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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 74: Watching the After Effects

Chapter 74: Watching the After Effects

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Even the shrewd Lei Xu was at a loss by Ji Fengyan’s threat!

Was his son more important or his mineral veins?

Lei Xu was immediately left with no other choice.

Lei Xu only has this son in his lifetime. Even if it was hard to part with his mineral veins, he had no choice but to give it up.

“Fine, I shall bring you there,” Lei Xu was gritting his teeth as he forced the words out of his mouth. Looking at Ji Fengyan’s gaze, his hatred for her made his blood boil.

In order to let Lei Min receive treatment as soon as possible, Lei Xu did not pull any tricks this time. During the entire time, he rushed Ah Qi and his men to lead the way and brought Ji Fengyan to three to five consecutive high quality caves.

Only until the night fell did Ji Fengyan finally relent and announced to return to her residence.

After receiving this command from Ji Fengyan, Lei Xu was eager to bring Lei Min instantly back to the city to receive treatment, whereas Ji Fengyan meticulously noted those mineral veins.

When they returned to Ji City, Lei Xu did not say anything and immediately brought his men and left, which was completely different from how he acted previously.

“Miss, this Lei Xu is really no good thing. We should have actually killed him in the mountains,” Linghe looked at Lei Xu’s back view and said coldly.

Ji Fengyan waved her hands in the air. “The Gods appreciate the virtue of kindness, Brother Ling, the world is so beautiful, yet why are you so hot-tempered? This is not good, really not good.”

“…” Linghe was stunned. He completely did not think that he was hot-tempered. Rather, their Miss was… previously that rumbling Five-Blow-Thunderstruck, and the recent behavior of blowing up the mineral cave was really what should be considered as hot-tempered right?

It was really a dying moment each time!

Linghe understood all of Ji Fengyan’s thoughts and in a well-behaved manner returned to the residence, awaiting her next arrangement.

Ji Fengyan allowed Lei Xu and the others to rest, while she conveniently made a trip to Liu Huo’s room. However, that fellow actually had not returned.

Looking at the bright moon hanging in the sky, Ji Fengyan raised her brows slightly. She swung her arms and started to fold some paper cranes. When she transferred some spiritual energy to them, the paper made cranes suddenly flapped its wings and slowly flew out of the yard.

As she watched the paper cranes fly away, Ji Fengyan looked back at little Bai Ze who was lying on the bed with its eyelids drooping. Ji Fengyan supported her chin with one hand and thought about those mineral veins she had seen that day.

Lei Xu was really worried about his son’s life, so the mineral veins that he brought them to afterwards were indeed not bad. Even the entrance of the caves were not blocked, which was very convenient.

Ji Fengyan tapped her fingers rhythmically on the table, as she thought about how to quickly bring back those rare ores in the cave.

To be honest, even though Linghe and his men were very loyal, Ji Fengyan did not intend to make them do these things. Although Linghe and his men were her guards now, she was very clear that they were previously warriors defending the kingdom. Their hands were used for protecting this piece of land and the people they care about, and not for digging up dirt!

But if this matter continued to drag on, who knew what Lei Xu that sly old fox would do.

Ji Fengyan thought for very long. After a short while, a flash of light flew before her eyes suddenly. With a quick movement, she stood up from her chair and without saying anything, walked with big strides out of the room to the firewood room filled with junk items!

This residence was old and tattered. It took Linghe and his men quite some time to clean up before it was livable and most of the junk items were squeezed into that firewood room.

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