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Ultimate Scheming System (Web Novel) - Chapter 1180: Heh, Heh, You Can’t Hit Me!

Chapter 1180: Heh, Heh, You Can’t Hit Me!

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

On that day, Xu Que broke out of the cave and went directly down to Baihui City. He used the Celestial Grade Disguise Puppet to camouflage himself and went to the city with a new identity. He was still thinking about how to announce his return to the outside world. Nevertheless, as soon as he entered the city, he heard a lot of bad rumors all related to the Exploding Heavens Faction.

It wasn’t difficult to hear, even walking in the street, from time to time he could hear others discussing it.

From the threats made by Dean Lin of Dingtian Academy to the contemptuous remarks made by Elder Li, the deacon of the Equipment Refining Sect, Xu Que heard it all. There were even some of them who deliberately exaggerated and described the Exploding Heavens Faction as a weakling which could be finished off at one blow. Xu Que was unhappy to learn about the situation. He slammed the table and left with a sneer on his face to the surprise of everyone.

This time, Xu Que was too lazy to go to Baihui City’s City Governor’s Mansion. He went straight out of the city, in the direction of the Dingtian Academy!

The Dingtian Academy openly provoked us. They dared to say that whoever from the Exploding Heavens Faction gets close to the academy will have a terrible death? Very good, that’s a warm invitation. It’s our first meeting, I’ll be seeing you right now! In addition, the Equipment Refining Sect, it’s all right if you want to deprive me of my place. I’m too lazy to go to the Waste Realm anyway, but how dare you provoke us…

Xu Que traveled at extreme speed, and the sneer on his face became colder and colder. “This time, I’ll show those who looked down on the Exploding Heavens Faction—those who dare to provoke us will die!”


With a Firestorm Thunderous Roar, Xu Que bolted through the clouds and disappeared in the distance. A few days later, after boarding several Teleportation Devices, he reached the Dingtian Academy smoothly.

As the entrance to the Waste Realm was opened, Dean Lin of the Dingtian Academy had personally led a team in. There was only one ace in the Heaven Celestial Stage and more than a dozen of those in the Earth Celestial Stage who were stationed in the academy. The rest were some teachers in the Human Celestial Stage and disciples.

Xu Que hadn’t the slightest concern—even if there was an ace in the Heaven Celestial Stage, he would still land himself outside the academy, as bold as brass. Since he had decided to come, he wasn’t going to enter in a low-key way.

“Stop!” However, before approaching the entrance of the academy, there was a loud and clear warning from the mountain, “Without the Token of Passing, it’s forbidden to go up the mountain without authorization. We’ll not be responsible for your life and death if you’ve activated the Mountain’s Protective Spell Array of our academy!”

“Ha, ha, Token of Passing? I have none! I’m from the Exploding Heavens Faction!” Xu Que shouted without a care in the world. At the same time, he bolted directly to the gate of the Dingtian Academy.

“What?” The man who guarded the gate of the academy looked shocked as he exclaimed. Then he burst into laughter and said, “Exploding Heavens Faction? How dare you appear? Ha, ha, it’s impossible to enter, stop day-dreaming. Besides, since you’re here, you’re not leaving alive!”

His voice stopped, following which there was a whoosh as a ray of light suddenly bolted up to the sky and burst open; its brilliance filled the clouds. Obviously, that was the Distress Signal from the Dingtian Academy.

However, Xu Que wasn’t bothered by it at all. He bolted up, raised his sword, and slashed forward.


With a loud noise, Xu Que saw dense thunder and lightning in front of his eyes, something struck his chest, and there was a tingling sensation on his palms. His whole person was instantly blown off track and fell back to his original place.

“Ha, ha, ha, it’s a wild fantasy for you to break through the Mountain’s Protective Spell Array of the Dingtian Academy!” Almost at the same time, ridicule could be heard. Xu Que looked up. At the gate of the Dingtian Academy, many people had already gathered and looked at Xu Que with sneers on their faces.

“Uh? He’s in the Initial Stage of the Human Celestial Stage! I thought there was no one in the Human Celestial Stage in the Exploding Heavens Faction!”

“Ha, ha, so what if he’s in the Human Celestial Stage? He’s just trash that can’t even be listed on the Human List!”

“He came alone to our Dingtian Academy? Does he really think we’re a pushover?”

“Our academy hadn’t activated the Mountain’s Protective Spell Array and it gave you, the Exploding Heavens Faction, a chance to break in. Once the Mountain’s Protective Spell Array is activated, anyone who comes will die!”

More than a dozen disciples of the Dingtian Academy stood at the gate and shouted; they weren’t anxious to get rid of Xu Que. From their point of view, the dude in the Initial Stage of the Human Celestial Stage who came to the Dingtian Academy alone was the same as a rat in a trap. He had no way to escape!

However, Xu Que sneered and shook his head. “Such a lousy spell is worth showing off like this? Ridiculous!” After that, he walked straight ahead, called out the System, raised his right foot, and yelled, “Act-Tough King’s Leg!”


A golden ray, accompanied by an imposing aura, suddenly swept out from Xu Que’s leg. That was a kick from the Act-Tough King’s Leg. Xu Que wasn’t stingy and used up 100,000 Acting Tough Points; its power was unstoppable and earthshaking!

The Act-Tough King’s Leg was different from the King of Tough-Acting Fist. The King of Tough-Acting Fist focused on killing, but the Act-Tough King’s Leg not only could kill people, but could destroy all kinds of spells. It was formidable and unmatchable!

Now, with Xu Que’s Tao Aura and Cultivation Stage, the 100,000 Acting Tough Points of the Act-Tough King’s Leg was no longer comparable to the 100,000 Acting Tough Points of the King of Tough-Acting Fist—it was the difference between heaven and earth!

He kicked out, and the Void twisted. The kick bombarded heavily on the Mountain’s Protective Spell Array.


Instantly, in a tremendous explosion, Xu Que’s single kick had destroyed the Mountain’s Protective Spell Array of the Dingtian Academy! It exploded on the spot, broken into pieces as it dispersed into the air and into wisps of Spiritual Qi. It disappeared without a trace.

In an instant, there was dead silence. Many of the disciples of the Dingtian Academy were dumbfounded. Their eyes were opened wide in surprise, in their astonishment they were rooted to the ground.

“How…how is that possible?”

“He, he, he…destroyed the Mountain’s Protective Spell Array with a single kick?”


“It’s a spell that’s f*cking hard to destroy even for someone in the Heaven Celestial Stage!”

Suddenly, several disciples were shouting in horror and gasping with astonishment.

But in that moment, Xu Que had already bolted up, his figure transformed into a dark shadow. He rushed to the gate in an instant, holding a sword in his hand, and slashing toward them.

“No! Retreat immediately. This fellow’s sword is an Inferior Celestial Artifact!” Several disciples immediately shouted, as one after another they started to retreat.

However, Xu Que wasn’t intending to kill any of them. His attack was just a false move. When many disciples of the Dingtian Academy had retreated rapidly, Xu Que’s sword changed its direction as it slashed into the pillar of the gate of the Dingtian Academy!

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

With a flash of his sword, the stone debris on the pillars crumbled, and a line of words could be seen, “The Exploding Heavens Faction was here!”

Then, to the bewildered gaze of many disciples, Xu Que ignored them and stepped onto his lightning and instantly bolted into the academy. He had sneaked in once before and was familiar with the place. But on this trip, instead of targeting the female disciples, he bolted toward all of the tall landmarks, waved his sword, and left all kinds of words on them.

“How dare you! Kneel down!”

Just then, more than a dozen figures emerged from the depths of the academy, all of whom were aces in the Earth Celestial Stage. Xu Que’s high-profile entry had alarmed them.

“Kneel my *ss! Come and hit me if you have the guts!” Xu Que’s reply was full of vulgarity. He was no longer hiding as he used the Firestorm Wheels and flew forward in an instant. He allowed the group of aces in the Earth Celestial Stage to chase after him, without fighting back. He ran and engraved letters and graffiti on all corners of the Dingtian Academy.

“Those who dare to provoke the Exploding Heavens Faction will die!”

“When the Exploding Heavens Faction fights, no one will survive!”

“When the Exploding Heavens Faction appears, only needles and thread will be left!”

“Dingtian Academy, lousy Academy!”

“The Exploding Heavens Faction teaches you how to be a human!”


Soon, all kinds of graffiti occupied most of the walls and floors of the Dingtian Academy.

“F*cking stop it!” More than a dozen aces in the Earth Celestial Stage were angry. They were flustered and exasperated as they shouted and chased after him. But Xu Que wasn’t stopping. He couldn’t fight so many powerful aces in the Earth Celestial Stage now. The key was that there was another ace in the Heaven Celestial Stage. If he stopped and fell into their trap, then he was a real fool!


A moment later, Xu Que snapped out a Fiery Lotus and bombarded all the flowers, plants, and buildings in the Dingtian Academy. It was impossible to beat those people, but Xu Que wasn’t humble with his destruction! With his bombardment of the Fiery Lotus, the buildings in the academy began to collapse. The academy, which was once beautiful as a fairyland, suddenly turned into a wasteland. All the flowers and plants were burned to the ground. It was akin to a barren land!

But when Xu Que was ready to further realize “only needles and thread will be left”, a terrifying presence suddenly dropped from the sky.

Uh, the Heaven Celestial Stage is here? Xu Que’s expression instantly froze; he quickly snapped out the Escape Emblem and shouted, “No killing today. I’ll teach you a lesson today. The big army of our Exploding Heavens Faction will come to settle accounts another day, good-bye!”

As soon as he had stopped talking, a huge palm emerged from the Void with God-Powered strength and slammed heavily onto Xu Que.


The huge palm fell to the ground, and the ground around it collapsed instantly. The strong air current swept out in all directions. Some disciples in the Half-Celestial Stage and Human Celestial Stage were blown away by the air current. However, that horrifying slam from the powerful ace in the Heaven Celestial Stage had failed in the end. At the moment when the palm fell, Xu Que had disappeared and was transported to the gate of the academy by an Escape Emblem.

“Heh, heh, you can’t hit me. Ace from the Heaven Celestial Stage is nothing more than this!” Xu Que burst into laughter immediately after landing. Not forgetting to mock, followed by a wave of his hand, he rolled up the plaque of the Dingtian Academy and took out an Escape Emblem and fled.

“Scoundrel! Return the plaque!”

The next moment, there was an earthshaking roar in the academy.

But Xu Que had completely disappeared!

The disciples in the academy were dumbfounded. In less than a moment, the academy had become a wasteland. It was hard to accept! Plus, the most annoying thing was that the immoral Exploding Heavens Faction had run away with their plaque of the Dingtian Academy!

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