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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 75: The Unusual Act of Controlling a Spirit

Chapter 75: The Unusual Act of Controlling a Spirit

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When Ji Fengyan pushed open the door to the firewood room, she saw a pile of mess stacked above one another. There were broken tables and chairs, as well as half rotten wood pieces, and even a tattered quilt…

Ji Fengyan, “…”

She should not have believed that Linghe and that bunch of men would be able to clean up the room.

Ji Fengyan sighed and gave in. She took out a pile of paper that she bought with her and without the use of scissors (only her own fingers), she forcibly tore out the shape of a little paper man. Then, she opened up the bandage around her cut on her finger and squeezed the wound that had almost healed as she kept a straight face. She forcibly squeezed out a drop of drop and holding that drop on her finger. She made a red dot on the brain of that palm sized big paper man.

After that, she threw it lightly in the air.

The thin paper man floated in the air for a while before landing on the ground. When it landed, it was standing upright on the ground.

“Clean up this area and also help me look for a few things,” Ji Fengyan said to that row paper men that were dyed red with her arms crossed.

Those little paper men immediately followed Ji Fengyan’s orders and took action.

Meanwhile, Ji Fengyan sat leisurely at the side as she watched the little paper men get busy.

Spirit Control Manifestation—this was originally a spirit controlling spell by the Dao and also a spell that most Daoist were skilled in. Previously, Ji Fengyan also researched about it for a period, and was punished heavily by her Master when she was found out. Then, her Master forbade her to use any spell that made use of spirits.

Accompanied by spirits—this was something that an immortal cultivator should not be doing.

Ji Fengyan also did not know whether this was true, but she should respect the dead. She had no intention of going against the warning that was left behind by her Master, but… Controlling a spirit really brought her much convenience, except that interacting too much with spirits made her body catch their energy, which was not desirable for immortal ascension. Luckily, Ji Fengyan came up with a better idea, even though she could not fix a spirit on the paper man and instruct them to follow her commands, but she could use her blood so that her own spiritual energy can replace the spirits, and tentatively provide the little paper men with the ability to do things.

The disadvantage was that…

This resulted in Ji Fengyan to always be anaemic most of the time.

After letting her mind run wild, those little paper men had already almost finished cleaning up the firewood room and had even found the things that Ji Fengyan needed.

At the same time, the red dot printed on their brains became more faint. When all the tasks were completed, the drop of blood red had disappeared with no trace. Then, the little paper men all fell to the ground like an ordinary and flimsy paper.

Ji Fengyan swept all the little paper men into her arms, then looked at the damaged wooden table and three pieces of half rotten wood pieces that were carried out by the paper men. With her eyes dazzling slightly, she rolled up her sleeves and took out something that was similar to a carving knife from the Space Soul Jade. Thereafter, she sat on the ground and started to gesture at those rotten wood pieces.

The lights were lit in the firewood room. Linghe took a look and after confirming that it was Ji Fengyan inside, he then instructed his men to not interrupt her.

Anyway, their Miss was always acting crazy every day and they were all used to it. Without their Miss’s orders, they just had to stay there, well-behaved.

As Ji Fengyan was gesticulating wildly, her gaze was burning. Those incomplete and fragmented wood pieces gradually formed a regular shape in her hands and those that were done carving were placed at her side. If anyone was around, they would be able to realise quickly that the things she had carved looked very alike to human limbs!

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