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Undefeatable – League of Legends (Web Novel) - Chapter 34: Sneaky Rascal

Chapter 34: Sneaky Rascal

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Language ability is like an ADC’s gold total: it depends on constant effort, built up slowly over time.

During language tests, Yu Luocheng’s pen danced along at an even pace, composing essays without difficulty or pause.

He’d always been more enthusiastic about languages, thanks to his father’s influence throughout elementary and middle school. Even after throwing away over a year’s worth of his education, language was still his best subject.

Plagiarism was less viable where language papers 1 were concerned, so everyone just kept their heads down. Even when they looked up, it was only to check the time.



The shrill ringing of a bell announced the end of this language paper!

Papers forward!

Across the classroom, people rose to their feet. A few were still hunched over their desks, scribbling madly to complete their essays, until one of the invigilators gave them a sharp command, at which point they finally dropped their pens, defeated. Panicked sweat dripped off their brows and splashed upon the test paper, as though through sheer effort of will, they’d manipulate the running ink to trace out those last few words.

Students filed out of the examination venue, while teachers shuffled the papers.

The sky couldn’t hold back the clouds any longer, and rain began to fall. The students chattered as they went along. It sounded like the language test had been a bit of a challenge this time around.

Meanwhile, others wailed about the rain.

Yu Luocheng hadn’t had any difficulty. Contrary to the general mood about him, his heart was doing somersaults in joy!

The main challenge in language was arranging one’s thoughts. If you could arrange your thoughts so that they aligned with the examiner’s, everything would basically be in the bag.

He felt confident that he’d managed to serve up something that would agree with their palate.


Outside the classroom, Yu Luocheng didn’t immediately head downstairs. Instead, he followed the corridor to the far side of the block.

Rounding the corner, he spotted a slender figure disappearing down the staircase there, shadowed uncertainly by seven furtive, lupine figures.

Yu Luocheng rushed into the fray and asserted himself ferociously. Boldly, he announced his presence, “Qianqian.”

Yang Qianqian had her hair tied up today, the hairpin lying in front across her shoulder. It was an elegant and ladylike look, which delighted Yu Luocheng to see.

Arched eyebrows, long lashes, dewy eyes… and when she smiled, her eyes curled up in just that sort of way that sent an arrow right through one’s heart.

Such beauty…

“How was the paper?” Yang Qianqian slowed a little, allowing him to catch up.

“Piece of cake. Much like how we usually do in Bot-lane: total ownage!” Yu Luocheng declared with maximum swagger.

Yang Qianqian pouted indignantly. “I wonder why I had a little trouble with it, though?”

“It’s raining. Did you bring an umbrella?” Sensing danger, Yu Luocheng changed the subject.

“Of course I brought one.” Saying so, Yang Qianqian produced one from her bag.

“I didn’t.”

She rolled her eyes, and handed it to him—tacit permission to share an umbrella together with her.

Well, well. Did you really think Yu Luocheng eschewed his umbrella this morning out of forgetfulness?

In truth, he was making a long play!

Two people, chatting as they strolled along, sharing an umbrella between themselves. It was a portrait of intimacy.

There were umbrella-equipped students all along the way. When they were spotted by people they knew, all sorts of cat-calls rose up.

Well, everyone would be scattered to the four winds once the exams were over. Up until now, they’d been careful to avoid rumor and gossip, but it no longer mattered much anymore.

It wasn’t a large umbrella, so it was a squeeze for two. Yu Luocheng couldn’t allow Yang Qianqian to get wet from the rain, so he walked close to her, his hand brushing against hers.

Smooth, soft, firm, cool, and oh… so lovely.

This close to her, Yu Luocheng was once again able to catch a whiff of her sweet fragrance—some brand of shampoo, mingled together with her natural scent. He inhaled it discreetly, and it came in through his nostrils and dove straight into his lungs, warming his heart. If only he could get just a little bit closer…

It was the first time Yu Luocheng had wished for school to go on a little longer, or perhaps even forever—whatever would allow him to keep on walking beside her like this. He hoped the rain wasn’t going to stop anytime soon; if anything, he wished it would rain harder.

“My dad will be waiting for me at the entrance,” Yang Qianqian whispered, just as they were about to reach the school gates.

“Oh, him again.” It seemed that whenever Yu Luocheng was enjoying a moment together with Yang Qianqian, her father was bound to pop up.

Yang Qianqian’s meaning was obvious: She couldn’t allow her father to see her sharing such a tender moment with some guy from school.

Yu Luocheng didn’t want to push his luck, either. They were almost at the gates, now. Reluctantly, he reached into his bag and fished out his own umbrella.

Opening it up and walking ahead of her, he looked back with a smile. “I’ll be off, then. My mom could be lying in wait, as well. See you later.”

With that, Yu Luocheng sped away, leaving Yang Qianqian staring after his fleeing form in amazement.

“That bastard!” Yang Qianqian’s knees shook with fury.

That rascal was sneakier than Teemo himself!


A multi-colored canopy of umbrellas hung in the air, beneath from which countless middle-aged people gazed out with anticipation and anxiety, rainwater and precipitation draining through the worn creases of their faces.

It didn’t take long for Yu Luocheng to pick his mother out from the crowd.

Li Yun was wracked with sorrow. She’d been determined to fetch him home in a car, but it wasn’t to be.

“Let’s walk, then. We can talk while we walk,” Yu Luocheng suggested, unconcerned.

“Sure, that’s good, too.”

Naturally, Lilian had much to enquire about the test. Of course, Yu Luocheng assured her that it had gone well.

He certainly felt that way, but it wasn’t something he could say too confidently, for fear of raising expectations too high.


Upon reaching home, Lilian got started cooking, while Yu Luocheng flipped half-heartedly through some books.

About half an hour later, the door opened and a man ran in, drenched from head to toe.

“Dad, you’re home?” Yu Luocheng was stunned. At this time, Yu Jing should be working at the factory.

“I went to school to get you, but I must have missed you.” Yu Jing wiped his face with a towel as he said this. There was a haggard, worn-out look about him—he looked bone-tired.

Indeed, during the two days of high school finals examinations, the children took top priority.

For those of you in your third year of high school, the finals are your ultimate trump card. Whatever it is you desire, sit your rump down at home and say, “Forget those exams.” Just like that, nothing will be beyond your reach!

Seeing how his father had braved the rain to see him, Yu Luocheng was lost for words.

“You weren’t late for the test this morning, right?” Yu Jing asked.

“Not at all. I was forty minutes early.”

“Oh, good. As long as you made it, that’s fine.”

There was something odd about the way his father had said that.

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