present and watching this presentation could not react after hearing Xu Que’s song!

As a powerful 4-Star Musician, Xu Que was not able to compose songs like others, but he could turn music into an energy that could attack people’s souls and bewilder them by dragging them into his world of music. When he had just mastered this skill, he managed to force the 18 generations of ancestors’ souls of the Fire Nation’s Emperor to dance with his song. Now, it was quite easy to impress a group of young people.

The point was that these people had never heard of the folk songs that he was singing. Some of them were fond of pop music; while the rest of them liked classical music like Lu Zhouhe. This was the first time they had enjoyed folk songs. Therefore, most of them were impressed immediately. Even those who were not interested in folk songs were fascinated by Xu Que’s musical skills.

“Therefore, none of this is true!

Miss Dong, nobody could console those ignorant young men tirelessly!

I just want to ignore them like you!

So, please go with me!”

At this time, the sound of the guitar stopped abruptly. Xu Que looked at the gauze curtain affectionately as he sang the last words of the song.

“Miss Dong!”


The entire area was dead silent. Everyone was sitting there in great shock. The melody had stopped in the hall but was still echoing in their minds for they hadn’t left the world of the song yet. This was a confession to a rich girl from a poor boy.

However, everyone realized love and memory were in this song. Also, these people remembered their pasts. Among them, a lot of people had been born poor. When they were young, they were not able to make any promises to the rich girls they liked. Now, they were strong and powerful. However, their favorite girls had not appreciated them. So, this song really resonated with them.

“Great! Your Miss Dong is perfect!”

At last, a man stood up and complimented Xu Que as he applauded with teary eyes. Apparently, this was a young man with stories!

He broke the silence. After him, a lot of other people also stood up and applauded directly. However, the applause was not as thunderous as that for Lu Zhouhe and other people who had played earlier. Although Xu Que had managed to drag everyone into the world of his music by using his musical skills, many people still couldn’t relate to this type of song. It was quite difficult for a man without stories to understand folk songs. Also, when the melody was finished, they left the world of Xu Que’s music and were free from its influence.

Later, when they recalled that insipid melody, they didn’t think it was much because the melody was too simple.

“Humph! I didn’t think it was a good song!” Someone who was disdained by Xu Que after playing the flute snorted, his face full of pride and scorn.

“Right! The melody is too simple while the singing was as boring as if he was reading those lyrics! Why did you compliment it?” Someone asked, puzzled.

Lu Zhouhe was smiling coldly. As a stuffed shirt, he thought only classical music was magnificent. Xu Que’s petty skills meant nothing to him.

“Heh, heh, all of you are wrong! You absolutely know nothing about music!” Xu Que said with a faint smile, as he shook his head suddenly.

His words annoyed Lu Zhouhe and others immediately.

Your song was pathetic! How dare you say we don’t know music!

Apparently, it was quite difficult to judge the quality of music. On Earth, Lu Zhouhe’s classical music was well thought of, indeed. However, although it was dignified, it was not the cup of tea for everyone! Anyway, just like with folk music, classical music was also a niche art. Most people in this area were quite good at music. So they basically only judged a song according to its level of difficulty.

“Guys, please calm down! Different people have different tastes. In fact, his song was pretty good for me!” At this time, Miss Dong’s crisp voice could be heard from behind the gauze curtain. Most people in the area were disappointed by her words, including Lu Zhouhe.

Does it mean Miss Dong has chosen that guy?

Damn! Why?

How could Miss Dong favor such an arrogant guy?

You mean all of us are not as good as him, right?

Many people were unconvinced.

Miss Dong said gently again, “Maybe you felt the song of this lord was quite normal and simple. However, I think only music which could open people’s hearts can be deemed good music!”

Her words surprised people again.

Only music which could open people’s hearts can be deemed good music? What does she mean? We didn’t feel our hearts were opened by that song!

“Hmm, it seems Miss Dong really does know me!” Xu Que said with an unfathomable smile. Actually, Miss Dong didn’t know him at all, but he figured out this girl’s heartfelt wishes. Miss Dong grew up in a big family. She had enjoyed too much classical music like Lu Zhouhe’s works. She wanted something new. Luckily, Xu Que’s folk song was just the something new she wanted, although it was not extraordinary.

This was the first time she had heard it. A lot of “Miss Dong” in the lyrics made a deep impression on her. Miss Dong had totally recognized Xu Que’s talents and thought his achievements in music were extraordinary. She liked the fact that people could achieve the most difficult goals by working hard. However, not everyone could reach the acme of perfection in simple things, for which talent was essential.

“My Lord, I noticed Wang is your family name on your invitation letter. However, I guess you are not from First Realm City, right? I don’t know whether I could have the good fortune to know your real name!” Miss Dong said as she fixed her eyes on Xu Que through the gauze curtain.

All the rest of the people in this area were quite disappointed. They had figured out that Xu Que was not from this area. He had even obtained the invitation through theft or robbery, which were felonies in this area. However, Miss Dong already had an obvious crush on him. Her status could ensure Xu Que’s safety even if he killed someone in First Realm City, let alone a theft like he had committed.

At this time, Xu Que replied with a faint smile, folding his hands, “Miss Dong, you misunderstood me! I am not a rascal. And I entered First Realm City fair and square!”

“Oh?” Behind the gauze curtain, Miss Dong said with a thoughtful smile. Apparently, she didn’t believe Xu Que, so she continued to ask, “Is Wang your family name?”

“Exactly!” Xu Que replied, nodding his head without any hesitation. Then, he said sonorously, flicking his fringe on his forehead, “I am Wang Dachui of the Exploding Heavens Faction! And I am good at physiognomy and can tell one’s fortune by touching the bosom! I won’t charge my customer if my fortune-telling is not accurate!”


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