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Undefeatable – League of Legends (Web Novel)


When the Chinese athlete laughed that video game championships existed, you, as a professional e-sports player, should use your size 42 shoes to measure just how long his smug face is!

When parents, relatives, friends, and all of society squint at your gamer profession as improper, all you, as a true lover of e-sports, can do is to show them a unyielding view of your back!

Have you ever imagined that in four years, e-sports would be one of the events on the Olympic fields. A hair-raising showdown that combines hand speed reactions under a second, great coordination from a five man team, and the ultimate limits of the human response time– –it is the video game competition! Let the enthusiastic followers of the world yell ‘Demacia’!!

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The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 359: Even After One Hundred Games, You Will Still Lose!!2020-03-31
Chapter 358: Firstblood by the Support, Garen!2020-03-30
Chapter 357: We are from Sandy County!2020-03-30
Chapter 356: Playing in the Hangzhou Competition!2020-03-29
Chapter 355: Stepping Into the World2020-03-29
Chapter 354: Sacrificing One Hundred Corpses!2020-03-28
Chapter 353: The Everlasting Chase!2020-03-28
Chapter 352: Ninety-six Kills!!2020-03-27
Chapter 351: Champions Worth Less Than Cannon Minion2020-03-27
Chapter 350: Killing Him Like the Pathetic Dog He Was!2020-03-26
Chapter 349: Chime of Death; Final Hour2020-03-26
Chapter 348: An Epitaph of Blood2020-03-25
Chapter 347: Five Bolts2020-03-25
Chapter 346: She Hadn’t Even Gotten 10 Kills Yet!2020-03-24
Chapter 345: They’re Here for Blood! Not Towers!2020-03-24
Chapter 344: LPL’s Sword of the Occult2020-03-23
Chapter 343: First Blood2020-03-23
Chapter 342: The World’s Greatest Fighting Hawk!2020-03-22
Chapter 341: Vayne, The Immortal Soul!2020-03-22
Chapter 340: Return Of the Fallen Emperor!2020-03-21
Chapter 339: Who Is This Person?2020-03-21
Chapter 338: I, Fighting Hawk, Have Returned To The Team!2020-03-20
Chapter 337: Wine On The World Stage2020-03-20
Chapter 336: Sudden Situation, Rematch?2020-03-20
Chapter 335: Thrilling Performance!2020-03-20
Chapter 334: Shameless Buyout!2020-03-20
Chapter 333: The Unbeatable Top, Jax!2020-03-20
Chapter 332: Jax’s Relentless Counter!2020-03-20
Chapter 331: The Strongest Jax VS The Strongest Renekton!2020-03-20
Chapter 330: Facing Team Sky2020-03-20
Chapter 329: Victory Is The Best Present2020-03-20
Chapter 328: It’s Kill Or Be Killed!2020-03-20
Chapter 327: University Student Who Lacked Three Points2020-03-20
Chapter 326: Team Skycrown without Yu Luocheng2020-03-19
Chapter 325: A Devil With Horns2020-03-19
Chapter 324: Sky Club, Just Wait For Your Death!2020-03-18
Chapter 323: The Coach from the World’s Runner Up Team2020-03-18
Chapter 322: Complete Victory!2020-03-17
Chapter 321: Glorious Equipment2020-03-17
Chapter 320: Hawkshot, A Terrified Orianna2020-03-16
Chapter 319: You F*cking Shot Me Again!2020-03-16
Chapter 318: I Only Need One Shot!2020-03-16
Chapter 317: Ashe? You Want To Pick Ashe?2020-03-15
Chapter 316: 2:0 Team Revelation2020-03-14
Chapter 315: Master Level Graves!2020-03-14
Chapter 314: The Player Who Beat The Koreans!2020-03-13
Chapter 313: Illogical Graves2020-03-13
Chapter 312: Outsmarting Team Revelation!2020-03-13
Chapter 311: Team Revelation Isn’t All That2020-03-13
Chapter 310: One Win For Team Skycrown!2020-03-13
Chapter 309: 1-3-1 Formation Tactic2020-03-13
Chapter 308: Demolished Turret In 3 Minutes!2020-03-13
Chapter 307: Who’s Going to Get Wrecked2020-03-12
Chapter 306: The Appearance of Fighting Hawk!2020-03-12
Chapter 305: A Kidnapped Child2020-03-11
Chapter 304: There Is No Such Person Called Xiao Bei2020-03-11
Chapter 303: Stardust vs Skycrown2020-03-10
Chapter 302: Team God, Apollo!2020-03-10
Chapter 301: The Opening Ceremony2020-03-09
Chapter 300: Defaming Team Skycrown2020-03-09
Chapter 299: We Have Female Fans Now!2020-03-08
Chapter 298: Earth and His Formidable Zed!2020-03-08
Chapter 297: A 8/10 Player2020-03-08
Chapter 296: Intensive Training for the Final Month2020-03-08
Chapter 295: Complete Shut Out2020-03-08
Chapter 294: The Importance of Game Plan2020-03-08
Chapter 293: Getting On The Game Homepage!2020-03-08
Chapter 292: Glossy Diamond II in the Korean Server!2020-03-07
Chapter 291: Foreign Delicacies!2020-03-07
Chapter 290: Making Money2020-03-07
Chapter 289: Bad to the Bone2020-03-07
Chapter 288: Lifesaver!2020-03-07
Chapter 287: Victory Celebration2020-03-07
Chapter 286: Sovereign Dominion2020-03-06
Chapter 285: Draconic Shield2020-03-06
Chapter 284: Duplicate Miracle!2020-03-05
Chapter 283: Unconventional Tactics2020-03-05
Chapter 282: Mind Games2020-03-04
Chapter 281: Fighting Hawk vs. Blood Eagle2020-03-04
Chapter 280: Lee Sin vs. Lee Sin2020-03-03
Chapter 279: Showdown!2020-03-03
Chapter 278: Lin Dong vs. Zhao Tinghua2020-03-02
Chapter 277: Traitor2020-03-02
Chapter 276: Da Luo vs. Zhao Tinghua2020-03-01
Chapter 275: Spotlight or Shadows?2020-03-01
Chapter 274: Honor Guard2020-02-29
Chapter 273: World Champion of Gaming2020-02-29
Chapter 272: Heart of a Gamer2020-02-28
Chapter 271: Victory in Death2020-02-28
Chapter 270: From Lose to Win2020-02-27
Chapter 269: Springboard2020-02-27
Chapter 268: Across the Distance2020-02-26
Chapter 267: Imminent Defeat2020-02-26
Chapter 266: Deadly Poke2020-02-25
Chapter 265: Background Information2020-02-25
Chapter 264: For Their Own Sakes2020-02-25
Chapter 263: Another Win!2020-02-24
Chapter 262: Winning the Match!2020-02-23
Chapter 261: Epic Comeback2020-02-23
Chapter 260: Xiao Bei’s Vayne2020-02-23


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