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Ultimate Scheming System (Web Novel) - Chapter 1450: Destined Not to Live!

Chapter 1450: Destined Not to Live!

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Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

In Tian Sha City, everyone was stunned. They all looked at Xu Que with astonished faces.

“This man…his words were vile, weren’t they?”

It was hard to believe that there was anyone as thick-shinned as this man existing in the world.

Nishang Fairy and the woman in black were also stunned.

Perhaps it was because they were used to living in the Celestial Cloud Continent. Nobody would’ve ever dared to be that rude to them at home. They’d never met such a shameless person. For these reasons, they were speechless and had no idea how to respond.

On the other hand, Buttface, Duan Jiude, and the other people of the Exploding Heavens Faction looked pretty much the same as they always looked.

They were used to Xu Que’s behavior.

If there ever came a day when Xu Que acted humble, that would be truly strange.

Liu Jingning grinned. It surprised her that Xu Que hadn’t flirted with the women this time.

However, if one really considered it, this man already had so many ladies around him, if he were to flirt with a few more, would he be able to even cope?

Realizing that this was probably why he hadn’t bothered to flirt, Liu Jingning looked at Xu Que from afar and smiled even more broadly.

In contrast, Mo Junchen almost choked on his water. He already knew that Faction Leader Xu was afraid of nothing and did whatever he wanted. But once again, he’d managed to surprise Mo Junchen. After all that’d happened that day, to see Xu Que being so rude to these two deities, Mo Junchen could only think to himself: wow, he’s truly stubborn.


At that moment, thunder broke out. Things were about to happen.

More than forty streaks of lightning appeared in the sky. They were concentrated above the heads of the ten Celestial Kings. Where Xu Que stood, the gloomy clouds continued to gather. It was the calm before the storm.

“Things aren’t looking good. We don’t have much time left,” Nishang Fairy said, as she frowned, realizing what was going on.

“Let’s forcibly destroy the prohibition spell,” the woman in black said, making a suggestion.

Nishang Fairy shook her head. “We can’t do that. This prohibition spell is very damaging. We don’t know who cast it. It has been infused with a teleportation spell. If we break it from outside, we’ll be teleported. It would teleport us into the prohibition spell.”

“This…this is really mean,” the woman in black replied, at a loss for other words.

Nishang Fairy looked at Xu Que and said seriously, “Young friend, I don’t have much time to explain things to you. Regardless of what vengeance you have plotted for these Celestial Kings, I can promise you, as long as you release them, within the Heaven Continent nobody will dare to pursue anything about this with you. I’ll resolve any conflict you have with them.”

“It’s none of your business,” Xu Que shouted, rolling his eyes.

“You…” Nishang Fairy was fuming. Unable to contain her anger, she said, “It’s really not the right time for them to die now. The Shackle Spell of the Heaven Continent will be destroyed very soon. There are countless enemies who are watching the Heaven Continent. If you kill them, it would be equivalent to reducing half the strength of the Heaven Continent. If that were the case, it would be impossible to withstand the pressure from foreign enemies. The Heaven Continent will be destroyed.”

“What business is that of mine?” Xu Que answered with a sneer.

He’d never believed the promises of any strong practitioners. Besides, his intention was to kill those ten Celestial Kings. Even if this woman had come to interrupt and offer a truce, her main intention was to keep the ten Celestial Kings alive.

And this was nonnegotiable for Xu Que.

As for the destruction of the Heaven Continent, he couldn’t care less. Besides, to give the task of protecting the Heaven Continent to these ten dumb Celestial Kings had been a foolish thing to do.

Look at how timid they were. How could they be the ones charged with protecting the Heaven Continent?

Ha, this was so naive.

“How can you be like this? Would you like all the people in the Heaven Continent to die because of you?” Nishang Fairy said angrily.

That she was unable to persuade Xu Que made her extremely furious.

“I can only give you the same answer: what business is it of yours? Even if the Heaven Continent falls into some future danger, I’ll be able to live with it. I want to kill these ten lousy Celestial Kings. If there are foreign enemies who threaten me, I’ll be able to destroy them in the same way. You don’t need to worry about it,” Xu Que replied calmly.

He looked at the thunderclouds up in the sky, unable to understand them. “Why haven’t the tribulations arrived? Are they backing out again? Do I have to start the explosions again for them to fall from the sky?”

“You’ll deal with it? You’re only a Celestial of the Great All-Embracing Heaven. Where’d you get the confidence to say that?” Nishang Fairy asked furiously.

The woman in black couldn’t bear it any longer. She shook her head and said, “Buddy, although the words of this woman may not be pleasant to your ears, she has to say them. There is some logic in her words. These Celestial Kings really can’t die. While there’s still time, you should break the prohibition spell and release them. We have a way for them to avoid the tribulations.”

At this point, the Celestial Kings who had been seated on the ground healing their wounds became agitated.

Although they didn’t know who these two fairies were, they realized that they had come to save them. These two fairies were their lifelines.

The power from the sky was causing them to become breathless. They were all on the verge of breaking down.

The first time the tribulations struck, they’d almost died. If four more tribulations really fell, they would certainly die.

“Regrettably, I’ve always been a man of my word. Just now I said that none of them should think about escaping. That means none of them will be able to escape. If you guys aren’t happy with that, I don’t mind if you guys want to join in and be punished.” Xu Que shook his head as he laughed.

Nishang Fairy and the woman in black frowned and exchanged looks. They were extremely anxious. They’d never seen someone as stubborn as this guy. The situation was impossible.

Most important, this man had just threatened them. He really didn’t understand the severity of his position.

“Friend Xu, you really should try to get a clear understanding of your situation and not do anything you’ll regret. These two fairies have been trying to explain things to you. If you don’t listen to them, do you think you’ll be able to escape?” One of the injured old men from the Divine Farmer Clan spoke with difficulty.

He was utterly worried that Xu Que wouldn’t heed the fairies’ advice and would be insistent on killing them. Hence, he’d decided to grab what time was left to try his luck to persuade Xu Que with this threat.

The young female celestial king, who now looked much older, also said, “I only have one last thing to say. If you retreat now, there’s still a chance that nobody will pursue this matter. However, if you kill us, even if those two fairies don’t pursue it, my faction, and the factions of the other Celestial Kings, won’t let you off.”


Xu Que laughed coolly and threw up his hands, “It’s come to this, and you guys still dare to threaten me. How stupid you are. But that’s fine. Even if you guys beg for help, there’s no way I will let you off. So…just sit there and wait patiently for death. Don’t talk so much cr*p!”

With that, the hearts of the ten Celestial Kings sunk to rock bottom.

They couldn’t understand if this man had gone mad. Why would he do this?

The cultivators in Tian Sha City were also shocked and their hair stood on end.

This was ruthless.

The ways of Xu Que were shockingly ruthless.

No matter what would happen to Xu Que eventually, as long as he lived, from that day onward, there’d be no one who would dare to offend him.

And that was exactly what Xu Que wanted.

And that was how he’d always acted.

There was only one way to be able to live and not get targeted in a world where the strong prospered. That was to show others what you were made of.

How could one do that? Exactly as he had done.

As long as there were people who were afraid, they’d never dare to target you.

Once you take a step back, eventually you’ll take a second step and a third step. Suddenly, you’ll find yourself at the edge of a cliff and people will force you to jump off.

Hence, there was no way he would retreat. He wouldn’t budge at all.


Finally, the 40 golden lightnings fell from the sky.

Everyone was paying attention to the lightnings. Each of the ten Celestial Kings was powerful enough to summon the rain or the wind in the Heaven Continent. However, today, they had landed themselves in such dire straits.

As the 40 golden lightnings struck, the ten Celestial Kings were turned into ashes.

In their last moments, apart from feeling regretful and bothered, they were completely disbelieving. They were unable to accept that they’d just die like this.

The two fairies stood solemnly outside the prohibition spell, silent.

Clearly, Xu Que had infuriated the two of them.

However, he didn’t care.

Even when the ten Celestial Kings were killed, he didn’t even give them a second look.

Under the stormy clouds, a proud young man stood there, like a demon.

The emotions and the ruthless methods had been etched in the hearts of the cultivators at the scene. It was traumatic for them.

“Such a person and you guys from the Sacred Moon Palace still wish to have him?” The woman in black asked Nishang Fairy.

Nishang Fairy was speechless!

The woman in black continued, “In any case, we of the Heavenly Demon Palace don’t dare take him. Such a character could bring harm to us.”

“What I’m interested in is how he will be able to survive the tribulations. Did you notice? The sky is churning, and they’re yet to fall. This is going to be much stronger than the tribulations that were dealt to the Celestial Kings.”

At that, Nishang Fairy shook her head and said, expressionlessly, “The world can’t live with such a character. The coming tribulations will take his life.”


The storm clouds in the sky appeared. Four gigantic golden rays shone from behind these storm clouds onto the ground.

A man walked out from one of the rays. He was dressed in armor, holding a rifle and looking menacing.

“A humanoid lightning!” The woman in black clothes was stunned.

A humanoid lightning from a tribulation was one of the highest levels.

And now, such high-level skills had appeared in an Ancient Catastrophe. It was truly shocking!

“That’s the humanoid lightning…from the Imperial Palace Heaven!”

Nishang Fairy also saw the humanoid lightning. With conviction she said, “This young man is destined not to live!”

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