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Ultimate Scheming System (Web Novel) - Chapter 1181: A Comeback

Chapter 1181: A Comeback

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

The next day, the news of Xu Que’s upheaval in the Dingtian Academy spread everywhere! The cultivators of the whole Zhen Yuan Celestial Realm were shocked!

The Dingtian Academy, one of the three major academies in Zhen Yuan Celestial Realm, had been destroyed by a cultivator in the Initial Stage of the Human Celestial Stage. He even ran away from the academy, safe and sound, with their plaque. This was no longer a simple shaming, but a great insult to the tens of thousands of years of its reputation! Since the founding of the Dingtian Academy, there had not been such a great humiliation. It was a true disgrace!

“Oh, my god!”

“That was frenzied and crazy!”

“I thought the Exploding Heavens Faction was out of existence. I didn’t expect it to make such a comeback!”

“Pssh, the Dingtian Academy is severely ruined!”

“The Exploding Heavens Faction is really run by a scoundrel. They have the strength, and the Dingtian Academy had no way of dealing with them!”

“Tut, tut, tut, my younger brother was in the Dingtian Academy. He watched the man from the Exploding Heavens Faction merely kick once and the Mountain’s Protective Spell Array was destroyed. It was so scary!”

“What? Are you serious? A single kick and the Mountain’s Protective Spell Array was destroyed? What was that leg?”

“My younger brother said it was the Act-Tough King’s Feet…uh, no, it was the Act-Tough King’s Leg. I think it’s a formidable Magic Art!”

“It’s terrible. The grade of the Mountain’s Protective Spell Array of the Dingtian Academy isn’t low. It is said that even someone in the Heaven Celestial Stage has to make some effort to break it down!”

“It seems like the Exploding Heavens Faction’s disappearance before wasn’t due to fear.”

“Some people have said that the Exploding Heavens Faction has a deep foundation, and we shouldn’t provoke it easily!”


In every corner of the Zhen Yuan Celestial Realm, everyone was talking about it endlessly. But it was only half a day before other news was released that shocked the public!

“Oh, my!”

“Have you all heard about it? The Exploding Heavens Faction is so bad*ss!”


“They took the plaque from the Dingtian Academy and broke it into three parts. They threw one into the men’s toilet and the other one into the women’s toilet!”

“Psshaw. This isn’t bad*ss, this is crude!”

“Didn’t you say there were three pieces, what about the last one?”

“I heard it was burned as firewood by that fellow. He sat outside Baihui City roasting chicken wings!”

“Psshaw, he’s really one of a kind!”

“He’s so crude that he has no friends! I’m afraid the Dingtian Academy is vomiting blood in anger!”

The crowd shook their heads and laughed bitterly. They were subdued by the actions of the Exploding Heavens Faction!

Since ancient times, few forces had been known for their notoriety. Even if there were, most of them were from the Demonic Sects or those who killed decisively and cruelly and were famous for their fierceness! But the Exploding Heavens Faction was unlike those evil and crude people—they were obviously cruder. They were creating so much chaos, yet no one could catch them!

“It is estimated that in another two days, Dean Lin, who was leading the team in the Waste Realm, will also receive the news!”

“I’m afraid this Elder is going to be very furious this time! This could be a good show to watch!”

“Hey, wait a minute. Speaking of the Waste Realm, maybe it’s the Equipment Refining Sect’s turn!”

“The Equipment Refining Sect? Ha, ha, what a joke. Are you saying that the Exploding Heavens Faction dares to make a scene in the Equipment Refining Sect?”

“Indeed, the Equipment Refining Sect is not comparable to the Dingtian Academy!”

“The Exploding Heavens Faction could only make a scene in the Dingtian Academy. If they dared to create chaos in the Equipment Refining Sect, I’ll chop off my head!”

Everyone mocked the conflict between the Dingtian Academy and the Exploding Heavens Faction. Although the conflict between the Exploding Heavens Faction and the Equipment Refining Sect was deeper, everyone felt that the Exploding Heavens Faction would not dare wreak havoc in the Equipment Refining Sect.

Although the Dingtian Academy was very strong in the Zhen Yuan Celestial Realm and belonged to one of the three major academies, the Equipment Refining Sect was much stronger still than the Dingtian Academy in terms of both power and influence.

Moreover, the key point was that everyone in the Equipment Refining Sect was influential in the Equipment Refining circle. First of all, their Cultivation Stages weren’t low. Those who had reached the Eighth or Ninth Grade Equipment Forging Grandmasters were at least in the Later Stage of the Human Celestial Stage or in the Earth Celestial Stage. And Equipment Forging Grandmasters were the weakest in the Equipment Refining Sect!

As for the Equipment Refining Great Grandmaster, each of them was either in the Earth Celestial Stage or in the Heaven Celestial Stage, and, on the top of them, there were several King Refiners of the Inferior Artifact, all of which were in the Golden Celestial Stage! With that alone, the strength of the Equipment Refining Sect was way beyond the Dingtian Academy!

So no one could believe that the Exploding Heavens Faction dared wreak havoc in the Equipment Refining Sect, because it was simply foolish! However, Xu Que had always been very stubborn! He always did things regardless of consequences or regardless of his opponents’ Cultivation Stages. No matter how powerful they were, as long as he was sure that he could escape in time, then he would go and annoy them!

On that day, as Xu Que burned the plaque of the Dingtian Academy like firewood in front of countless people, he roasted chicken wings and sat at the gate of Baihui City while he ate! By the time the Deputy Dean in the Heaven Celestial Stage of the Dingtian Academy arrived, he had vanished. The Deputy Dean was so angry that he bombarded several huge mountains outside Baihui City flat, as a way to vent his anger, before he turned away and left!

Everyone was horrified. A strong ace in the Heaven Celestial Stage was really dreadful when he was angry!


Soon night fell! Xu Que changed his appearance and presence to get rid of everyone in pursuit. He inquired along the way and easily found the branch position of the Equipment Refining Sect in the Zhen Yuan Celestial Realm. Simply speaking, the branches set up by the Equipment Refining Sect in different places were similar to guilds! They didn’t specify that all members should stay at the branch. Only those who were in the rank of Leaders or Elders were responsible for taking their shifts in maintaining the branch.

When Xu Que arrived outside the building of the Equipment Refining Sect’s branch, he immediately popped his Soul Strength for inspection. There were at least five aces in the Heaven Celestial Stage and there were 30 or 40 in the Earth Celestial Stage. Those from the Human Celestial Stage weren’t worth mentioning!

This was when the Waste Realm’s entrance was opened and the number of people in the branch was at its lowest, otherwise Xu Que would really have had to reconsider whether he should venture in to create chaos. But now, although there were still a powerful amount of people, it didn’t deter Xu Que from doing what he wanted.

Although at first he accidentally stole the materials from the Equipment Refining Tower of the Equipment Refining Sect, he later took the first two places at the Equipment Refining Convention and then left. He had no intention of asking for a place to visit the Waste Realm at all. That was akin to giving consent to the cancellation of his place to visit the Waste Realm; he had taken a step back and maintained the prestige of the Equipment Refining Sect. But then that Elder Li was too arrogant and he dared to mock the Exploding Heavens Faction. That was intolerable!

There was no fairness or injustice in the World of Cultivators, let alone reasoning things out. Whoever was offended first wasn’t a concern, what mattered was whose strength was the strongest.

“If you don’t want the dignity I’ve reserved for you, then don’t blame me for taking it back! This time I’ll even take back all the principal and interest, not even the dregs will be left for you!” Xu Que watched the magnificent door of the Equipment Refining Sect’s branch with a cunning smile on his face.


The next moment, he became invisible. He slowly approached the Equipment Refining Sect’s branch and gradually disappeared into the darkness of the night.

The night was dark and suitable for killing.

The wind was strong and suitable for burning.

The Exploding Heavens Faction is here!!

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