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Ultimate Scheming System (Web Novel) - Chapter 1449: Go Away!

Chapter 1449: Go Away!

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio


The explosion was triggered again.

The clouds surged violently and rolled all around. Dozens of golden lightning bolts flashed back and forth in the clouds, shining with a dazzling golden light.

“What? So many Ancient Catastrophes at one time?” The woman in white was completely surprised by what she saw.

The woman in black was also shocked.

They’d rushed over, thinking that the heaven test was over. They didn’t expect that it would be much stronger than the one they’d felt in the distance.

Inside Tian Sha City, many cultivators were puzzled.

“Strange, what’s going on?”

“Why did the Ancient Catastrophe become weaker? It’s only a little stronger than the ones the ten Celestial Kings had just now.”

“Yes! Although their numbers have increased, it seems that they’re not as strong as the golden dragon one was before.”

“Hey, count them carefully. These small Ancient Catastrophes are exactly 40, and they’re gathering in the direction of the ten Celestial Kings.”

“If so, these Ancient Catastrophes don’t seem to be targeting Xu Que.”

The crowd exclaimed with shock as if they’d discovered something terrible.

The woman in white and the one in black also figured out this situation almost at the same time, and their expressions changed.

“No, these Ancient Catastrophes are aimed at the ten Celestial Kings,” the woman in white exclaimed.

“This…this seems not to be one heaven test, but multiple tests that have come down at various stages.”

The woman in black was also very surprised. The two women looked at each other, and their faces became grave.

“Save the people first. The Heaven Continent is about to recover. If these ten Celestial Kings die, it’s equivalent to losing a strong force. Then I’m afraid the Heaven Continent will have a big problem in the future,” the woman in white said urgently.

“I agree!” The woman in black nodded.

Before their voices had died away, they stepped forward at the same time with a tacit understanding. Their figures blurred directly into two powerful presences and spread outward in an instant.

At first no one had noticed them, but now that they were spreading out, the two of them had become the strongest presences around.

“Who’s there?”

Xu Que was the first to sense the appearances of the two strong forces. His eyes swept the area, and he was a little surprised to see two women appearing outside the restrictive spell.

But soon, his heart was full of horror.

The strength of these two women was very similar to that of Xuanyuan Wanrong, which was clearly at the stage of Celestial Prime.

Why on the Heaven Continent, did Celestial Primes even appear?

His face turned serious, full of vigilance. He began to think about ways to pull the two Celestial Primes into the heaven tests.


At the same time, inside Tian Sha City, many cultivators had also discovered the existence of the two women and were shocked.

“What is going on, and when did the two of them show up?”

“This is too scary. How did they appear here?”

“My goodness, I recognize these two women. They’ve been here before.”

“Oh my God! This kind of presence is stronger than that of the Celestial Kings, so are they…Celestial Primes?”

Many people exclaimed, shocked.

Buttface, Duan Jiude, and the others were also attracted by the hubbub, and then their expressions changed.

“Sh*t, this is no good!” Buttface stamped the ground heavily.

“If even Celestial Primes have come here, then our plan has gotten a bit out of control.” Duan Jiude touched his chin and frowned.

Zixia Fairy looked at the two women, frowning, and said, “How could this be?”

Hearing what she’d said, Buttface and Duan Jiude paused.

“Grand master, do you know these two women?” Duan Jiude was surprised.

“They come from the Yongzhen Celestial Realm of the Celestial Cloud Continent, and they are the Holy Virgins of the Temple of the Holy Moon and the Temple of the Celestial Demon. The Temple of the Holy Moon is a force in the Imperial Palace of the Yongzhen Celestial Emperor, and it has never gotten along well with the Temple of the Celestial Demon,” Zixia Fairy said in a deep voice, looking grave and somewhat puzzled.

“How come these two powerful Holy Virgins who didn’t get along had appeared in the Heaven Continent at the same time?”

“Well, Grand master, according to this information, the two of them aren’t here for Xu Que, are they?” Duan Jiude asked.

“The woman in white, known as the Nishang Fairy, is the elder sister of Xiao Rou!” Zixia Fairy responded in a deep voice as her face became serious.

“Sh*t, it’s predestined! They’re on our side!” Buttface suddenly rejoiced.

“Not, they’re not.” Zixia Fairy shook her head.

Xu Que’s existence wasn’t a good thing for Xiao Rou.

The Celestial Emperor knew that Xiao Rou had lost some of her soul, and she couldn’t recall the past, which meant she was living a new life. Once her memory was restored, her Inner Demons would be awakened.

Nishang Fairy’s coming here made Zixia Fairy a little worried. In case she had been sent by the Celestial Emperor to get rid of Xu Que…

As soon as the idea had entered her brain, her eyes suddenly flashed with a cold killing intent.

At the same time, Nishang Fairy had started speaking to Xu Que. “Little friend, open the restrictive spell quickly and let them leave. You can’t kill them!” Her cold voice, with a tone of command, reached Tian Sha City.

When many cultivators heard her words, they smiled wryly. “They are indeed here to save the Celestial Kings!”

“I’m jealous! It would be so good to be at a high stage. Even Celestial Primes show up. I guess the ten Celestial Kings will be all right.”

The leader of the Chang Family seemed to recover also, his eyes regained new spirit, and he seemed excited. “God has blessed me, Chang Duangeng!”

As long as the Celestial Kings weren’t dead, their forces wouldn’t investigate the Dark Shadow Pagoda Sect, and the Chang family would have a chance to survive.

Zixia Fairy also stopped frowning.

As soon as Nishang Fairy opened her mouth, Zixia Fairy knew that she had been worried too much. Nishang Fairy obviously didn’t know who Xu Que was, which meant she was not here for him.

“Go away!”

In the sky, the voice of Xu Que rang out loudly.

He ignored them and responded to them as if they were two flies.

This made everyone present stunned.

My goodness, this guy didn’t even show respect to Celestial Primes.

Nishang Fairy was also stunned. She, the Holy Virgin of the Temple of the Holy Moon, had never been treated in such a rude way around the Celestial Cloud Continent.

However, the woman in black beside her, who had paused a bit, laughed gloatingly.

“Ha, ha, Nishang Fairy, I didn’t expect you to have a chance to be treated like this, especially by a young boy.” She covered her mouth, smiling.

But before her mocking words were finished, Xu Que stared at her and said indifferently, “You, also, go away!”

The smile on the woman’s face went instantly stiff.

Now Nishang Fairy couldn’t help but want to laugh.

The woman in black immediately looked up at Xu Que and shouted coldly, “You presumptuous young kid dare to talk to me, the Holy Virgin, like this? Do you know who we are?”

“Not interested in knowing that, and get out!” Xu Que didn’t even bother to look at them.

The woman in black immediately became furious with fire in her eyes.

“What an arrogant kid! No one dared to talk to her like that, let alone in the Heaven Continent, such a backward place.”

“You…” She stretched out her hand to point at Xu Que and was about to scold him.

“You can’t have a crush on me, although I am handsome and charming. I have a lover already, and I’m not interested in you!” Xu Que interrupted her.

The woman in black was speechless, and her hands began to tremble with anger.

Nishang Fairy was quite interested in looking at the woman in black.

“What are you looking at? Don’t you want to save these people? You handle this boy yourself. Otherwise, I won’t bother to save them or the Heaven Continent’s future,” said the woman in black, angry and annoyed, as she saw Nishang Fairy’s expression.

Hearing that, the expression in Nishang Fairy’s face changed from interest to coldness as before. She looked at Xu Que and said, “Little friend, actually we want…”

“You too. You can’t fall in love with me either. You can’t even think about it. Don’t think that I will fall in love with you just because we talked a little bit! I tell you, no! You two have no chance at all! Now, get out of here!” Xu Que’s face was full of righteousness, as he interrupted them again.

Everyone in the audience, “…..”

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