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Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady (Web Novel) - Chapter 76: Hi, I Am Erlangshen [7. Erlangshen Is a Chinese Deity]

Chapter 76: Hi, I Am Erlangshen [7. Erlangshen Is a Chinese Deity]

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In the middle of night while it was so quiet everywhere else, Ji Fengyan finally finished her task. She wiped the sweat off her forehead and looked at the tall and sturdy figure standing before her. She smiled satisfied.

Standing in front of Ji Fengyan was a tall man who was almost as tall as eight feet. His body was covered with wood veins, his lips formed a thin line and his pair of eyes were dull.

So long as anyone was smart enough, they could tell with one look that the handsome man in front was practically a human figurine carved out of wood. But what was different from an ordinary figurine was that this man’s forehead had an additional eye that was vertically upright, which was a little eerie.

The tall figurine stood there motionlessly. Ji Fengyan rubbed her chins and looked at the wound on her finger that had sealed up. She frowned.

Then, she looked around to make sure no one was around, before using the carving knife that she was holding to gently cut her wrist.

Fresh blood seeped out and Ji Fengyan quickly reached her bleeding hand out to the hole that was found in the man’s chest.

With her blood dripping down drop by drop into the figurine’s heart location, what followed after was the figurine’s dull eyes gradually brightening.

Ji Fengyan’s face turned slightly pale. Seeing that it was almost done, she retracted her arm and covered the figurine’s chest. Then, she swiftly bandaged the wound on her wrist and also threw an elixir that was for blood replenishment into her mouth.

“Old fellow, I did not break the rule that you have left behind. Using my own blood should not be considered breaking your rule right,” Ji Fengyan mumbled to herself. When she lifted her eyes again, her eyes contacted the bright but deep eyes of the figurine. Her lips curled into a smile, as the figurine immediately knelt on one knee. The armour that he was wearing was randomly taken from somewhere by Ji Fengyan and it made a clunking sound with his movement.

“Greetings to my Master,” a hoarse and crude voice was heard from the figurine. But his mouth did not open, yet the sound naturally came out.

Ji Fengyan smiled as she looked at the figurine in front of her and said after sizing him up for a while, “How was it? Luckily, Ji City has sufficient spiritual energy. Even its rotten wood has quite some spiritual energy, this body of yours should be able to be used for some time.”

It was uncertain whether this sentence was meant for herself or the figurine to hear.

The figurine continued kneeling on one knee without moving and did not make any other sounds.

Ji Fengyan’s eyes were smiling happily and when her gaze landed between his brows, she said, “From now on, your name is Yang Jian, are you clear?”

“Yes,” the figurine Yang Jian said in a low voice.

Ji Fengyan smiled even wider.

Yang Jian, with the title of Erlang deity, also known as Erlangshen. The extra eye between his brows can differentiate demons and monsters, and he carries a sword with three sharp edges. He has an immortal dog Xiao Tianquan, which is one of the most well-known immortal.

If it was in the 24th century, it was likely some people knew the symbolic meaning of this name.

But in this world, there was no such existence of a deity called Yang Jian, so Ji Fengyan could do anything she wanted.

“I have Yang Jian already, and he needs to be paired with his sword, and it would be even better if he has a Xiao Tianquan,” Ji Fengyan scanned the firewood room. It was not difficult to make the sword; she just needed to draw a picture and find a blacksmith to create it, but a Xiao Tianquan…

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