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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel)


She is the twenty-fourth century’s strongest immortal cultivator, but transferred into a world of magic where demons roamed rampant; a punching bag tyrannized and ostracized by her clan on one side while the scum of a man that is her fiancé humiliated, trampled her on the other side…

Want to ravage her? She laughs as she will soon teach them how to behave themselves!

Magic is amazing? Her Five Lightning’s Bombardment Talisman will turn you into ashes! Medication is very incredible? With one furnace of medicinal pills, useless can also become genius! A vigorous army of a million is very ferocious? With Scattering Beansprout Soldiers, all of you can slowly play!

Smilingly watching as those who court death act vilely without salvation. Those who submit to me prosper, those who oppose me, perish!

Only… For what reason does this Grandmaster whose face is as beautiful as a flower, when facing her, always “secretly casts passionate glances”?

A certain Grandmaster: “After sleeping for so long, now you don’t acknowledge”?

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The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 73: Fortunes Rise and Fall2019-09-06
Chapter 72: Kneel2019-09-06
Chapter 71: To Give Someone a Taste of Their Own Medicine2019-09-06
Chapter 70: Beat Him!2019-09-06
Chapter 69: Reap What You Sow2019-09-06
Chapter 68: You Have a Good Look!2019-09-06
Chapter 67: Abusing One’s Power to Bully Others2019-09-06
Chapter 66: You Wait!2019-09-06
Chapter 65: Imminent Berserk2019-09-06
Chapter 64: Mineral Cave2019-09-06
Chapter 63: Really Sorry to Keep You Waiting2019-09-06
Chapter 62: Where Are You Going, My Friend?2019-09-06
Chapter 61: Flirting With a Man2019-09-06
Chapter 60: Each With Their Own Plans2019-09-06
Chapter 59: Be Straightforward2019-09-06
Chapter 58: Queue Up to Watch Something Juicy2019-09-06
Chapter 57: Liu Huo’s Helplessness2019-09-06
Chapter 56: Getting Back What Belongs to Me2019-09-06
Chapter 55: Wilful because I’m rich2019-09-06
Chapter 54: I Don’t Want This and This, As for the Rest, Wrap Them Up for Me.2019-09-06
Chapter 53: Miss Is Up to Something Crazy Again2019-09-06
Chapter 52: What’s Wrong With Being Ordinary?2019-09-06
Chapter 51: So Long As I’m Happy, What Can You Do?2019-09-06
Chapter 50: Pitiful Little Thing2019-09-06
Chapter 49: Food2019-09-06
Chapter 48: Mounts2019-09-06
Chapter 47: Impending Scheme2019-09-06
Chapter 46: This Is Not Scientific2019-09-06
Chapter 45: Five Spirits Transporting Wealth2019-09-06
Chapter 44: Kneel Properly, Don’t Lie Down2019-09-06
Chapter 43: Settling Scores2019-09-06
Chapter 42: Taking Advantage of People in Broad Daylight2019-09-06
Chapter 41: Marry Out of Repayment2019-09-06
Chapter 40: Unexpected Gain2019-09-06
Chapter 39: Trying to Compete With Me? You’re Too Young.2019-09-06
Chapter 38: The Gods Will Punish Those Despicable People2019-09-06
Chapter 37: It’s Incredulous How Someone Can Be So Despicable2019-09-06
Chapter 36: No One Can Beat This Level of Thick-Skinned!2019-09-06
Chapter 35: Moonlight Stone2019-09-06
Chapter 34: Determined to Win?2019-09-06
Chapter 33: Stepping Stone!2019-09-06
Chapter 32: Raise the Wager!2019-09-06
Chapter 31: The Shameless Person’s Permit2019-09-06
Chapter 30: Deliberately Making Things Difficult2019-09-06
Chapter 29: Sky-high priced ore2019-09-06
Chapter 28: I Just Like It Big!2019-09-06
Chapter 27: A Highly Insulting Bet2019-09-06
Chapter 26: How About We Have a Bet?2019-09-06
Chapter 25: Enemies Are Bound to Meet2019-09-06
Chapter 24: The Coexistence of Risk and Luck2019-09-06
Chapter 23: Betting Stone2019-09-06
Chapter 22: A collection of Stones2019-09-06
Chapter 21: Leaving a Message in Dream2019-09-06
Chapter 20: The Magical Clay Ball2019-09-06
Chapter 19: Refining Elixirs2019-09-06
Chapter 18: Behave! Continue Sleeping!2019-09-06
Chapter 17: Caught Red-Handed2019-09-06
Chapter 16: I Don’t Lack Handsome Men2019-09-06
Chapter 15: You Think I’m Blind?2019-09-06
Chapter 14: Two Women to Serve One Husband2019-09-06
Chapter 13: Sly Old Fox With Evil Intentions2019-09-06
Chapter 12: Please Do Not Disgust Me2019-09-06
Chapter 11: Trouble Walked In2019-09-06
Chapter 10: A Thousandth of a Tael Has Baffled a Hero2019-09-06
Chapter 9: What on Earth Is With This Fiance?2019-09-06
Chapter 8: Ji City’s Fengyan2019-09-06
Chapter 7: With a Beauty at Stake, We Must Definitely Save Him!2019-09-06
Chapter 6: The Boy Who Rolled Down the Hill2019-09-06
Chapter 5: Chinese Cabbage, Yellow Soil2019-09-06
Chapter 4: Miss Is Poisonous!2019-09-06
Chapter 3: Playing With Lightning—I Am Your Master!2019-09-06
Chapter 2: This Is the Legendary Reincarnation Using a Corpse?2019-09-06
Chapter 1: God decides Ones’ Fate2019-09-06