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Ultimate Scheming System (Web Novel) - Chapter 1182: I Want to Seek Justice!

Chapter 1182: I Want to Seek Justice!

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Under the dim moonlight, Xu Que’s figure encircled the Equipment Refining Sect’s branch, dropping pieces of Spirit Stones and Spirit Crystal Stones! In a few hours, he had laid more than ten Trap and Kill Arrays, one after another, more dreadful than the one before!

These dozens of spells cost him more than 1 million Acting Tough Points—an unprecedented purchase!

Previously, when Xu Que won the top 20 on the Half List of the Heavenly Tripod List, he gained more than 2 million Acting Tough Points. This time, he spent more than 1 million Acting Tough Points to screw up the Equipment Refining Sect. Xu Que didn’t even consider whether he was taking a loss at all! After all, there is a saying, “get crazy before you get old”!

Was it crazy to spend more than 1 million Acting Tough Points to set up the Trap and Kill Arrays? No, not at all! For Xu Que, that was only a small warning!

Hmmm, they’re all Trap and Kill Arrays. It seems to be a little boring. Although I can’t endure the Trap and Kill Arrays, many of them are in the Heaven Celestial Stage. I should seek a safer choice!” Xu Que touched his chin and carefully pondered for a while. He took out a “Killer Book of All Layers”, activated the “Secret of All” and possessed a Magic Art to increase the power of any weapon 40fold!


The next moment, Xu Que waved his hand and made several seals to conceal their presence in the surroundings. Then he clapped his palm and six kinds of Mystical Fires suddenly bolted out. Five of them were in the top ten on the Mystical Fires list; they were unusually powerful. Six kinds of Mystical Fires surged out in a flash, and the Void was instantly burned and distorted. The power was 40 times more than the original. It was terrifying!

“Heh, heh, I’m adding a few Six-color Fiery Lotuses in the Trap and Kill Arrays. It’s going to be enough to take you all down!” Xu Que laughed.

Following that, he quickly activated the Taoist Seal and constantly compressed the six different Mystical Fires. Finally, in less than an hour, ten Six-color Fiery Lotuses were born in Xu Que’s hands; they were individually wrapped in a layer of Restrictive Spell and were sent in different directions!

Xu Que was very careful throughout the whole process. After all, the Six-color Fiery Lotus was very unstable. Once it was accidentally knocked against or touched slightly, it would probably explode on the spot. Although Xu Que was in the Initial Stage of the Human Celestial Stage, if he was bombed by the Six-color Fiery Lotus at such a short distance, even if he didn’t die, he would be severely injured. The dreadful thing was that he had not just one Six-color Fiery Lotus, but ten of them. If one exploded, the other nine would be detonated. If that happened, he would probably be blown to bits!

It wasn’t easy for Xu Que to place ten Six-color Fiery Lotuses in different positions in the Trap and Kill Arrays around the whole of the Equipment Refining Sect’s branch. When it was finally done, Xu Que heaved a sigh of relief.

Looking back to when he was in Lost City, Xu Que condensed a Six-color Fiery Lotus when he was merely in the Half-Celestial Stage—it was enough to put an ace in the Initial Stage of the Earth Celestial Stage at the gates of death. That suggested how terrible the power of the Six-color Fiery Lotus was. Now, after successfully placing the Fiery Lotuses, he was considered out of danger!

“Tut, tut, -tut, it’s safe and sound now. Whoever dares to provoke me, I’ll let you taste the surprise from the Exploding Heavens Faction!”

Xu Que looked at the magnificent Equipment Refining Sect’s branch. He laughed and quietly stepped out.


Not long afterward, he rushed to the nearby Ancient City overnight, stood on the city walls, and shouted, “When the Exploding Heavens Faction fights, no one will survive!”

That slogan had been known to the world ever since he was ranked on the Half List.

Xu Que’s scream resonated throughout the ancient city. All the cultivators were alarmed and in a commotion.

“D*mn it, is someone shouting the Exploding Heavens Faction’s slogan in the middle of the night?”

“Don’t tell me the Exploding Heavens Faction is coming. What do they want?”

“Wait a minute, this is where the Equipment Refining Sect’s branch is. Could it be…”


Soon, the crowd had guessed the rationale for the Exploding Heavens Faction’s slogan, and they gasped in surprise. Then everyone rushed out of the city and they saw a figure with his hands behind his back, standing on the city wall, his clothes fluttering in the wind—he was incomparably free and unfettered!

“Another in the Initial Stage of the Human Celestial Stage?”

“I don’t think so, how could they send just one in the Initial Stage of the Human Celestial Stage to wreak havoc on the Equipment Refining Sect?”

“Isn’t this courting death? There are at least a couple of aces at the Heaven Celestial Stage in the Equipment Refining Sect’s branch now!”

All of them were astounded.

At the same time, as Xu Que stood on the city wall he gazed at the far distance with his unfathomable eyes, and he slowly looked at the many cultivators gathered below the city walls. He was finished with his posing and he shouted, “I’m Chen Shanren from the Exploding Heavens Faction, and I’m famous for my kindness and softness. Originally, the Exploding Heavens Faction was low-key and didn’t want to compete with the world. But the Equipment Refining Sect went overboard. They took away our place to visit the Waste Realm and spoke ill of us! As a member of the Exploding Heavens Faction, today I want to seek justice on behalf of the Exploding Heavens Faction. I ask all of you to testify!”

After that, Xu Que stepped out on blazing lightning and headed directly toward the Equipment Refining Sect. Those standing around were stunned and a little slow in reacting.

“Chen Shanren from the Exploding Heavens Faction?”

“Famous for his kindness and softness?” Someone murmured and repeated Xu Que’s introduction.

Then someone exclaimed, “D*mn it, what? Did the Exploding Heavens Faction send someone kind and soft to deal with the Equipment Refining Sect?”

“What do they mean?”

“I’m fainting; I don’t understand what’s going on!”

“Of course! You have to take a look to understand the situation!”

“You’re right. I’ll inform those from my sect!”

“I’ll also inform those from my academy to take a look. There must be something big happening tonight!”

Suddenly, most of the people sent out message-delivering papers and then followed closely behind Xu Que. Everyone was rushing to the Equipment Refining Sect’s branch.

When the crowd arrived, Xu Que was alone and standing unarmed in front of the doors of the Equipment Refining Sect’s branch. Compared to the magnificent Equipment Refining Sect’s branch and its grand door, Xu Que looked really tiny. But he straightened his back with a discernible pride.

“This is serious. This Chen Shanren from the Exploding Heavens Faction looks like an ace. Otherwise he wouldn’t possess such bravery and dare to stand outside the door of the Equipment Refining Sect’s branch.”

“By the way, it seems that there are many spells set up outside the Equipment Refining Sect’s branch. I can feel the terrifying aura of many spells!”

“I guess they were set up by the Equipment Refining Sect to guard against the Exploding Heavens Faction!”

“Then how is this fellow going in?”

“Ha, ha, go in? You think too much. At most, he’ll make a few crude remarks to drive them out!”

“Hey, you see, he’s about to speak!” Someone pointed at Xu Que.

Everyone looked at Xu Que, and, sure enough, Xu Que put his hand on his waist, pointed to the door of the Equipment Refining Sect’s branch, and hollered, “The Equipment Refining Sect, you have gone too far in bullying others. Return the place of visiting the Waste Realm to the Exploding Heavens Faction, otherwise I’ll destroy this place!”

As soon as he said that, the crowd was in an uproar.

Destroy this place?

Isn’t that a little too insane?

How is that possible?


Almost at the same time, a powerful aura emerged from the Equipment Refining Sect’s branch, and a young man stepped out of it. He had a cold expression and his eyes swept toward Xu Que.

“Who are you?” The cold young man asked indifferently, his tone full of disdain and arrogance.

“I’m Chen Shanren from the Exploding Heavens Faction, male, single, kind and soft-hearted, Sagittarius. The Equipment Refining Sect has stolen the place of visiting the Waste Realm from the Exploding Heavens Faction. If you don’t give me a satisfactory reply today, I’ll scold all of you!” Xu Que yelled, straightening his back.

The indifferent young man was startled, and the crowd was dumbfounded.

After wasting so much time, this guy came to swear?

Just then, Xu Que continued, “I have little experience in cursing people. This is my first time. If I curse badly, please forgive me. I shall stop explaining and start cursing. The Equipment Refining Sect, you’re all little piggies, big bad wolves, quickly return the place of visiting the Waste Realm to the Exploding Heavens Faction!”

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