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Undefeatable – League of Legends (Web Novel) - Chapter 349: Chime of Death; Final Hour

Chapter 349: Chime of Death; Final Hour

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Confucius had once said, “If you only slay Champions and not take down the towers, very soon, sh*t will hit the fan!”

This was the very first time that Bao Jun, after becoming an LPL commentator for so long, had seen such an eerily strange match!

And it wasn’t just him, everyone present in the E-sport stadium felt the same confusion too. Just what was Team Skycrown doing? They could have pushed that tower! Why did they forfeit the perfect opportunity to tip the game to their favor?

Putting their focus on slaying enemy Champions and creeps in the Jungle, and then, teleporting back to the base without valid reasons. This was the LPL, there was no way a team competing in the LPL would commit such a newbie error… right?

Besides, when they were competing against Team Revelation, Team Skycrown had completely maintained their classic tower-pushing strategy, pushing the towers at every chance they got. Strangely enough, for this match, they were jumping right at any enemy they set their eyes upon, especially Vayne, the Night Hunter!

“Vayne and Varus have met again! Oh my, it seems that Varus is afraid of leaving the gap of 800 yards away from his tower.” Bao Jun was utterly baffled by the scene before him.

“Okay, now the camera is cutting over to Jarvan, and…oh! What do we have here? Team Skycrown’s Jarvan IV has been caught!”

On the gigantic screen, Team Sky’s Ahri and Kha’zix were giving Jarvan IV the final blow. In the meantime, Varus, who was handling the middle lane, was suddenly declared dead!

When the camera changed back to the middle lane, Varus was already lying lifelessly next to his tower. As for Vayne? She had left the Wraiths camp with half of her HP intact!

“…just what on Earth happened during the few seconds we shifted our attention away!?” Bao Jun was totally stunned!



Varus was dead!? How!?

When the camera was cut to another scene, everyone’s attention had been on Jarvan IV. Jarvan had been trying to play the same fog-of-war trick, but alas, he wasn’t skilful enough and was ultimately destroyed by Xie Yi’s Kha’zix.

During those few seconds, Vayne had zipped through the tower’s defense and slain Varus!

“Hmm, it seems that even though Varus was hiding behind the tower and had about 800 yards of distance from Vayne, it still wasn’t safe enough for him. Guan Langjie is usually quite the brutal killer, but now, he has turned into the prey when facing off with this fierce Vayne. The last time he ran behind two towers and teleported, it didn’t go well either as it resulted in him eating a bolt from Vayne and then, the dirt! With the equipment he has, I think it’s best for him to not appear in front of Vayne, especially when his teammates are not there to save him.” Bao Jun calmly deduced.

It was best for him to not appear in front of Vayne…

Guan Langjie must have been so pissed after hearing this!

Vayne could slay him with ease under a tower! Under a tower! Not only that, if he couldn’t even support the minion wave like this, how was he supposed to perform in this match!?

“Can you id*ots stop going after the other Champions? Vayne is becoming Godlike now! If we can’t get his Sword of the Occult down, we’re as good as dead!” Langjie yelled furiously.

He quickly pressed the Tab key, and sure enough, Vayne now possessed a 20-stack Sword of the Occult!

This was the utmost disgrace to Team Sky!

“Vayne is slaying every opponent that crosses her way, and she’s pushing on the forefront too. Langjie, you can try feeding her once more if you want, and when that happens, Jupiter can Flash and then Terrify her. Then, we’ll go all-in with all of our skills. She wouldn’t last a second.” Xie Yi calmly suggested.

“Okay. His Cleanse should still be on cooldown, there should be about 70 seconds left, and his Flash has 90 seconds before it comes back up.” Jupiter replied.

It was a basic skill for top-tier Supports to remember the cooldown of the opponents’ Summoner Skills and Ultimate Skills, especially the opponent ADC’s Flash!

“Don’t change the camera too much, focus on Vayne!” The director was giving a stern order to the cameraman in the livestream room.

“This isn’t how we do things. We ought to stream as many exciting moments of various players to the public.”

“Fool! Can’t you see? In this match, the core and focus of Team Skycrown is Vayne. Wherever she goes, there’s always something exciting happening. And now that you mention it, I’ll have to ask you this. Just how did Vayne slay Varus earlier when she was so far away from him? She even left with half of her health in tow. How the heck did that happen!?”

“Fine, fine. I get it. I’ll focus the screen mainly on Vayne.”

Wherever Vayne went, there would be casualties!

A ward had detected Varus acquiring the red buff in the red side. Luocheng was in the middle lane, and the moment he saw Varus, he quickly guided his Vayne over.

“Follow them!” Lin Dong, seeing Luocheng make his move, quickly rallied the others.

They were quite a distance away from Luocheng when they arrived, but they could see how he was biting onto Varus’ fleeing tail!

Varus’s score was at 0/5/6, meaning his head wasn’t worth much even after it was pawned.

“Oh, you’re still pursuing me? Now die!” Langjie smirked as he shot a look at Fiddlesticks who was already completing his Ultimate Skill activation.

“Caw caw!”


Fiddlesticks leapt out from the wall behind, 100% confident that he could land his Terror on Vayne, even casting his Flash to further ensure that it would hit.

Flash! And Terror successfully landed on the Fighting Hawk!

A demon symbol appeared above Vayne’s head as she started to back away in panic.

Now, Fiddlesticks’ attacks weren’t strong, hence, his attacks could only shave off half of Vayne’s HP. At the same time, Kha’zix and Ahri leapt out, unleashing all of their attacks on Vayne!

“Oh ho! Just one person’s DPS would have been enough to slay Vayne, and yet, Kha’zix and Ahri teamed up on her, with Ahri even using her Ultimate Skill. Just how much favouritism are they putting into play here! Oh, they sure love Vayne, I see!”

Luocheng’s Vayne was killed almost instantly! Team Sky’s teamwork was impeccable, and as soon as Fiddlesticks’ attacks landed, the others were already focusing their attacks on Vayne.

However, was the Fighting Hawk someone who could be fooled that easily? Was he someone that was easily slain?

Xie Yi had never once thought of it that way. He knew Zilean would always follow her from behind, buffing her movement speed, and bestowing resurrection upon her!

Indeed, Wu Sen was sharp. As soon as Luocheng had gotten Terrified, he knew he was ambushed by the opponents. Thus, he had quickly cast Zilean’s Chronoshift on Vayne!

In mere seconds, Luocheng would be revived!

“Langjie, get ready!” Team Sky had foreseen this and had hatched a plan to deal with it!

As soon as the rest of Team Skycrown had arrived, they would quickly dash toward Luocheng, trying to shield him with their bodies to buy him time to revive. But, Varus was good at crowd control. When they were all gathered in one place, he could quickly utilize his crowd control to handle them, slaying Vayne once more before killing the others.

This would be the perfect counter-strike!

Sure enough, the rest of Team Skycrown were rushing forward, trying to shield Vayne, giving the impression that this was a team of one ADC and four Supports!

“Stay away. Not now, Varus still has his Chain of Corruption.” Luocheng quickly alerted his teammates.

“If we don’t go to you, you’ll die.” Wu Sen replied.

In just one second, Luocheng would be revived. However, if he were to revive in between the two teams and not allowing his allies to chase the enemies away or shield him, he would drop dead the instant he stood up with his first breath.

“It doesn’t matter if I die.” Luocheng slowly replied.

“But your Sword of the Occult…”

Luocheng shook his head.

Indeed, Team Sky’s ambush was perfect. From Fiddlesticks stunning him, and then slaying him in the next instant. Not only that, they had even anticipated the Chronoshift and his teammates coming forward to shield him, which they then countered with Varus’s skill.

No equipment would be enough to prepare a person to handle such an ambush, especially when they had all focused their fire on Vayne like this.

But… so what?

No one lived forever when playing League of Legends. It was just one Sword of the Occult.

And so, Team Skycrown did not rush forth. Only Yorick stepped in front to shield Luocheng from Ahri’s Charm.

Just as expected, as soon as Vayne stood up, Varus cast his Chain of Corruption at him, rooting him successfully.

Langjie had timed his attack perfectly, releasing his Ultimate Skill before Luocheng had even begun rising up. The Chain of Corruption headed straight toward Vayne and reached her right at the moment of her revival.

There was no way anyone could possibly react fast enough to evade the attack.

Vayne was pinned!

Renekton was quick when he threw out his strikes. Before Vayne had been pinned, he had already taken a bite on her, not allowing her any chance to flee!

“It’s… it’s crowd control over crowd control! It all started from Fiddlesticks’ Terror. It looks like Vayne is going to die for real this time! Indeed, Yorick’s skills could ensure his teammate’s survival, however, that would only revive Vayne’s spirit, not her body. In short, Vayne is as good as dead now.”

Team Sky’s ambush on Fighting Hawk was indeed perfect and impeccable!

On the other hand, Vayne was like a Hard Mode Boss that had leapt out from the pits of hell. If they had not set up an ambush and hit her hard again and again like this, there was no way they could have killed her!

At first, the audience had had their doubts when they heard of Luocheng’s history. He was just a top player from DOTA. Sure, he was a world-class player, but could he handle LPL as a former DOTA champion?

Yet, after witnessing this, they finally believed it.

He was only taken down after enduring a full envelopment of strikes by all of his opponents. Who else would an entire team focus all their attention on in taking just one player down? The answer was only the likes of Hades, Blood Eagle, and Bai Feng.

Only the top of the top in the LPL.

This was absolutely insane!

Team Sky was insane!

This was the first time people were seeing them being butchered like cattle, allowing their opponent to stack up a Sword of the Occult to over 20 stacks!

Losing a match was one thing, being slaughtered repeatedly was another. Therefore, they needed Vayne dead one way or another!

This time, Vayne was finally dead, finished off by Renekton!

Everyone on Team Sky felt a sense of great relief after finally seeing the message of Vayne’s head being pawned. However…

Was this the end of everything?

Sure, Yorick could not revive Vayne entirely, all that was being revived was just a ghost. She would be dead once more after 10 seconds had passed.

Yet, Vayne possessed an extremely splendid set of equipment.


The sound of Vayne’s crossbow’s string vibrating could be heard throughout the Summoner’s Rift. No, that wasn’t quite right. That was the sound of the strings from a Grim Reaper’s Banjo, and every time the audience heard it, it involuntarily pumped their blood up.

Because they knew.

They knew another round of bloodshed was coming right up! This was the kind of bloodshed that superseded every kind of “excitement” that had ever occurred in the LPL. This bloodshed and the excitement that it brought… it could thrill the soul of anyone who witnessed it!

On the other hand, to Team Sky, this sound was like the chime of death… THEIR death!

At long last, Luocheng finally activated it. The one thing that he had not utilized from minutes before.

His Final Hour!

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