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Ultimate Scheming System (Web Novel) - Chapter 1178: The Heavenly Tripod List Is in a Mess

Chapter 1178: The Heavenly Tripod List Is in a Mess

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

That day, in the Zhenyuan Celestial Realm, the underground black markets were shocked. The entire Liqiu City was surprised.

Nobody expected that the Exploding Heavens Faction had really come! By defeating their opponent in the arena for the Half-Celestial Stage, they took No. 60 of the Half-List easily and left a name of The Exploding Heavens Faction Is Coming on it.

Then another member, who was at the Medium Stage of the Half-Celestial Stage, entered the arena for the Human Celestial Stage. This guy killed the genius apprentice Liang Feifan of the Dingtian Academy with several moves and took first place of the Half-List!

People of the entire Zhenyuan Celestial Realm and the Earth Continent saw the updated rank list immediately. However, nobody expected the Heavenly Tripod List would be in such a mess.

In the next several weeks, the Half-List of the Heavenly Tripod List was updated frequently in different places on the Earth Continent. It seemed as if the Exploding Heavens Faction sent all its members to participate in the fights for Human Celestial Stage in the underground arenas. They always won easily. After winning a fight, they would disappear immediately.

Those geniuses on the Half-List were surpassed again and again.

During this period,the Dingtian Academy, the Equipment Refining Sect, and other big sects kept searching for the Exploding Heavens Faction. But they found nothing. Their genius apprentices were hung up at the city gates or killed in the underground arenas by the Exploding Heavens Faction again and again. This situation lasted for three months!

At last, the Half-List of the Heavenly Tripod List was totally in a mess. All the top 20 had The Exploding Heavens Faction in front of their names.

The Heavenly Tripod List (Half-Celestial Stage):

No. 1: The Exploding Heavens Faction

No. 2: The Exploding Heavens Faction Only Brings You Extinction

No. 3: The Exploding Heavens Faction Will Only Leave You Needle and Thread

No. 4: The Exploding Heavens Faction Is Unmatchable

No. 5: The Exploding Heavens Faction Is Invincible

No. 6: The Exploding Heavens Faction Is Awesome

No. 7: The Exploding Heavens Faction Is King of the Earth Continent

No. 8: The Exploding Heavens Faction’s Buttface, I Am Here

No. 9: The Exploding Heavens Faction Is Big Dick and Good Skill

No. 10: Those Who Offend The Exploding Heavens Faction Will Be Killed Even If You Are Far Away

No. 11: The Exploding Heavens Faction’s Advertising Space for Rent.


If the name of the top ten were reasonable, the Half-List was totally ruined since No. 11 was full of all kinds of nonsense.

This extraordinary showing-off totally shocked all the people in the Zhenyuan Celestial Realm and even in the Earth Continent. The geniuses at the Half-Celestial Stage could do nothing about it. No matter how hard they tried, they were still too weak and not able to enter the top 20. The public attitude toward the Exploding Heavens Faction was also changed.

At the very beginning, they were shocked by the frequently updated Half-List. However, they were getting used to the showing-off of the Exploding Heavens Faction and even starting to admire it. After all, this was a world dominated by powerhouses! No sects in this world could occupy the Heavenly Tripod List with their apprentices! A big sect would be deemed as a powerful one if two or three of its apprentices could enter the top 20 of the Half-List!

The Exploding Heavens Faction managed to occupy the top 20 of the Half-List within several months. Many people were talking about it. Some thought the Exploding Heavens Faction was a mysterious organization full of geniuses.

Some thought the Exploding Heavens Faction was a conspiracy by big sects who tried to set up an extraordinarily huge sect by putting their genius apprentices together!

Some guessed the Exploding Heavens Faction was an ancient sect which was hidden for a long time. Now this sect had decided to show up in the world.

Public opinions were divergent. However, they agreed on one point. The Exploding Heavens Faction was very powerful and would be more horrible in the future because they had a way of cultivation to strengthen themselves. Otherwise, it was impossible for them to have so many geniuses!

Therefore, some arrogant geniuses, no matter whether they were from the academies or disbanded cultivators, started to lower their arrogance and search for the Exploding Heavens Faction secretly with the hope that they could become more powerful by joining the Exploding Heavens Faction! However, when more and more people were attracted by the Exploding Heavens Faction, Xu Que, who had been busy making trouble for several months, started to feel bored. After occupying the top 20 of the Half-List, he ran into the mountains and started his introspection in the bosom of nature.

After fighting cultivators at higher stages for several months, he had accumulated over 2 million Acting Tough Points and gained remarkable fighting experience. In the beginning, he had to use two Celestial Artifacts to kill Liang Feifan. Now, he believed he could kill Liang Feifan instantly without using his Celestial Artifacts at all. This was because he had gained much fighting experience. Also, he had reached the Later Stage of the Half-Celestial Stage. He had realized the breakthrough smoothly in a fight several days ago.

However, he was still not happy at all. He thought he would startle Jiang Hongyan and the others by updating the Half-List frequently for several months. But he still didn’t get any news from Jiang Hongyan. Even Buttface hadn’t appeared yet.

If they are in the Heaven Continent, they would definitely see the changes on the Heavenly Tripod List! Even if they didn’t check the list, my achievements in these months should have spread to the Heaven Continent. A lot of people talk about it, which should startle them! Why don’t they show up? Xu Que thought to himself as he lay on top of a mountain.

Could it be that they are trapped in a dangerous situation and not able to come here?

Or does it mean they are in secluded cultivation now? In this way, they can’t hear of my news!

Or…does it mean they are not in the Heaven Continent and the Jade Lake at all?

No way! I was told all people rise immortally to the World of Near Cultivators. Then they will be sent to different continents according to their quality! Hongyan has the entry order of the Jade Lake. So she will open the entrance to the Heaven Continent regardless of her quality. I am sure she can only rise immortally to the Heaven Continent!

Forget it! I need to perform secluded cultivation again. Since I have occupied the Half-List, it is time for me to enter the Human List. But why is it so difficult to reach the Human Celestial Stage? I have spent several days here but I have no feeling of breakthrough at all. Does it mean I am stuck in a so-called bottleneck?

After making this analysis, Xu Que continued his speculation on how to realize a breakthrough again.

He lay on top of a mountain exposing his body to the wind and rain. Now he focused on his Tao Comprehension.

He was thinking about his Tao carefully. What is the Tao of playing by heart? How far could I walk on this path? What is the end of my Tao? Could I find the real carefree life there? Will my Tao become void at last?


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