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Ultimate Scheming System (Web Novel) - Chapter 1177: It Is the Exploding Heavens Faction Again!

Chapter 1177: It Is the Exploding Heavens Faction Again!

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

According to the rules of the underground arena, everyone could sign up to fight in the arena for cultivators at the Human Celestial Stage.

When Xu Que signed up as a cultivator at the Medium Stage of the Half-Celestial Stage, the one who was responsible for signing up looked at him curiously. Then this guy said, furrowing his eyebrows, “Which academy are you from?”

“I am a disbanded cultivator!” Xu Que replied calmly.

The one who was responsible for signing up was stunned, “A disbanded cultivator? Are you sure this is the place you want to come? This is the arena for cultivators at the Human Celestial Stage!”

“Exactly! I want to fight cultivators at the Human Celestial Stage!” Xu Que looked up and said proudly.

“Fine!” The guy who was responsible for signing up sneered and shook his head. Then he gave Xu Que a number plate directly. He had met a lot of disbanded cultivators like Xu Que who tried to challenge cultivators at higher stages. However, most of them ended up miserably.

Some geniuses at the Half-Celestial Stage from academies also wanted to challenge cultivators at higher stages. However, these geniuses were always under protection. If they won the fight, they would achieve success and win recognition. If they lost, they would still survive.

But the disbanded cultivators who didn’t have any backers couldn’t enjoy this protection. Once they stepped into the arena, they were on their own. Sometimes they had to confront extraordinarily powerful opponents. However, too many disbanded cultivators were overconfident. Most of them died in the arena, and only a few of them could leave the arena alive. Now, the guy who was responsible for signing up thought Xu Que was also an arrogant disbanded cultivator. So he only sneered and didn’t want to waste his words.

“When can I start my fight?” Xu Que got the name plate and asked.

Before the guy who was responsible for signing up had time to answer, a deafening cheer came from the spectator area behind them.

“Hah, hah, he won again!”

“The champion of No. 3 arena is really powerful. He has won 49 fights consecutively!”

“If he could win one more fight, he would be halfway to earning his Inferior Celestial Artifact!”

“This guy always wears a mask. It is said that he is Liang Feifan from the Dingtian Academy. His strength is very powerful!”

“Liang Feifan! He is quite extraordinary indeed!”

“Hah, hah, I’ve placed bets on him for 30 fights and he has earned a lot for me!”

“I will continue to place my bets on him in the next fight!”

The spectators were cheering and talking excitedly. Those who lost were quite regretful and didn’t want to say a word.

Xu Que tossed his eyes at No. 3 arena. A guy who was wearing an iron beast mask was standing there. The other guy was lying in a pool of blood. Both of them were at the Medium Stage of the Human Celestial Stage. But the one who was lying on the ground had suffered a devastating defeat and even lost his life. Apparently, the strength gap between them was quite large.

“It seems this guy is almost as powerful as Qin Susu!” Xu Que squinted his eyes as he looked at the man with the mask. He guessed this guy should be in the top 20 of the Human List.

“Hey! Prepare yourself! Next fight is yours! No. 3 arena!” The guy who was responsible for signing up shouted at Xu Que at this time.

Xu Que was stunned a bit, “No. 3 arena?”

“Don’t you want to fight a cultivator at the Human Celestial Stage? Now, it is arranged and you can’t regret it! Just go and fight!” The guy who was responsible for signing up widened his eyes and shouted as if he was worried Xu Que would go back on his word.

“Great!” Xu Que replied with a smile. Then he walked toward No. 3 arena with the number plate in his hand.

His reaction surprised the guy who was responsible for signing up fighters. Then he said, as he shook his head disdainfully, “Another arrogant guy!”


At this time, Xu Que stepped into No. 3 arena with his number plate. The noise in this area stopped instantly. Then all the spectators started to cheer.

“Hah, hah, hah, a cultivator at the Medium Stage of the Half-Celestial Stage?”

“How dare he challenge cultivators at higher stages? Don’t tell me he is another apprentice from those academies! These cultivators at the Half-Celestial Stage are under protection! The fight will be quite boring!”

“No! The Steal Sect would never put two apprentices from academies in one arena! I bet this guy at the Half-Celestial Stage is a disbanded cultivator!”

“Then Liang Feifan will definitely win this fight! Let’s place a bet on the champion!”

“Holy sh*t! The possibility for the challenger to win is too low!”

“Now you are talking! The champion will definitely win this fight! We are lucky if we can earn a little from his victory!”

“Exactly! But this fight will be ended soon, which is too boring!”

Many spectators shook their heads. They placed bets in these fights to earn Spiritual Crystals, but they also wanted to enjoy the good fights. A fight between two opponents with a significant strength gap would be very boring for them. It was just like watching soccer games or basketball games. The collision between two powerful teams would attract a lot of spectators. Almost nobody wanted to watch a game between a powerful team and a weak one.

Many people lost interest in the No. 3 arena where Xu Que was. Most of them placed bets casually and turned to other arenas.

Now Xu Que was looking at the man who wore an iron beast mask with a smile. If he could defeat this man, he could take first place on the Half-List! This fight was really hard to get! He really wanted to show his gratitude to the Steal Sect for providing him with such a good platform and opponent!

“What a piece of junk!” After glancing at Xu Que, the man with the mask said suddenly. Then he turned to members of the Steal Sect and said seriously, “What do you mean by sending such a useless person into my arena? You are looking down on me, right?”

“Liang…eh, you misunderstood us, my fellow cultivator! The opponents are arranged randomly! Just fight! You will have a satisfactory opponent in your next fight!” A member of the Steal Sect explained hurriedly.

“Humph!” The man with the mask snorted. Then he said impatiently, “Just start the fight!”

“OK! You can start at any time!” People of the Steal Sect replied immediately. Apparently, they treated the man with the iron mask reverently.

Seeing that, Xu Que smiled delightedly.

The man with the iron mask looked at Xu Que coldly with kill intent, “What are you laughing at?”

Xu Que asked with a smile, “Your name is Liang Feifan, right?”

“You are not qualified to know that! Just die!” The man with the iron mask snorted as he took out a lightning spear in the air. Then he dashed toward Xu Que.

Xu Que shouted sonorously gathering Qi in his Dantian, “You are a heap of excrement, Liang Feifan!” His voice echoed in all the spectator areas.

Swish! Countless people turned to this arena in surprise. The next moment, all the spectators were dumbfounded. Before the man’s lightning spear could hit its target, Xu Que had disappeared. Only the enormous noise created by the Firestorm Wheels was echoing.

“An Inferior Celestial Artifact?” The spectators shouted in surprise immediately.

A young cultivator at the Half-Celestial Stage dares to fight with a Low-grade Celestial Artifact! He is too reckless!

“Humph! I also have Celestial Artifacts!” The man with the iron mask snorted as he took out a reel of golden rope wrapped in lightning from his sleeve. Then he threw the rope into the sky. The golden rope found Xu Que immediately and started to dash toward him rapidly.

“The Inferior Celestial Artifact—the Golden Dragon Rope? As expected, he is Liang Feifan from the Dingtian Academy!” Someone shouted in surprise for he knew this Celestial Artifact belonged to Liang Feifan.

Xu Que was also surprised. But his reaction was very fast. He concealed all his kill intent and Soul Strength immediately. His reaction slowed down the Golden Dragon Rope for a short while. Then it started to chase Xu Que again. However, a short stagnation in a fight between powerhouses could be lethal!


When the Golden Dragon Rope was stopped, Xu Que descended by stepping on the Firestorm Wheels immediately. He was so fast that he was almost as fast as cultivators at the Earth Celestial Stage! Instantly, he appeared in front of the man with the iron mask. His sword, which was an Inferior Celestial Artifact strengthened by the Sword Spirit, also slashed down at this moment.


Along with a tiny sound, the man with the iron mask was cut in half. The Golden Dragon Rope in the sky lost the support of his Celestial Core Power and fell. Then it was grabbed by Xu Que.

“The Medium Stage of the Human Celestial Realm? Just so-so!” Xu Que sneered as he looked up.

At this time, the entire arena was in a dead silence.

All the people were totally dumbfounded and couldn’t believe their eyes. Their speculation had been correct. This fight was really ended in a short time. However, their estimation of the result was wrong. The winner was this young man at the Medium Stage of the Half-Celestial Stage who had two Celestial Artifacts!


Almost at the same time, a dull sound could be heard from the sky above Liqiu City. A giant ranking list appeared.

Xu Que wrote down something in the halo that appeared in front of him. Then he ignited a Divine Escape Spell and escaped without hesitation!


“This scene…is so familiar!”

People in the arena realized this fact belatedly. Then they looked up at the Heavenly Tripod List in the sky and were totally shocked by The Exploding Heavens Faction that appeared in the first place of the Half-List.

The Exploding Heavens Faction!

It is the Exploding Heavens Faction again!

Does it mean they have come to this place?

All the people in the arena felt their hearts fill with great anxiety!


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